Reasons Why Painting Your Roof in Hot Climates is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Painting Your Roof in Hot Climates is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Painting Your Roof in Hot Climates is a Good Idea

Reasons Why Painting Your Roof in Hot Climates is a Good Idea


When it comes to painting your house, some of the first targets for your brushes and rollers tend to be doors, window panes, walls, and perhaps an old kitchen table you don’t really know what to do with.

The roof probably doesn’t spring to mind that often, does it?

Well, it turns out that painting your roof has some pretty tangible effects, so doing it can be massively beneficial for a multitude of reasons. As we will explain in detail in this article, these effects are particularly easy to spot in hot climates, so hiring some roof painting services in Sydney, for example, can be a great way to make your home more energy-efficient, as well as more comfortable to sit in.

Right then, folks, without further ado, here’s the deal.

Reasons Why Painting Your Roof is Important in Hot Climates


1)  Saving Money (By Not Purchasing a New Roof)

Changing an entire roof on your house, especially if it’s a large roof, can be quite an undertaking and quite taxing on your finances, so any way to bypass this otherwise quite a hefty investment can be worth taking into consideration.

Well, one of the ways NOT to spend an arm and a leg on a new roof when the old one clearly needs to go to pension, would be to simply paint it over. The trick here is to cover some of the imperfections of the old roof with a thick layer of paint, let it rest there for a while, and then go about your other business without worrying about your roof for a couple of extra years.

While this does represent a bit of a patchwork, if you’re short on money, this solution can truly be a lifesaving one.  Add to this the fact that you can choose the new color of your newly-colored roof, and you can even have a bit of fun with your roof salvaging mission.

2) Energy Efficiency

The roof over your house does not just serve to deflect raindrops and to make the snow and torrential rains fall on yours and your family’s noggins. It also acts as an insulator, which fends off either excess heat or excess cold, so ensuring it’s well protected and, well, insulated is of utmost importance for ensuring this crucial part of your house will work well and will be viable as an insulator all year round.

To make this happen, you have to take care of the actual insulation for your roof, which should be situated underneath the tiles themselves (or whatever else you’ve used to cover your house with). So, the loft is the place where the insulation should be when it comes to roofs.

That said, you shouldn’t shy away from trying out some secondary means of insulation, either. For example, simply painting your roof in light color can naturally fend off sun rays, so you wouldn’t have to do as much in the loft when it comes to insulating your roof. Any light color will do here, but white seems to work the best for the purpose of redirecting light, so to speak.

If you aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, just look at what the folks in Greece are doing. Every house out there is either white or white ‘n’ blue, and has a cross on top. (Wait, those are churches actually. Ah, well…  Still white, though.)

3) Resale Value

One of the unexpected benefits of painting your roof would be that the market value of your home goes up if you venture to sell your house. Of course, this value would go even more upward if you actually replaced the entire thing (in case it’s old), but it’s truly incredible how far a simple paint job can go in terms of investment.

This is not only due to the energy efficiency score getting higher, but also the visual side tends to win over some buyers and make them be ready to spend more than they originally intended to.

4)  Waterproofing

Last but not least, here’s another useful side effect of painting your house – you might just make it waterproof. (Well, depending on the sort of paint you’re using.) The thing is, you can find a multitude of various waterproofing agents out there on the market, but combining the process of painting a roof with waterproofing it can be a bull’s eye roof restoration move against the unpredictable weather.

What’s more, simply painting a roof will often be a much more budget-friendly solution than performing a myriad of little fixes or even being forced to replace entire patches of the roof.

So, in order to make the most out of painting your roof, make sure to pick a high-quality can of paint, and some decent tools to increase your chances of success as much as possible. On the other hand, you can always hire a team of pros to get that done for you. Either way, before you do anything else with your roof, always consider painting it first. It may save you big bucks.