Scottsdale Crossing

Scottsdale Crossing is a vibrant, urban destination that brings people together to live, work and play.Whether guests are shopping or dining, Scottsdale’s streets are alive with interconnecting pathways andinviting social spaces that encourage strolling and lingering. 

Upscale comfort and elegance are paramount to Scottsdale Crossing’s outdoor environment, with everydetail designed for the benefit of its guests. Exquisite shopping, dining and entertainment highlight theScottsdale Crossing lifestyle, complete with a hotel and spa, an art house theater, office space and more.

This destination’s shops and restaurants are places to see and be seen, with a variety of upscale retailersfeaturing the finest in fashion and cuisine. Every aspect of the experience contributes to the distinctivequality of Scottsdale Crossing. From street signs and plantings, to seating areas in the pedestrian plazas,sculptures and water features, all provide clear and choreographed design expression within this dynamic,urban environment.

Scottsdale Crossing’s street system itself creates a variety of distinctive and intimate public spaces. Agrand central park space organizes the center piazza, while other streets reflect an intimate Europeancobblestone character with a modern interpretation. On-street parking helps define the palm court,creating a “main street” setting that still allows for easy vehicle movement and retailer accessibility. Forthe convenience of Scottsdale Crossing visitors, valet parking is available throughout, as is self-parking,located in two above-grade parking structures.

The architecture at Scottsdale Crossing represents an elegant, sophisticated design that is bothindigenous and environmentally sensitive, with modern design expression intersecting with classic publicspaces. Quality is central to Scottsdale’s setting, showcasing fine materials and design. Steel, glass andstone are blended with light fabric structures and water to provide shade and comfort to Scottsdale’sguests.

Whether day or night, week or weekend, Scottsdale Crossing’s sophisticated design and comfortablepublic spaces create a luxurious ease to its environment that will exceed the expectations of today’ssavvy consumers. 


Gross Leasable Area 647,479 square feet

Retail 291,349 square feet

Restaurant 63,000 square feet

Theatre 25,000 square feet

Office 268,130 square feet

Parking Provided 3,000 spaces

Information attained for the Scottsdale Crossing Brochure.