Security Considerations Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Office Space

Security Considerations Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Office Space

Security Considerations Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Office Space

Security Considerations Before Purchasing or Leasing a Commercial Office Space

Purchasing or leasing commercial space is a big commitment. There’s a lot to consider regarding layout, profitability, and application to your business needs. However, your company should also consider some major security considerations before purchasing or leasing a commercial office space.

Do you know what critical protections need to be in place for the business? Does the space you are considering leasing offer these features or the ability to upgrade as needed? All of this should be reviewed before any contracts are signed to ensure the safety of your employees and investments.

Here are four steps to always take before moving to a new commercial space if you want to prioritize security and safety.

1: Analyze The Area

Before choosing an office space to buy or lease, you want to be sure that the building is in a safe area that will be comfortable and protected for your employees and your business. Warehouses in some regions of Phoenix may be incredibly cheap, but those same areas can be difficult to commute to, park in safely, or find nearby housing.

Your building can be made safe, but your employees’ living situation could not be. Working in the area means eating, living, and commuting in the area. If your business relocates, this could cause staffing issues.

This is a big part of why it’s key to analyze the area before choosing your next commercial office space for security reasons.

Market News

Another aspect of analyzing the area is paying attention to Phoenix’s latest commercial and residential rental market news. What areas are growing? What areas are falling behind? Being aware of how the rental market is booming or wavering often ties into the conditions of that area, so keeping up on the latest news is key.

Phoenix residential real estate has slowed compared to last year, but prices continue to rise. On the other hand, the Phoenix commercial market has been booming, with assets changing hands at higher rates than we’ve seen in the last two years. Many of those transactions happened in suburban areas, with traditional and flex spaces seeing the most attention.

2: Review Building Layout With Security Perspective

Before purchasing any commercial property, make sure you’re in the right position and have a good perspective on what will come next. This includes being sure that you will be able to take care of any physical security issues that exist with the basic layout of the building.

Have you taken a close look at all entry and existing points? Are they appropriately secured? Are there any areas that need to be reinforced, redesigned, or otherwise remodeled for a secure environment?

Looking at the building layout with security in mind is key. You need to be sure that the building layout supports the necessary security protocol. If it does not, you need to ensure that your business has the budget to handle the changes required or that the current owner will make the updates.

3: Check What Security is Included

This point is particularly important when leasing a building that includes some furnishings, systems, or other factors directed by a third party.

For example, you’ll want to understand all security details for office space leased in a large building where you share the space with other companies or the property owner manages the security.

When taking over a building where your company will be handling all of the security, you’ll have to invest in installing or upgrading security cameras, access codes, and other key security points necessary for the building.

This can be incredibly time-consuming as there are many factors to consider when investing in a security camera system. However, you must research this before committing to a budget for the tools that will protect and secure your business.  

4: Plan Additional Security Technology

Finally, you will want to look beyond the scope of what is currently installed and think about what security is best for your business. In particular, it’s recommended that commercial spaces are outfitted with high-quality control systems that keep their buildings as secure as possible.

Choose an Access Control System

You’ll want to determine a system that will allow proper access control credentialing for restricted areas. Technology can be a game-changer for filling vacancies if you ever decide to sublease the space, and access control systems quickly become a necessity.

Access control systems allow the buildings’ various designs, from HVAC management to key entry points, to be managed with one universal system. Access control is essential for efficient management, and it’s one of the biggest things to consider.

Arrange Key Goals

Finally, think about what other goals are essential to your specific business.

For example, organizations working with a lot of deliveries may find intercom systems for businesses to be an important part of security. A commercial intercom system ensures that you can not only control who has access at what time, but you can also ensure that all credentials are being used to your standard.

Consider what security is vital to your business. You can ensure that you set up the necessary budgeting plans before committing to lease or purchase commercial office space.