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Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Glamorous

Simple Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Glamorous


Our home is not only our sanctuary it is our statement as well. Thru the decoration of our home, we make a statement about how we feel about the world that surrounds us and our role in it. It is a showcase of our personality and our taste. Glamour in our home can be a display of great taste, courage to follow our dreams, beauty we want to be surrounded with and comfort we want to be pampered in.


When we want to add glamour in our living room, we should start by choosing the right colours. You can’t go wrong here. Any combination of colours is allowed, it depends on your boldness and preferences. One thing is important to remember, and that is that a combination of three colours should be applied in a 60-30-10% ratio. 60 % is the colour that will take over the role of main colour, and two of the other colours are there to stress out the glam of the main colour. Try to combine colours on the paper first, just to see how good they will go together. Main colour should be calm, natural colour like beige, light pink, cream, so it will not distract attention from details that will glam up your room, especially ones that will go to your walls. Second and third colour must be complementary with the first colour and make a bold statement in coloured details, such as window trim and niche. Remember your walls a stage for other items and details that will glam up your room.

2. Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is what it is all about. Consoled tables, sculptured furniture, sofas, chairs, commodes, they are all important parts of glam up your living room. Sculptured furniture like peacock chairs or a nailed trim, rolled arms, rich fabric sofa are a must have. You can also go for bold but exquisite furniture like Relax For Life massage chairs that will not only add to glam of your living room but will also help you feel wonderful after using it. Mirror consoled tables are also a must-have. This can be a piece of furniture with a mirror surface that will both catch the light and add to the sparkle of your room. Don’t forget that glam style is all about sparkle, layers and balance, so try not to overdo it.

3. Decorations

Decorations are key to a successful glamorizing. Decorations are what make more statement than anything else. A woven thing that hangs from your wall (dream catcher, macramé hanging or luxurious rug hanging) is essential. It will stress out the colour of your walls and will be an important eye-catcher in your room. Mercury glass candles, vintage table lamps, glamorous chandeliers as a source of light that will reflect in mirrored furniture. Piles and piles of colourful pillows that sit on sofas and chairs, bring colour and glam to the room. Vases filled with fresh and colourful flowers sitting on coffee tables and lamp stands. Interesting shaped wall mirrors decorated with crystals and golden details. You can never go wrong with such details. These details can stress the furniture they are on or can be an eye catcher detail for something else you want to stress out.

4. Fabrics

Not only the look but the quality of fabrics is what matters. Glamorous materials like silk, plush, velvet are what should be used for details and furniture as well. Faux fur is very usable to glam up the room if it is placed on sofas and chairs as addition to pillows. Animal print is also desirable, whether it is zebra, leopard or tiger pattern. Some pieces of furniture can be coated with animal print materials, but it is better to have a pillow or blanket with that pattern. Metal is a material that is a must-have here.  Metal sculptures, table surfaces, commodes, bar tables, all that can be made from metal and reflect light and sparkle around the room. Try to get items with history, as that will add to glam for sure.

5. Rugs

Rugs are often forgotten as items that can add to the glam. Choosing the right rug or carpet can bring that extra something to everything else. If you opted for calm and neutral colours with just a few stressed items, a rug in some bold pattern or bright colour can be the right decision. If you decided to make details like eye-catching items, then a rug with calming effects pattern or neutral, calming colour can be the right choice. You can match it to the colour of your walls or with the colour of a piece of furniture. There is a lot you can do with it.

Adding glam to your living room may turn out to be a fun and pleasant experience. You can let your imagination run free and be as bold as you wish. This style can handle it.