Scottsdale, AZ Prepares for Custom Home Sites

Scottsdale, AZ is known as a very wealthy city and one of the most exciting cities for real estate in the state of Arizona. Scottsdale is gearing up for more custom home sites, thanks to the Sereno Canyon area. If you are looking for Scottsdale homes for sale you can’t do much better than Sereno Canyon. This private North Scottsdale community is located along the foothills near the McDowell Mountains. Here, you can find vistas and private homes as well as plenty of undeveloped lots and estate-size home sites.

Sereno Canyon is currently offering 128 sites, which average 2.5 acres in total area. Each site offers great potential for scenic viewing. In this community there are also numerous envelopes to help create privacy. This community may be one of the last—if not the last—communities to offer large parcels in the coveted North Scottsdale area. This is an area that is gated, nearby the downtown area, but still secluded and tranquil. This Scottsdale real estate area is found around Alamedo Road and 122nd Street. The price range is estimated to be between $700,000 and $2 million dollars. Some have even remarked that this area is the last untouched community in the entire city.  To find out more contact The Holm Group at 480-206-4265.

The majority of homes built in Scottsdale are high-end custom homes and some semi-custom homes. However, this does not mean that all of Scottsdale territory is high end. You can find Scottsdale bank owned homes for a lower price than typical market value. Since the Sereno Canyon area has opened up, providing more than 330 acres of land, things are certainly looking up in the Grand Canyon State.

Despite Arizona’s well publicized battle with recession, there is plenty of potential for growth. Scottsdale, the “Most Western Town”, may even save the state before it’s all said and done.