Legal Foreclosures—What You Should Know

With so many homes going into foreclosure, now is the time for investors to get serious about their business, especially in the Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ areas. What is there to know about this business before jumping in?

Due to the current economic climate, foreclosure homes for sale in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as in Scottsdale and many other cities, are at an all time high. This is good news to those looking to buy, as they now have many more options for investing in quality properties. Since banks want to minimize losses as much as possible, homes in foreclosure are often purchased at much lower rates.

This means that a “deal of a lifetime” is made almost every day. You just need the knowhow and experience to succeed, however. What if this is your first time investing in real estate? The first step in the foreclosure buying process would then be to find a reputable and experienced real estate agent in your area. Many banks and sellers won’t even deal with a buyer who is not represented by a licensed agent. From there, it is time to research all the many available Phoenix and Scottsdale foreclosures.

The Holm Group has access to the Multiple Listing Service database, otherwise known as the MLS. The MLS is a nationwide database containing nearly all homes up for sale, as well as the foreclosures in your area. Once you have narrowed down your search and chosen a foreclosed home, your agent can then check the area the foreclosure is in to see if the price is, indeed, a bargain for you. At this point, it is wise to tour the property, and really inspect it as much as you can, since many Scottsdale and Phoenix foreclosures are sold “as is”. While some foreclosures are in excellent condition, some are in dire need of major repairs because of a history of being unoccupied. Make sure to factor in the repair costs into your total price calculations.

Every state, including Arizona, has different legal requirements when it comes to selling foreclosed homes. It is a good thing you have a knowledgeable agent ready to help you through all the paper work that will be required. The discounted real estate bargains you will receive on Phoenix and Scottsdale bank owned homes are going to make it all worthwhile it in the end. It will soon be time to make your move and bid on that great investment opportunity! Get started today by calling The Holm Groupat 480-206-4265.