Private Community for Horse Owners – Find Out The Best Places To Live

Private Community for Horse Owners - Find Out The Best Places To Live

Private Community for Horse Owners – Find Out The Best Places To Live


Many equestrians have started to consider moving to an area that caters to their animals so they can be closer to them and spend more time training. This has led to a significant rise in private equestrian communities all over the country, and it’s become a great way for horse owners to connect. If you have ever considered moving to one of these great areas for your horses, have a look at this list of the best private communities for horse owners to live in.

Take in the Mountains at Bald Rock, North Carolina

Bald Rock was built in the early 2000s, and it has become one of the best places in the country to consider if you are looking to move to an area that is perfect for nature lovers. This gated community is built on top of the mountain, so you get incredible views of the valley below. The community is designed by equestrians, for equestrians, so there are quite a few great features that make it popular with horse lovers. 

There are miles of tailed equestrian trails in the area for you and your horse to explore, and the community features a fantastic stable at the community horse center. The center has nine pastures, one paddock, two training pens, and a 100′ x 200′ riding arena along with the stable, which has sixteen 12′ x 12′ full stalls plus an isolation stall. This area is perfect for those who want to be able to explore the great outdoors with their horses, and it has many great homes available. 

Enjoy the sunshine in Ocala, Florida

Ocala is a popular place for tourists and visitors, but it has also become a great place to consider for those who enjoy spending some time in the sun with their horses. The Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club has 1,200 acres of impressive features for humans and horses, including tennis courts, golf, and fine dining. The area is ideal for anyone who is looking for a community that has all of the best amenities for their family, and it’s also an excellent spot for those who enjoy a luxury living lifestyle. 

If you want to find an upscale area where your horses can have as much fun as you are having, check out Golden Ocala. The barn offers three different stall size options, 24-hour barn security, and individual fans in every stall to keep the horses nice and cool. If you want to take the worry out of caring for your horses, you can opt to pay for some of the extra features for stall members. These include things like hay feeding (4x per day), grain feeding (2x per day), routine stall cleaning, grooming/tacking, and allowing one of the fantastic staff members to take care of it for you. 

Be close to everything your need at Cartwright Ranch, Boise, Idaho

Cartwright Ranch is an excellent area to consider if you are looking for a residential community, and it’s become a huge hit with those who want to live in an area with plenty of great amenities. This master-planned community with beautiful homes is located near several different stables and horse boarding facilities in Boise, including Pierce Park stables. It is home to a few different shops and restaurants that have been designed to add to the small-town feeling of this delightful area. 

Pierce Park Stables is a great place to consider if you are looking to board your horses nearby, and it’s an 8-minute drive from Cartwright Ranch, so you don’t have to be far from your horses. The stable is situated at the Boise foothills, so there is plenty of space and many trails for you to explore with your horses. There are two options for stable boarding, and the stable provides many services for your horses. 

Enjoy some privacy at Haig Point, Daufuskie Island, South Carolina

Living on an island is great for those who want to get away from it all and experience nature a little closer. Haig Point on Daufuskie Island is one of the best places for equestrians to consider if they are looking for as this quiet island is only accessible by ferry. Residents love riding alongside the beautiful waves with their horses, and many people have moved to the island for their excellent equestrian center. 

The center features a 12-stall barn and full-tack area, lounge, and grooming stalls to clean your horses. Boarding services are provided, and there is a riding area along with a round pen where you can enjoy some riding time with your horses. There are several trails all over the island that have varying levels of difficulty, so you can experience some fantastic riding among some of the most amazing waterfront views you will ever see. 

There are so many great places all over the country where you can live near your horses and provide them with as much attention as you need. It’s important to make sure that your horses are provided with a great place to live, along with attention and enrichment, so they can continue to be healthy for as long as possible. Have a look at some of these great options if you are thinking about moving to an area that is best for your beautiful horse friends.