Selling Your House: 9 Reasons You Should Invest in the Bathroom

Selling Your House: 9 Reasons You Should Invest in the Bathroom

Selling Your House: 9 Reasons You Should Invest in the Bathroom

Selling Your House: 9 Reasons You Should Invest in the Bathroom


If your property is going up for sale in the recent future, you are probably thinking about updating it a bit to get a better price in the market. There are countless improvements you can try, from adding an extra room over the garage to building a splash pad in the backyard.

However, one of the best investments in terms of return on investment is updating the bathroom. You might not think much about the water room inside your home but be certain that prospective owners will scrutinize the bathroom and if they like what they see, they’ll be ready to pay extra.

Clearing the bathroom

When staging your home, you should clear the usual housework stuff. The same principle applies to staging the bathroom, as the toilet bush, spare toiler rolls, dirty towels, bathmats, bathroom scales, sponges, laundry, trashcans, and cleaning products should all be removed from the room.

Don’t get us wrong, you every item listed in your everyday activities but dispel the image of the bathroom as an oasis or relaxation. The impression people entering your water room should feel is the same if they were entering a Turkish bath where a massage awaits them.

Decorate the bathroom with flowers

If you’re looking to add color and texture to the bathroom, then introduce plant life, i.e. flowers. Not only are blossoming flowers beautiful but they are naturally fragrant as well. The most popular flowers for the bathroom are various species of fern and of course, orchids.

Instead of using potted plants, always go for large bouquets that are more elegant. A bathroom teeming with plant life is an unmistakable signal to buyers that the whole property is looked after well, as plants need a lot of care to blossom.

Go for neutral colors

Speaking of adding colors to the bathroom, consider the color of the walls, tiles, and the cabinetry. We recommend you choose neutral hues, such as white, grey, or beige.

A neutral palette will appeal to a larger number of people, who won’t have to spend extra cash to repaint the bathroom you carelessly painted orange or yellow.

If you’re a fan of strong and quirk colors, they use the towel, the shower curtain, or the accessories to decorate the bathroom, as these amenities are removed easily.

Warm and luxurious towels

Having mentioned towels and their colors, their design and color can be quite persuasive. First of all, they need to hang from several places in the bathroom. Smaller towels can be hung from chrome towel hangers or bars near the washbasin.

Larger towels, i.e. bath towels, should be displayed at towel warmers that need to be turned on so the heat they produce can be felt.  Finally, if there is a bench in the bathroom, neatly fold several piles of matching towels as the ultimate sign of opulence.

The quality of towels is important as well, as it is easy to spot cheap, everyday towels most people have at home. A cashmere towel, for instance, is soft to touch and comes with a beautiful texture. The towels should be brand new and brightly colored, if possible.

The whole idea behind hanging luxurious and brand new towels is to tempt poetical buyers into touching them. Once the start tactility interacting with bathroom amenities, they’ll be blown away by the fact that every device they see is fully operational.

Appliances in working order

Before staging the house, make sure that everything from the hairdryer to the bathroom ventilator is in working order. If you need the same day washing machine repair don’t hesitate to call a plumber right away.

Everything needs to be fully operational when potential buyers arrive, including the plumbing which they are bound to enquire about. Turn the tap on in the shower cabin to demonstrate that no additional investment is required.

Max out storage space

The reason why prospective buyers will take a good look at the bathroom is storage space: they can never get enough of it. That’s why bathroom essentials need to be placed out of sight; to give the impression that there is plenty of storage space.

We recommend getting a pretty-looking woven basket with a lid where you would chuck everything you don’t want other people to see. Additionally, you should constantly add extra storage space in the form of cabinets (with sliding doors) extended all the way to the ceiling or a cupboard custom-fitted underneath the bathroom sink.

A spotlessly clean bathroom

Even after you ruck away dirty laundry, the bathroom is still not ready for others to see it. The water room needs to be spotless, as messiness is a sign of concern in regard to regular maintenance. If you lack the time to scrub the entire bathroom on your own, then hire a cleaning service; whatever it takes to impress potential buyers.

Add an ottoman for ultimate opulence

A clean bathroom that resembles a spa has the power to increase the value of the entire house. Apart from sprucing up the bathroom, you should add a seating option in the form of a heated wall bench, a stool, or an ottoman.

The latter is the best seating option, as ottomans have been associated with luxury ever since they were first introduced to Europe from present-day Turkey at the end of the 18th century. An ottoman is a functional piece as well, allowing you to lay down towels, a soap bar, or a book next to the bathtub while you take a long bubble bath. An elongated ottoman can be used for the permanent storage of towels.

Small repairs, big cash

The final step in staging the bathroom is to do miner alteration or repairs (about which we wrote earlier). If there are sections of the wall that are poorly painted, you might want to add a quick layer or two.

Furthermore, leaking taps should be replaced and new lights fitted if the old ones are flickering. Needless to say, all light inside the bathroom should be LED ones and you should stick an LED strip around the vanity mirror for a Hollywood look of your bathroom.

Investing in our bathroom is always a good idea, even if you don’t have immediate plans to sell your house. A luxurious bathroom is an oasis of serenity you and your family can enjoy in for decades. As a bonus, when the time comes to sell the property, you’ll be able to cash in all that opulence you meticulously build for years,