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Escaping from Scottsdale Desert? Here are the cities that could be your next destination

Escaping from Scottsdale Desert? Here are the cities that could be your next destination

Escaping from Scottsdale Desert? Here are the cities that could be your next destination

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Embracing the desert lifestyle challenges the majority because of the accessibility to the necessary zones (school, business, grocery), hot climate, dry winds, and lack of community bonding. So, it’s no surprise that many Americans are fleeing the desert town of Scottsdale, Arizona. 

Relocation is always challenging, but when escaping Scottsdale, you must consider everything you hated about the town and find the exact opposite location. Greenery, parks, accessibility to amenities, easier-to-manage abode, weather, and water shore properties can be the critical factors in finding a suitable place you can call home.

Five Cities to Relocate From the Desert Town Scottsdale

Charlottesville, Virginia

Suitable for higher-income families, Charlottesville is a city that blends history with nature and necessity. Being near Richmond and Washington, D.C., you can access top US universities and Government organizations- leading to great employment opportunities. The city invests a lot of money in STEM education and municipal facilities, two great factors for a family with school-going kids. 

Escaping from Scottsdale Desert? Here are the cities that could be your next destination

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Residents of Charlottesville get to explore the city or commute to their workplaces and colleges safely through Charlottesville Area Transit. The pedestrian-only paths, parks, pubs, and historic downtown will occupy you with fun adventures and activities all year round. For all these advantages, a townhouse’s median listing price is over $500,000; however, condos are below $250,000. 

Delavan, Wisconsin

Are you leaving Scottsdale for the endless rough land sans greenery and water bodies while the ranch-style homes that are hard to maintain? Being the complete opposite of a desert town,  Delevan, WI, with surrounding lakes and parks, can be your getaway town. Even the homes are different; most are easily manageable waterfront condos that ensure a serene living experience. 

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The affordable city of Delevan, where the listing price starts from $46,900, has nearby commercial zones, parks, and school districts. Within 10-50 miles of an airport, the neighborhood is free of wildfire risk and a great place to live as a family with children. If you want to cut costs by paying taxes in a crime-free, close-knit community around scenic landscapes, Delevan is the place for you. 

Morning Side Heights, Manhattan

Morning Side Heights is a posh area near the Ive-league Columbia University in quiet, upper Manhattan. The residents enjoy the Hudson River view, two parks (Riverside Park and Morningside Park), a 15-minute commuting distance from the subway, historical monuments, and affordable housing by NY standards. 

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At MSH, housing price (condos) starts from $400,000, while the houses have a generous interior layout. The residential area is lively, and you don’t have to drive or commute miles to find  supermarkets, schools, colleges, or hospitals. The diverse community gives the residents a rich experience of culture, education, arts, and history, which is hard to find in a city. 

Bozeman, Montana

Are you tired of the high property tax and Home Owner Association fees of the desert ridge houses and the summer that never seems to go away? The perfect relocation destination is Bozeman, MT- the state with the lowest tax rate and annual HOA fees in the USA, and temperature ranges from 12°F to 84°F. 

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Even though the city has lush green mountains, famous hiking trails, skiing lodges, and a state University nearby, townhouse prices start from $300,000. Thanks to this generous house pricing, low taxes, and natural beauty, the population of Bozeman is booming and the community is getting stronger. 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

If you are from the tech industry, the healthcare and tourism-centric economy of Scottsdale might have been a nightmare. Hence, a hotspot for tech companies, Pittsburgh, PA, has a bustling tech scenario for tech and STEM professionals. Unlike the coveted Silicon Valley, young adults can buy a house in the neighborhood as the average home price is $223,830.

Escaping from Scottsdale Desert? Here are the cities that could be your next destination

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Apart from the Universities, contemporary restaurants, business zones, and affordable living costs (7% lower than the nation), Pittsburg promises excellent scenery as the junction of three rivers and 446 bridges. You can travel to parks, pubs, museums, or workplaces on the Pittsburgh Light Rail, buses (700), or ride bicycles through the separate cycling zones. 

What to look for in your new destination?

Relocating to a new state is challenging, considering the employment rate, liveability, school, property taxes, rent, and accessibility to core amenities. Rather than making a whimsical decision and settling in a possibly worse place than Scottsdale, you should contact real estate agents and check the listing upon deciding on a city for relocation.