Signs That You Need To Replace Your Floor

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Floor

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Floor

Signs That You Need To Replace Your Floor


Sometimes, the signs that you need to replace your floor can be readily apparent, but other times, the clues can be less noticeable. You need to be aware of these signs and be ready to have your floor repaired when the time comes. Neglecting to do so can lead to further damage to your home, and sometimes it may even lead to health risks for you and your family.

Clearly Visible Cracks

Usually forming in tiled floors and some hardwood, cracks are a clear sign of age and mean nothing good. The early indications of a cracked floor largely go unnoticed, until the crack becomes deep or several more cracks form as a result. While it may initially not seem like such a problem, cracks can serve as breeding grounds for small insects, causing them to infest your home.

Increasingly Problematic

Having your entire floor replaced because of one small crack may seem extreme—and in many cases, it is. But you do still need to pay attention to it to make sure that the fissure doesn’t spread. And if it does, then you need to take measures to fix it before it gets any worse.

Major Water Damage

For any kind of flooring, water damage is a huge issue and can prove to need replacing immediately. Whether it is due to flooding as a result of rainwater, a burst pipe, or a continuous exposure to a minor source of water, some of the most common destroyers of flooring are water damage.

Telltale Signs

Look at your flooring to see if it is discolored in any way; that can usually be all it takes to determine whether a floor is water damaged. Also, look to see if there is visible mold growth, or if the floor itself has become warped and misshapen. You need to act fast because if the problem is sustained, then it can reach the subflooring, resulting in far more costly repairs.

Damage From Pets

Although lovable family companions, pets can wreak havoc on floors. Without being properly housebroken, pets can leave stains in your carpeting that cannot be removed. Odor is also another huge factor and something that cannot be easily removed in certain cases. And finally, pets, especially dogs, have a habit of clawing at the ground to try and make holes. Unfortunately, they can be successful at making these holes in your carpet.

Assess Problem Areas

It is always a good idea to replace old and worn-out flooring; it not only looks better, but some flooring can also add value to your home when you put it on the market. But replacing your floor will not help if there are overarching problems. You may need to hold off on remodeling until you identify what ruined your carpet and make plans to fix the issue. Otherwise, you will see more signs to replace your flooring in your newly renovated home.