Some Hole-in-One News for Phoenix

Golfing is a major part of Scottsdale real estate. If you are running a luxury resort and hotel in the Scottsdale area then it’s hard to imagine not building a regulation length golf course to complement the other amenities. Starwood’s Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona is getting a major redesign in the coming months. Part of its new redesign is the 27-hole golf course in the Oasis Nine area.

The Oasis is quickly identified by its trees and peaceful water features. When this golf course reboot is finished it will remain Sand Island’s only green golf course in the vicinity and with some exciting additions to boot. Forrest Richardson is the architect in charge and is overseeing the renovation. The first golf club of the resort was made public in the 1980s.

The new design for the 9th Hole will be a risk-reward par-4 of over 300 yards. Golfers will also have the option of playing conservatively or “dangerously” as they face a narrow green ascending from a vat of sand. The construction of the golf renovation will be presided over by Landscapes Unlimited, one of the most trusted names in golf course construction. These are the same expert hands that have handled U.S. Open and PGA tournament courses.

Other renovations to the luxury resort include the Camelback Ballroom and other amenity updates outside. Even in a year where news of recession and boycotting is the talk of the state, and Scottsdale foreclosures are at an all time high, it’s encouraging to read good real estate news. When tourists are accommodated, so also do Scottsdale homes for sale sell to the public. Before Arizona residents make a life here they start out as tourists. If our real estate industry continues to produce high quality sites then this crisis can be averted over time.