How to Set Up the Perfect WFH Office

How to Set Up the Perfect WFH Office


While most employees are loving the change to remote work, finding a good space to work at home can be difficult. Here are some of our favorite tips on how to set up the perfect WFH office.

Give Yourself Space

You may think that you can work in bed, or in a corner of your kitchen table, but you won’t be very productive. Between the lack of space and the interruptions, it’s not an ideal arrangement.

Designate an entirely separate space for work. Whether you’re using a dedicated office, a guest bedroom, or converting your living space into a makeshift office during the day, having that separation will do wonders for your productivity, professionalism, and mental health.

Get Away From The Excitement

In a perfect world, your office would be located in a more remote area of your home, perhaps upstairs or in the far end of the hallway. You want a quiet area far from high traffic areas like the kitchen or the front door. And the journey to the office can help you make that mental transition from “home” to “work”.

You also want to have a door, preferably one that locks. Shutting the door behind you is a clear sign that you’re busy and it also helps avoid mishaps while you’re in the middle of a call. Plus, it’s a good idea to leave your devices and work papers in here and lock the door at the end of the day. No prying eyes or curious fingers can get in.

Have Impeccable Tech

Your biggest investment should be your devices and tech. Get a great laptop that meets all your needs, a quality camera, and a good pair of headphones – when your kids are making noise, you’ll be glad you have them.

Ensure that you’ve got good internet coverage and that it reaches this room. Sometimes, certain corners of a home may be just out of reach of your router, and you want to make sure that your office gets good, strong signal. The last thing you want is dropped calls.

Make It Enjoyable

Think about it like this – you’ll be spending 8 hours per day in here, 5 days a week. So you’ll want to enjoy being in this space. If you can, make sure the office gets some natural light, and place your desk facing towards the window.

Comfort is also a priority, so don’t skimp on a good, supportive office chair and a large desk that fits your legs. You don’t want to be sitting uncomfortably for hours on end.

Personalizing the space can make it feel more like an office and less like a cell, so bring in some plants, hang some motivational posters, and add curtains. Dressing up the room will make it feel part of your home instead of your designated stress room.

Bottom Line

Tired of working on the sofa? You can set up a great office that helps your productivity, even at home. It’s just a matter of creating some separation from your home life, ensuring that you’re comfortable, and designing a space that you actually enjoy working in.