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7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home 

7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home

7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home


If you are looking for a new place to call home, consider moving to Fountain Hills. This peaceful and charming town in Arizona has everything you will ever need. A wonderful community and fantastic scenery are enough to make anyone consider moving here. With all these advantages in mind, it’s clear why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to move to.

Fountain Hills has magnificent nature

Arizona, on its own, is a fantastic place to live because of its nature. Waking up to fabulous scenery every day is enough to make anyone consider moving here. And Fountain Hills is a small town that’s surrounded by magnificent nature. Air and noise pollution are noticeably lower than in a big city. With this in mind, it’s the perfect place for anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors. You’ll find a lot of parks where you can go for a walk. And, because Fountain Hills is walkable, you’ll have no problem going on a daily walk.

Charming restaurants

The disadvantage of living in a small town is the limited number of places you can go out to eat. However, this isn’t the case in Fountain Hills. Even though Fountain Hills is a small town, there are a couple of restaurants that you will keep returning to. At the end of a long day at work, you can simply go to one of these charming locally-owned restaurants and socialize with the locals. You can support the local businesses and get a fantastic meal at the same time. For a small place like Fountain Hills, it has a lot of different cuisines you can try. So, going out to eat won’t become boring after a while, as you’ll always have something new to try.

inside a restaurant before lunch


It’s peaceful and quiet

Another pro to living in Fountain Hills is the calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you love living away from the noise of a big city, Fountain Hills is the right place for you. As the people living here are mostly older, there aren’t any nightclubs around. Living in a town like this means not having to deal with a lot of traffic. So, your daily commute will be more enjoyable as well. And you can move here stress-free and quickly. If you are moving from Florida to Arizona, look for interstate moving experts and find experts familiar with the area so you can move quickly. Overall, it is the perfect location for people looking to escape the noise of the big city.

Fountain Hills is close to Scottsdale

Even though Fountain Hills is a small town, you are only one short drive away from a city. Whenever you need to go shopping, you can always drive to Scottsdale. This town has everything you may be missing in Fountain Hills. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to get to it. If you ever get tired of the quiet atmosphere in Fountain Hills, you can go to Scottsdale for a night out. Because Scottsdale is so nearby, Fountain Hills is the best place for people who want the best of both worlds. You’ll have a peaceful atmosphere in your neighborhood and always have a place to go whenever you want to go shopping, see a movie, or go out.

You’ll find lots of outdoor activities

One of the many reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to live is that you have access to almost any outdoor activity you are interested in. With a great climate and fantastic nature, outdoor activities are the main source of fun for the locals. You can take your dog with you on a hike or go camping nearby on the weekends. Another way you can spend time outdoors is to start mountain biking. This hobby will help you stay active and explore the area at the same time. Because of the beautiful scenery, you’ll always have somewhere new to go whenever you want to spend time outdoors.

one of the reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to live is the wide range of outdoor activities you can do, such as biking and golfing

Fountain Hills has a great community

Living in a big city can become stressful after a while. Moving to a smaller place where you can feel like you are part of a community can be a great change in your lifestyle. And one of the reasons why people are moving to Fountain Hills is the great and welcoming community. You’ll always feel safe and welcome, even if you just moved here. You’ll soon see that Fountain Hills truly is a place where people know their neighbors. You’ll always feel like you are part of the community in Fountain Hills. And despite the low number of places you can go out to, people are very sociable. Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why we recommend Fountain Hills as your new home. You’ll have no problem going on an evening walk, as Fountain Hills is a very safe place to live.

It’s the perfect place for golfers

Golfing is a great and competitive sport perfect for this location. Because of the great weather and lots of available space, golfing has become an increasingly popular sport. In Fountain Hills, you’ll find many golf courses, both for amateur golfers and for professionals. This sport is the perfect hobby if you want to spend time outdoors without breaking a sweat. You can give it a chance, and maybe it’ll become your favorite weekend activity once you move. Golf can improve both your physical and mental health. In addition, golfing is a great way to meet new people once you move here. With so many great golf courses nearby, you’ll surely be inspired to give it a go.

one of the reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place is the great golfing community

Why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to call home: summary

With all of this in mind, we can see why Fountain Hills is the perfect place worth considering moving to. With great scenery and lots to do outside, it’s a great option for people who love spending time in nature. And the friendly and welcoming community will inspire you to make Fountain Hills your new home. Overall, the lifestyle you can get in Fountain Hills makes this worth considering moving to. Once you arrive, you will soon see for yourself what makes this small place charming and popular.

The Most Popular Vacation Rentals Around Scottsdale

The Most Popular Vacation Rentals Around Scottsdale


The jewel of the greater Phoenix area, Scottsdale has an undeniable reputation for its shopping, charming downtown, and excellent food. However, its properties and luxurious homes perhaps get the most fame. From massive mansions that look more like desert oases to ranch-style homes, the best properties in Scottsdale take advantage of their natural surroundings. Because of their uniquely Arizonan appeal, Scottsdale homes have become very popular rental options. With the assistance of the vacation rental data providers, AllTheRooms, we have put together a list of the best vacation rentals in Scottsdale for a luxury getaway. 


The Best Luxury Rentals

Tuscany Style Mansion with Great Views

Located in the foothills near Fountain Hills, this beautiful home spares no costs. For one, it is within an exclusive gated community built around a magnificent golf course. However, the thing that really sets this property apart is its views. Because of the way the home is situated, it has 360-degree views of the tranquil desert setting, which is only interrupted on one side by the golf course. 

The Most Popular Vacation Rentals Around Scottsdale


Ideal Paradise Valley Home

Paradise Valley has long been known as an elite neighborhood filled with luxury homes and beautiful scenery. This home plays right into that stereotype. With six bedrooms, this spacious home could sleep as many as 18 people. Grabbing a few friends to fill this spot will certainly help with the price tag! For anyone who does end up staying here, they will be treated to a stunning pool and outdoor living area, lavish interior design, and quick access to Scottsdale highlights like Old Town and Camelback Mountain.


Villa at the Base of Camelback Mountain

This popular rental has the charm expected of a classic Arizona home; white adobe-style build, red tile roof, and an excellent backyard. The outside living area is ideal for getting a healthy dose of the Scottsdale sunshine with a big pool and a cabana bar. Anyone who may have had too much luxury while staying here can easily escape to the many hiking trails at the nearby Camelback Mountain. 


The Best Affordable Rentals

Charming Guesthouse

This guest house with a near-perfect rating (4.95) is quite affordable, $80 per night, while still having a ritzy feel. For one, the guest house is completely secluded from the main home so visitors can indulge in as much privacy as they want. Also, travelers staying here get full access to the pool right outside their door. The home is also just north of all that Scottsdale has to offer like best restaurants in phoenix scottsdale, bars, art galleries.

, bars, art galleries. 


Modern Guesthouse with Pool

Located smack dab in the middle of Scottsdale, this guest home definitely has a different flavor to it. While many of the other rentals on this list are opulent, this spot instead opts for the minimalistic modernity of mid-century design. The hosts even go so far as to say its look was inspired by the architecture of the esteemed Frank Lloyd Wright. With its pool, provided amenities, and low price point ($45 per night) it’s no wonder this place continually pleases guests and maintains a 4.99 rating on Airbnb. 

Cozy Desert Oasis

Just five minutes from Oldtown Scottsdale, this cozy guesthouse is in one of the best locations to enjoy the many must-sees of the Phoenix area. Besides Oldtown, the house is also very close to the Phoenix Zoo, Papago Mountain, Tempe Town Lake, the campus of Arizona State University, and a number of Spring Training baseball stadiums. Meanwhile, inside, the studio space has everything a guest would need including a private entry, bathroom with shower, washing machine, and full kitchen.