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Home Designs That Have a Higher Resale Value

Home Designs That Have a Higher Resale Value

Home Designs That Have a Higher Resale Value


Many people search for homes that look great and supply the level of comfort that suits their needs, which is why a home’s design is important. There are numerous ways to design a home, and it’s important to know if your home’s design will help it sell well on the market. Here are a few home designs that have a higher resale value.

Victorian Homes

The Victorian era brought about some of the most prominent ideas we use today regarding art, architecture, and industrialization. The themes of the Victorian era have carried on into certain industries, such as the housing market. Victorian home designs impress numerous people because of their classic aesthetic and regal shapes.

The natural lighting that was common in that era gives the home a warmer, welcoming feeling that makes people want to sit, drink, and talk about global politics.

These homes have great designs and resale value, given the aesthetic of the higher class in the 1800s. Victorian homes usually have larger front rooms and smaller back rooms near the kitchen. Still, they have plenty of potential for expansion and design before you put it on the market, so people will walk through in awe and feel the incentive to make an offer.

Contemporary Homes

Contemporary designs have been a popular theme since the second half of the 20th century and continue to be a popular home design style. Contemporary homes have designs that fit current trends, such as artwork, aesthetics, and materials.

Today’s contemporary homes sell for a great price because their trendy, nuanced features give them a luxurious appearance. Selling your contemporary house will be easier as many want new or current appliances and furniture.

Choosing between modern and contemporary home designs comes down to the styles that most people will enjoy, such as newer or classic furniture and what may remain classic architecture. Designing your home to reach the preference of more people is essential to selling it.

Ranch-Style Homes

Some want a simplistic design in their home with room for modification. A ranch house is popular among most Americans in western states and cities, such as Scottsdale, Arizona. The ranch house is a one-level home with wider square footage, and it appeals to families who want the classic lifestyle of eating food around the kitchen table and retrieving things from the attached garage.

These houses will also have more space in the front and backyards which adds to the appeal for families and makes the home more attractive when you add a concrete porch to the backyard to fit someone’s active outdoor lifestyle. Potential buyers without children or elders living with them will still want this house with wonderful design and resale value because many find it easier to maintain than a two-story home.

Numerous home designs will influence homebuyers’ decisions. However, the previously mentioned home designs will sell better.


4 Home Upgrades That Increase Property Value

4 Home Upgrades That Increase Property Value

4 Home Upgrades That Increase Property Value


Houses are a great investment because you can vastly improve their value if you know what to do. Here are four home upgrades that increase property value.


Homes are one of the best investments you can make. Unlike cars, which are constantly depreciating, houses can be made far more valuable the more you renovate them. To get the most out of your home, you should consider exploring your options. To help, here are four home upgrades that increase property value.

Kitchen Remodeling

Everyone needs to eat, and thus we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether you only make minor updates or major renovations, both are good ways to improve your home’s value. When prospective buyers look for new homes, the kitchen is one room that is often a major deciding factor. New appliances, a fresh coat of paint, or simply finding ways to make it easier to socialize with guests from within the kitchen are great improvements to make.


Another good area to focus on is your yard. Natural elements are pleasing to the senses and can make any property look better. Good landscaping will boost your home’s curb appeal and show that you’re dedicated to taking good care of your home and property. With how much desert there is in Arizona, adding a bit of greenery can go a long way in making your home seem more colorful and appealing.

Backyard Offices

Adding square footage to your home is a surefire way to increase your home’s value, and with more people working from home than ever before, a backyard office may be your best investment. Prefabricated backyard offices come in multiple styles for you to enjoy and best complement your property. These styles can be further customized to suit your preferences and provide all your functional needs.

Updating Utilities

If you don’t want to make massive changes to your home, you can always just take the time to upgrade your home’s utilities to ensure they’re functioning properly. This is one of the best home upgrades that increase property value because there’s nothing worse than a home that looks great but will require a lot of refurbishing after the new owners move in. This includes updating old HVAC systems, electrical work, plumbing, and more.


Does Remodeling Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

Does Remodeling Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

Does Remodeling Really Increase Your Home’s Value?


The real estate market is hot. If you own property, you might be considering selling and taking advantage of today’s soaring prices. With inflation well over 15% in many areas, it’s wise to reap the rewards.

You want to get the biggest bang for your buck if you do jump ship — after all, moving is a headache. Does remodeling really increase your home’s value? Here’s what you should know before you list.

How Remodeling Can Increase Your Home’s Value


Removing the bodies from the basement is a must before you sell. Okay — that was a joke. However, improving what lies beneath the stairs is a worthy remodel to consider if you want to increase your home’s value in Arizona’s hot, desert climate zones. Underground spaces tend to stay comfortably cool all summer long, even without AC.

For example, adding a bathroom to your basement wows buyers, enabling them to see the space as their future man-cave, craft room or children’s play area. Young parents won’t have to worry about their little one navigating the stairs when nature calls.

Upgrading for a New Generation 


Maximizing your home’s energy efficiency increases its value by making it more appealing to the next generation of homebuyers. Many millennials and Generation Z members say they’ll pay more for sustainability.

You can start by taking down dark curtains and expanding opportunities for natural light, letting prospective buyers see the potential for passive solar. If you have a bit more in the remodeling kitty, why not consider investing in smart windows that become opaque after dark and partially so in bright sunlight but translucent during cool days to take advantage of the sun.

You could also upgrade to solar — there’s still time to take advantage of tax incentives, but the expiration date grows near. Ceiling fans minimize the need to operate your HVAC system, and a compost bin is a nice touch if you have garden space. Small details, like installing dimmer switches, also produce energy savings.

Easy Upgrades With a High ROI


Some upgrades are a snap for nearly anyone to do and cost pennies — like painting. You can tackle most interior rooms in a single day. It might take a bit longer to do the outside, but minor touch ups make a big difference. If you can’t redo the whole house, freshen up your front door, garage and shutters.

Are your window boxes devoid of flowers? Sprucing up your landscaping shouldn’t take much longer than a single weekend day unless you have significant brush to clear. Trim back bushes to no taller than three feet to deter thieves and consider a few cacti underneath windows to make climbing in one a painful prospect.

Epoxying your garage floor and coating your driveway are two final chores you can finish in a single weekend. You’ll need a day with no rain in the forecast and around $300 to $500 to complete either job unless you have a lot of car space.

Remodeling Projects You Can Probably Skip


If you’re remodeling to increase your home’s value, some projects simply won’t put as much green back in your pocket as you spend in sweat equity and cold, hard cash. For example, while you should upgrade an outdated kitchen, painting your cabinets is the perfect alternative to ripping them all out and starting from scratch. After all, there’s no guarantee the buyer will appreciate your taste and you can still enlarge a small space with the right sunny shade.

While you should have your rugs professionally cleaned, hold off on replacing your floor unless it has obvious holes or other obvious signs of wear. Many buyers have strong preferences for hardwood over carpet or vice-versa and there’s no way to tell which one you may attract.

Does Remodeling Really Increase Your Home’s Value?


Today’s real estate market is so hot that you might be considering selling even if you ordinarily wouldn’t. Does remodeling really increase your home’s value?

When done right, remodeling can increase the value of your home while attracting qualified buyers. Consider the upgrades above to take advantage of today’s market.