Non-Negotiables for the Perfect Home Entertainment System

Non-Negotiables for the Perfect Home Entertainment System

Non-Negotiables for the Perfect Home Entertainment System

New homes mean new opportunities for Super Bowl Sundays, movie nights with your spouse, and sleepovers with the kids. Entertainment makes your new house more of a home. The average American spends over $2,600 on entertainment per year, and so much of this is overspending on expensive flat screens. There are a few subtle things that every home entertainment system needs to be great. You new home requires more than a flat screen with overpriced cable. You don’t want to be a waster, so here are three absolute essentials to make your home the most sought after entertainment location in Scottsdale:

  1. Focus on Quality Definition.

If you are still relying on your DVD player and surround sound, it is going to be hard to really take advantage of all the games, shows, and movies that are out there for you to enjoy. The first step is to get the most out of your television service. Image quality cannot be underestimated, and most people are tricked into believing it is mostly about the television screen when much of it is their satellite/cable services.

  1. Be up-to-date with your Streaming Services

You want to make sure you are all up to date on all your streaming services. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and HBO Go are essential for those on-demand binge-worthy shows and movies the family will all enjoy.

  1. Become an Expert in Sound

You could put speakers on each side of your television, sure. But you really won’t be getting even a fraction of the experience your system could provide. The truth is, speaker placement and quality matter more than most other aspects of a home entertainment system. In fact, 90% of films in general are sound! The experience of movies and television are largely sound-based and help hook you in to the emotions and plot. Speakers are the best upgrade any home entertainment system can want. You ought to become knowledgeable about frequency (low or high response), sensitivity (how effective the speakers are), and impedance (the strain on the amplifier). The trick is to know what to listen for when buying your speakers.

Consider the content first and how you are receiving that content, then go on to the sound. This is a sure-fire way to get the most out of your home entertainment system.

Article written by Jennifer Fox