Small Tweaks To Turn Your Bedroom From Ugly To Mesmerizing

Small Tweaks To Turn Your Bedroom From Ugly To Mesmerizing

Small Tweaks To Turn Your Bedroom From Ugly To Mesmerizing

Small Tweaks To Turn Your Bedroom From Ugly To Mesmerizing

A bedroom’s main functions are being comfortable and giving you a good night’s sleep every night. However, there’s no reason the room can’t also be attractive and mesmerizing. If you’re going to spend eight hours per night in here, you might as well make it look as gorgeous and comfy as possible. There are lots of ways to give your bedroom a little more personality. Here are some good examples.

1.      DIY the storage

If you have piles of clothing on your bed or a designated chair, you might be in need of some storage solutions. Every room in your home needs ample storage. You have to have somewhere to put away the items you don’t need at the moment. Nowhere is this more apparent than the bedroom. You’re going to want to add some extra-large storage spaces to accommodate all those clothes and bedsheets.

How do you add storage without cluttering everything up with more closets and cupboards? Surprisingly, it’s not all that difficult. You can always DIY the storage solutions in your bedroom. Take a corner that you aren’t using and figure out a way to turn it into some extra storage space. Hang a closet rack between the wall and your actual closet. This will give you a lot more space to hang your shirts, pants, and coats.

2.      Have a standout headboard

Most beds today don’t really make use of a headboard. This is an enormous waste, as headboards can really add to the charm of a bedroom. Luckily, no one is stopping you from adding a headboard to your own bed.

You have two options for your future bed headboard. Either you design and make one yourself, or you buy a finished one online. The latter option is a lot simpler but offers you less diversity in terms of design. The DIY option might be enticing, but it requires a lot of preparation and materials. Ultimately, it’s up to you how you’ll get your gorgeous headboard. Just remember to make it match the rest of your bed.

3.      Colour block

When you want to add some texture to your room, a good colour pattern will do the trick just fine. You want to avoid boring and monochrome paint jobs because they don’t add anything to your room design. Instead, opt for something creative or practical.

Colour blocking is a great way to make your room feel spacy. If you separate the walls into two or four colours, it adds some personality and space to your room. With two colours, you can divide the room into the upper and lower half. This gives off the illusion of extra height, making any room feel like it’s a bit bigger. Four colours would go really well with a contemporary vibe. Imagine having a specific colour for every corner of the room. You can easily turn it to your advantage with appropriate furniture choices.

4.      Oversized décor

When you get down to the décor, it’s time to think big. You don’t have to make any major changes to introduce something big to the room. All it takes is one detail that you can put some focus on. For some, a mirror is the most obvious choice. If it’s big enough, you can make your room look bigger and evenly spread out the lighting. You can lean it on the wall nonchalantly and go for a contemporary bedroom look.

Paintings work just as well for this purpose. Instead of having the typical arrangement of several photographs on your wall, go for a single grandiose view. A huge painting over your bed will not only attract attention, but it will become a focal point of your room. If it looks nice and has complementary colours that go with your room, you can be sure that it’s going to be a well-received piece of art. Best of all, you get to show off your good taste with a single well-placed piece.

5.      Make the bed

The bed is the first thing you notice when you enter a bedroom. As it’s the namesake of the room, you should give some special attention to your bed. A tidy bed is a hallmark of any well-maintained bedroom. Always start with tidiness and make the bed, it’s going to make your bedroom look a lot nicer.

What’s a bed without some fine covers? Your bed’s linen sheets have an enormous impact on the quality of your sleep. If you’re looking for quality, you should aim for sheets with a good thread count. It’s also important that the sheets match the rest of the room. Luckily, bed sheets come in all kinds of different sizes and colours, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on this.