Paradise Valley Custom Homes

Custom Homes In Scottsdale and Paradise Valley

Custom Homes In Scottsdale and Paradise Valley

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Red Rock Custom Homes designs and builds custom homes in the valley’s most prestigious communities including: Desert Mountain, Mirabel, Troon North, Troon, DC Ranch, and Mountain Skyline.   In each community, Red Rock Custom Homes has been recognized as being one of the premier builders.  Not only does Red Rock Custom homes use top quality materials and craftsmanship, they can also build in a variety of styles including:  Mediterranean, Spanish Electric, Tuscan, Italian Renaissance, and Old World Spanish.

In addition to Red Rock Custom Homes, the valley also has a number of other premier custom home builders to choose from, including: Calvis Wyant, Carlson Homes, Tarantini, Casas Del Oso and Cullum Homes.  With the current market, custom home builders are willing to build the same custom homes they used to build for a fraction of the price.  To find out more call Andrew @ The Holm Group Today 480-206-4265.

Below you will find a brief overview of Red Rock Custom Homes.

Red Rock Custom Homes

Red Rock Custom HomeDennes Mikalacki sees beauty in a single stone, a rough-hewn bean and a simple arch. It is this eye for beauty in the little details that has gifted Mikalacki with the ability to create the grandiose visions that have made Red Rock Custom Homes a richly distinctive home builder in the Valley of the Sun. Born in Yugoslavia as the son of a builder, Dennes Mikalacki brought his knowledge of construction and architecture to the southwestern desert. Building his first home in 1992, Dennes has continued to create unique masterpieces by harmonizing an eclectic combination of Old World elements and contemporary stylistic concepts.

Red Rock Custom Home interior“I feel that Old World homes have personal style. They come alive.” Red Rock Custom Homes are handcrafted homes that are as individual as the owner. “We achieve personal uniqueness by working closely with the designer, architect and home owner before breaking ground,” states Dennes Mikalacki. Drawing inspiration for its stunning architectural designs from world wide cultural elements, Red Rock Custom Homes creates an expression that is truly eclectic.

Red Rock Custom Home interiorWith a meticulous approach to luxury home construction, Red Rock Custom Homes provides clients with a finely crafted product and the enjoyable experience of creating and participating in the process of building their dream home.

All photos on this page have been provided and produced by Red Rock Custom Homes.

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