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Security Camera Systems: Factors You Should Consider

Security Camera Systems: Factors You Should Consider

Security Camera Systems: Factors You Should Consider


It is not always convenient and feasible to ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home while you are away. However, you can do it too with the security cameras. Install it to keep an eye on things yourself by mounting a wireless security camera system and employing electronic channels to communicate with one another. Although, it might be difficult to choose one as there are plenty of options available in the market. well, with our detailed guide, we hope that you would be successful in choosing one which will be the best suit for you.

What Is the Operation of Wireless Security Cameras?

A cordless security camera system is similar to a webcam, except that it can be placed almost anywhere in your home and connect to both your local wireless network and the internet at the same time.

A home security camera of this kind allows you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere in the world, whether it’s through your computer screen, your smartphone, or your tablet.

What Are the Applications of Security Camera System?

There are many different applications for wireless home security cameras. Still, some common ones include keeping an eye on youngsters, peeking in on a sleeping infant at home while you’re at work, and even just monitoring who’s at the door. If they detect movement, such as the presence of someone in your house who isn’t meant to be there, they may also give you notifications by email or text message.

In A Wireless Security Camera, What Features Should You Look For?

Your cameras should come with an extension lead (if applicable), a power supply, an antenna, a wall mount (along with screws), and instructions on setting up the security camera systems. Listed below are a few points to keep in mind and check while choosing best security camera system for your home.

#1. The quality of the image

In addition to being highly convenient to casual monitoring, the majority of consumption wireless security cameras are also extremely expensive. High-quality security systems, which are often wired into your house and need a professional to install, should be considered if you’re committed to safeguarding your family and belongings.

If you’re utilising your Bluetooth security camera system for anything other than continuous casual monitoring for security, having decent picture quality is essential for your peace of mind.

#2. Night visibility

Many cameras are also equipped with night vision, which is very beneficial for security monitoring. It can capture photos in extremely low-light circumstances and even full darkness, which is frequently the case while you aren’t at home.

Photographs might be of varying quality, and the distance between the subject and the camera is significant – in general, the closer you are, the better your images will be. Many ultraviolet night vision cameras, on the other hand, do not catch much detail. Because of this feature, it can take pictures even in times of power cut.

#3. Make a ray of sunshine appear

The current trend in outdoor cameras is to include a built-in spotlight or floodlight, which is becoming more popular. Compared to infrared night vision and colour television, this delivers a far superior night-time image. In addition, lighting activated by movement might serve as a visual deterrent to invaders.

Wrapping Up

In addition, voice commands are making their way into many of the most recent security cameras systems, allowing you to perform things like show footage from the camera on a corresponding smart display when connected. Finally, consider a camera that can be integrated into your smart home to allow it to communicate with other smart devices, such as door locks if you already have a hub for home automation.

Ways To Transform Your Half Bathroom Into a Powder Room

Ways To Transform Your Half Bathroom Into a Powder Room

Ways To Transform Your Half Bathroom Into a Powder Room


Whether you are staging your bathroom or you desire a design change, there are some ways to transform your half bathroom into a powder room that will increase market value!


You may be wondering what the difference between a half bathroom and a powder room is, and logistically speaking, there is none. However, the two terms give off quite different moods.
Powder room says “custom and luxurious,” whereas half bathroom says “wholly utilitarian.” If you want to take your half bathroom to the next level, here are some ways to transform your half bathroom into a powder room.

Go Simple

When staging your house, you may disregard the bathroom, but it may be that hidden element that raises your house’s value. In Scottsdale’s competitive and booming real estate market, these slight changes are vitally important and may be the final push that sells your house.

When staging, simplicity is key as buyers need to imagine themselves in their potential powder room. But simplicity doesn’t mean void of luxury. Try incorporating small, high-quality pieces. Freshly cut flowers, neutral artwork, bright lighting, and similar elements help increase the appearance and believability of a powder room while sticking to simplicity for buyers.

Make It Yours

If you’re not staging your house and desire new energy in your half bath, making the room unique is a great way to transform your half bathroom into a powder room. This option is more fun as you can personalize and elevate your powder room according to your style! A powder room is a perfect area to add fun tiles or paint colors you have always loved. Not entirely sure how to incorporate your personality into your surroundings? Start small with vases or artwork prints you find pleasing.

Add Display Elements

Ever walked into a bathroom and felt like you stepped foot into a museum? Everything from the towels to soaps looks so perfectly curated that you’re afraid to touch anything! While you don’t want your guest to feel like they’re in a museum, you can still add elements for show while including pieces for actual usage. This tip is useful whether you’re staging or designing and will transform your half bathroom into a powder room.

Also, add a nice quality candle or oil diffuser, mini toiletries, lotions, and plush towels. Regardless of the occasion, consider storing away everyday toiletries, such as your toothbrush and those hand towels you’ve had for years. This will elevate your half bathroom to powder room status while still looking and feeling functional!


Landscaping Projects To Increase Your Property Value

Landscaping Projects To Increase Your Property Value

Landscaping Projects To Increase Your Property Value


A yard is the first thing you notice about a property. If a lawn is overgrown and not well taken care of, it will be an eye-sore that you see before anything else. Whereas, if your yard is well manicured and maintained, it will invite viewers and potential buyers. If you are looking to sell a property or boost your overall curb appeal, it is essential to have quality landscaping. Here are five landscaping projects to increase your property value.

Maintain a Manicured Lawn

When working to increase property value, the first place to start is with a well-manicured and maintained lawn. You will need to eliminate any weeds, overgrown grass, and dead plants, as these decrease value and make your property seem neglected. It’s helpful to set up a schedule to fertilize and mow the lawn. Landscapers are the perfect solution if you are very busy or hate doing yard work.

Plant Trees

Trees are like beautiful centerpieces for your yard. Trees help to fill empty space and draw the eye. However, you need to make sure you’re choosing a tree that complements the rest of your landscape. Do some research on what types of trees grow well in your particular region and make a list of your favorites. It’s also an option to plant a mature tree in your yard, as they tend to add even more value than a young tree. Landscapers are fantastic resources for this undertaking.

Landscape Lighting

Another way to boost your curb appeal is by adding lighting to your landscape. Landscape lighting emphasizes different elements you wish to bring attention to while also adding an extra level of security to your property. In addition, opting for solar-powered lights allows you to cut down on costs. Overall, lighting adds lovely illumination and unique charm while helping to increase your property’s value.

Irrigation System

One of the best ways to keep up with the maintenance of your landscape is with an automatic irrigation system. There are in-ground sprinkler systems or drip systems that water your grass and plants. These systems distribute a pre-determined amount of water to avoid overwatering or drying out your plant life. Irrigation is a simple solution to maintaining your landscape and helps increase property value in the process.

Outdoor Living

The last way to add to your curb appeal is by adding an outdoor living area. Decks, patios, pools, and other outdoor spaces are magnificent for entertaining guests and welcoming people to your home. These spaces provide enjoyment for family and friends of all ages. Outdoor living spaces have become so popular in recent years that homebuyers often seek out a property with these kinds of outdoor areas to entertain.

If you’re looking to sell in the Scottsdale area, you now have ideas for landscaping projects to increase your property value. There are several projects to choose from that will help significantly to boost the curb appeal of your property.


The Best Additions To Increase Kitchen Value

The Best Additions To Increase Kitchen Value

The Best Additions To Increase Kitchen Value


If you’re like most homeowners, you’re always looking for ways to increase the value of your home. One of the best places to start is in the kitchen! We’ll discuss a few additions that’ll increase your kitchen’s value in this article. Whether you’re planning on selling your home soon or are staying put for a while, these six best additions to increase kitchen value will help you get the most for your home when the time comes to sell.

Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island is one of the best ways to increase your kitchen’s value. Not only does it provide extra counter space and storage, but it also makes the kitchen more functional and inviting. If you’re short on space, consider choosing a smaller island that can double as a breakfast bar.

Updated Cabinets

One of the first things potential buyers will notice about your kitchen is the cabinetry. So if your cabinets are outdated or in poor condition, then you should update them! New cabinets can be expensive, but they’re great for increasing your kitchen’s value. There are many different styles and finishes to choose from, which makes finding cabinets that suit your style and budget easy.

New Décor

One of the most underrated ways to increase your kitchen’s value is adding new décor, such as corbels. Corbels are decorative brackets that can support your cabinetry and add visual interest. They come in all sorts of sizes and designs, so there’s a perfect corbel for every kitchen. You might also want to consider creating an accent wall or hanging some artwork above the stove. These simple changes will breathe new life into the kitchen and make it feel fresh and inviting.

Updated Lighting

The lighting can make or break your kitchen’s look. If you have outdated light fixtures, then replace them with new ones. Consider installing recessed lights to brighten up the space and add ambiance. You can also install a pendant light over the sink or island for task lighting when preparing meals.

Functional Features

The kitchen needs to be beautiful, but it also needs to be functional. So equip it with everything a homeowner could need. If your cabinets are full of mismatched dishes, pots, and pans, consider installing new storage solutions like pull-out shelves or bins for easy access. You can also add an appliance garage where you can store the mixer, food processor, and other bulky equipment when you’re not using them.

Smart Appliances

You should consider investing in smart appliances if you want to make a significant impact on your kitchen’s value. You can control smart appliances remotely with a smartphone or tablet. And they don’t just make life easier; they also add a touch of luxuriousness to any home.

If you’re planning to sell your Arizona home anytime soon, then the kitchen must look its best. By making one or more of the best additions to increase kitchen value, you can get top dollar for your home!


How To Make a Full-Time Career Out of Flipping Houses

How To Make a Full-Time Career Out of Flipping Houses

How To Make a Full-Time Career Out of Flipping Houses


Buying a home is a stressful yet wildly exciting experience that brings joy to so many people. For some individuals, buying and selling multiple properties is their primary source of income. Knowing how to make a full-time career out of flipping houses is a great way to leave your desk job and make money off of doing what you love most. Check out these three tips for successfully running a renovation business.

Prepare for Renovations

Renovating is the name of the game when flipping houses professionally. Damaged or low-quality properties can be money-making homes, but they require proper renovations. For starters, verse yourself in the art of flipping. You must become familiar with all aspects of building and fixing a structure.

You’ll also need to purchase the right equipment for your project. These items include construction machinery, standard tools, and other job site necessities. Inform yourself how to effectively and safely use your equipment to ensure a structurally sound and visually appealing property.

Create a Steady Income

To sell homes, you need a dependable way to make money. Even dilapidated properties cost quite the penny, and many flipping projects last for a year or more. Because of a lack of funds from sales, creating income in various ways ensures you can support this career and your livelihood.

Get good at closing commercial loan deals through different investment organizations, as these funds are invaluable in supporting your flipping business. Outside of lenders, create and hold onto solid budgets that allow you to comfortably work without worrying about the bills. Lastly, supplement your flipping business with another source of income. This is essential at the beginning of your venture to keep you more financially secure and protected.

Market Your Business

Major real estate companies that operate in Arizona spend millions every year to promote their services to the general public. As a small business, it’s essential to compete with these organizations to the best of your ability. This involves innovative marketing that doesn’t cost too much money.

Devote energy into developing a brand through social media, where you can interact with potential clients. Building an online presence is the best way to market small businesses while maintaining accessibility and affordability.

It’s an accomplishment to become a homeowner, but it’s entirely possible to make a living out of repeating that process. The work isn’t easy, and the journey is difficult, especially when starting. However, knowing how to make a full-time career out of flipping houses can create a fantastic job opportunity with many rewards.

Flooring For A New Home: What You Need To Know

Flooring For A New Home: What You Need To Know


Installing the flooring in a new home is an immensely important decision since you will have to live with it as long as you are in the house. It can be a difficult task, so here is a complete overview of the types of flooring, and what you can expect.

Engineered wood flooring

Wooden flooring used to be very popular, especially on the first floor of homes. However, now it is a lot more pricey to install solid wood on the floor throughout the hose. That’s why people choose engineered flooring, or laminated timber, which has proven to be resistant to water and movement and has a much longer lifespan.

Because the underlying support system is meant to be more stable than solid wood, engineered wood floors are less subject to seasonal shrinkage and swelling. Some can even be laid directly over concrete flooring, something solid wood can’t usually do.

Same as real wooden flooring, engineered flooring can be sanded down multiple times, and refinished.

You can choose from various sizes and colours of engineered wood flooring, which makes it easier to fit into the style of the rest of the house.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is the most budget-friendly, but it also has a shorter lifespan than engineered flooring. Laminate flooring typically lasts between 15 and 25 years, and it cannot be sanded down and refinished.

It is made up of a compressed fibre core and a melamine wear layer, which gives it its renowned resilience. It’s also simple to put together because it generally comes with a click mechanism that eliminates the need for glue or nails, and if you are handy you can even do it yourself.


Tiles are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. They are a budget-friendly option, can be put on top of floor heating, and are virtually indestructible. They are the best choice for high-traffic areas in your house because they are resistant to scratching and dents. Furthermore, they are also resistant to water and are extremely easy to upkeep. You are only required to vacuum and mop them, and they are good as new.

Tiles are most popular in areas with high humidity levels, like the seaside, or an island.

They can come in various sizes, finishes, and colours, giving you the ultimate flooring to put throughout the house.

They may not be the best solution for bedrooms, as they can get pretty cold, but for an open-plan living space, tiles are the way to go.


While on the subject of bedrooms, carpet is still the number one choice for installing in the space that you will most likely walk barefoot. It is sound absorbent and soft under feet, but it is not suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

The type of carpet you choose will depend on the amount of traffic in an area. It is generally advised against putting carpet in areas with high traffic, such as living rooms, or dining rooms.

There are many materials, colours and textures among carpets, but the best option would be to go to a carpet warehouse to closely examine your preferred choices.


Vinyl is becoming more and more popular and with good reason. It is completely waterproof and perfect for spaces like basements, mudrooms, or laundry rooms. Having a flood will not damage it, and it will stay as new for 5 to 25 years, depending on the quality of the flooring. There are two types of vinyl – one comes in a roll and is installed from wall-to-wall same as carpet, and the other, luxury vinyl tile, comes in tiles that you can lay as you wish. Unlike basic vinyl, luxury vinyl tiles are warm underfoot and mimic wood flooring almost perfectly.

Polished concrete

Concrete is ideal for people looking for a modern style with an industrial feel. Concrete has a poor rap for being environmentally unfriendly, but it’s really better than you might think, thanks to the fact that it’s made from recycled aggregates and is extremely durable — lasting for decades without needing to be replaced; it’s also waterproof. It must be poured by a professional business and is frequently polished to a high sheen.


Choosing the perfect flooring for your forever home is difficult, but no one said you require to pick only one. With this list, you can choose which flooring suits your needs and your space best.


Just Moved to Town? What’s With The Scorpions?

Just Moved to Town? What’s With Th Scorpions?

Just Moved to Town? What’s With The Scorpions?


Scottsdale continues to be a hotbed for residential real estate activity. In the metropolitan area especially, the housing market is booming, as the area is seeing tremendous growth. If you have recently moved here from out of state, you’re probably finding a lot of things you like. Warm winters are nice, and there is no shortage of outdoor activities available.

Of course, some aspects of Scottsdale living can be challenging, including some of the creatures and critters you might encounter. Chances are, you’ve already run into scorpions. These native residents can pose some problems, so it’s important to understand their characteristics and how to get along with these desert dwellers. And if push comes to shove, consider reading some Terminix reviews before calling your local pest control company in your area.

Physical Description

Scorpions are arachnids, making them close relatives to spiders. They are also related to ticks and mites, though they are much larger. Scorpions can grow up to 8 inches long, though many are as small as 3 inches. They range in colors, including gray, tan, orange, and yellow. Perhaps a scorpion’s most distinctive feature is its stinger on the end of its curved tail.

Why Arizona Is So Attractive to Scorpions

Scorpions love hot, dry climates. They thrive in hilly, rocky areas and places with a lot of brush. Much of Arizona is warm all the time, allowing these pests to be active throughout the year. Their prey also enjoys the native landscape, so there is plenty of food for scorpions in this desert environment.

How They’ve Been Forced Into Homes

In the last few decades, development all across the state has accelerated. As homes and businesses shoot up all around, the construction disturbs these animals and their habitat. Scorpions have no choice but to move on and seek shelter and food where they can. This could be in your backyard or even your home.

How to Keep Scorpions Away

Household pests can come in many varieties. Seeing a large venomous creature much larger than a spider can stir up fear and anxiety in anyone, and a scorpion infestation can be hazardous to your health and safety. The good news is there are steps you can take to keep them away.

Because scorpions love to hide in brush, it’s best to keep brush away from your home. Make sure desert plants are at least 30 feet from your house. If you do have any brush on your property, you should trim it and keep it from growing out of control. Also, be cautious about having rock gardens in your yard. Though these can be attractive and practical features in this climate, they also invite scorpions. If you have rock gardens, make sure they are away from areas in your yard where children play, such as swing sets and trampolines.

Like any animal visitor to your home, scorpions will be on the lookout for water. If you have standing water near your foundation, dry it up immediately. Inspect rain gutters and downspouts and make sure they are diverting water away from your home. You should also repair leaky air conditioning units and pipes to discourage scorpions from drinking there.

Turning Back Scorpions From Your Home

If you spot scorpions inside your home, be vigilant and proactive. Spraying your home with insecticide can kill these pests and keep more from coming in. Spray the product in places where they commonly hide, such as in closets and in the basement and garage. Also, spay along baseboards, door frames, and windows.

A local pest control company can be your best resource for help if you have an infestation of scorpions. Exterminators have the knowledge and training to contend with these dangerous arachnids. An exterminator will assess entry points into your house and use effective tactics to eliminate scorpions from your property. A pest control company also provides technicians with the equipment to stay safe while investigating scorpion problems.

Take Caution

The sting from a scorpion can be deadly, especially to children and the elderly. The area where they sting will turn red and be painful. You could experience blurred vision, muscle spasms, and seizures. Seek medical care right away if you are stung.

Arizona is one of the few places in the country where you will come into contact with a scorpion. If you’re a new resident here, be aware of where scorpions live, the dangers they pose, and how to keep them away.

The Best Amenities To Add to Your Backyard

The Best Amenities To Add to Your Backyard

The Best Amenities To Add to Your Backyard


Fire Pit

It can get chilly on a desert night, so a fire pit is essential for hanging out in the yard at night. You can build a circle out of stone and surround it with chairs for a minimalist approach. However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of firewood, custom gas fire pits are an excellent alternative. You can get all the cowboy fun of sitting around a fire without having to manage the flames and wood.

Hot Tub

A pool is a fantastic amenity if you have the space and finances to afford it. But even if you can’t install a pool, a hot tub is a great way to relax after a long day. Above-ground hot tubs are fun to have, and you can take them with you from house to house. Also, you might boost the value of your home if you choose to install a hot tub.


If you plan to enjoy your backyard in the summer, you need a shade provider to escape the sun. If you don’t have a covered patio area, a gazebo can give you a covered space for outdoor living. You can use the space as an outdoor dining room or set it up as a quiet space for reading and enjoying nature.

Outdoor Kitchen

What’s the point of being in Arizona if you don’t take advantage of the year-round outdoor living? Home chefs will love an outdoor kitchen where they can have enough prep space to prepare grilled meals properly. Even if it’s only a few feet of countertop space next to your grill, once you have the outdoor kitchen, you’ll never want to go back.

Water Feature

Adding a water feature, like a fountain or a quaint koi pond, creates a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere in a backyard. If you’re looking for something that requires minimal installation, a fountain might be what you’re looking for since all you’ll need to do is bury the lines running to it.

However, a koi pond can be a statement piece for any backyard, increasing the home’s value and uniqueness on the market. Also, feeding and caring for your new fish is fun.

If you build any one of the best amenities to add to your backyard, you’ll have more fun at your house. And hopefully, you’ll make more money when it’s time to sell.


Why Golf in Scottsdale Is The Perfect Sport To Take You Outdoors 

Why Golf in Scottsdale Is The Perfect Sport To Take You Outdoors 

Photo by Tyrel Johnson on Unsplash 

Why Golf in Scottsdale Is The Perfect Sport To Take You Outdoors 


Scottsdale, Arizona is famous for desert-style resorts, its art scene, and luxurious boutiques, but the golf courses are one of the biggest draws in the city. 

When you are considering the stunning weather that seems to stick around all year, what better way to get outdoors and get some exercise in? 

Here’s why golf in Scottsdale is the perfect sport to take you outdoors, whether you live in the area or you’re here on vacation. 

The Golf Courses Are Amazing 

Scottsdale is home to a collection of top-quality, championship golf courses. It’s known as a golf and resort destination, so what better way to get outdoors for a few hours? 

Troon North Golf Club is widely regarded as the best public club in the Scottsdale area. It’s desert golf at its very best, featuring two full 18-hole golf courses that weave through the beautiful natural landscape. 

Golfers will find themselves playing around granite boulders, like “the Monument”, a huge boulder in the middle of the fairway on the par-5 3rd hole. Immediately after the boulder, the hole has a sharp right dogleg, making it a challenge for golfers of all levels. 

If you want to walk where the pros have walked before, play a round at TPC Scottsdale. The course hosts the Waste Management Phoenix Open in February, which attracts pro golfers, but it’s open to the public for the rest of the year. 

The Stadium Course’s signature 16th hole, a par-3 of 163 yards, is surrounded by grandstands, which come alive during competition. Play it alone, and it feels eerily like standing in an empty stadium. 

It’s Easy to Stay Socially Distanced 

One of the greatest things about golf as a sport is that it’s easy to remain socially distanced. Although the pandemic panic has died down somewhat, there’s nothing wrong with taking precaution. 

If you’re looking for a way to get outdoors that doesn’t have you interacting closely with others, playing a round of golf is the ideal way to do that. 

There are never crowds on golf courses. It’s just you, your clubs, and perhaps a friend or two. Even if you do run into a group of golfers ahead of you, it’s easy to stay at a respectful distance and enjoy your round without feeling worried or crowded. 

It’s a Great Workout 

Golf may seem like a more relaxed sport than many others, but the truth is that it’s an excellent exercise. Not only do you get an excellent cardiovascular workout walking from hole to hole (if you choose to forgo the golf cart), but your muscles will get a workout too. 

Your backswing works your erector spinae muscles, your obliques, and your biceps. The forward swing also works the obliques and biceps, as well as the gluteus maximus. Various other small muscles in the trunk also get activated, and you should keep your core tight while going through your golf swing as well. 

The Weather Is Always Good 

Scottsdale has exceptional weather, a typical arid desert climate. Spring and summer can get extremely hot, so don’t forget to wear your best golf hat to protect you from the sun if you’re on the course. 

Golf is always best played in clear, warm weather. You can see for miles and appreciate the beautifully landscaped surrounding nature. 


It’s easy to see why golf in Scottsdale is the perfect sport to take you outdoors and keep you fit, healthy, and happy. You’re surrounded by spectacular natural scenery, you’re breathing in the fresh, clean, desert air, and you’re getting the body moving. 

With the huge assortment of courses in the area, there’s truly something for every level of golfer. Go as a family, with friends, or alone – the golf is amazing no matter what! 


About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a golfer and entrepreneur. He’s played on golf courses around the country and internationally, and currently shares his golfing knowledge, tips, tricks, and reviews on his website, Golf Influence.

Why You Should Consider Moving Into a Tiny Home

Why You Should Consider Moving Into a Tiny Home

Why You Should Consider Moving Into a Tiny Home


If you’re looking for a new house or a change in your lifestyle, a good place to start is with the ever-growing tiny house movement. Tiny homes bring to the table various benefits with which traditional homes can’t compete. They may be the perfect options for people who are looking for smaller and quieter existences or who need time to build experience as homeowners. Here’s why you should consider moving into a tiny home.

Financial Benefits

Everything about tiny homes, from their construction to the utilities, is much cheaper than what you expect from any traditional home. In Phoenix, Arizona alone, the housing market has a median price of $385,000, which is 13% higher than the national median. To solve this, tiny homes are prefabricated into modular pieces that are constructed beforehand and then simply shipped to the construction site to be pieced together. This modular design makes them incredibly quick to build and thus much cheaper due to the need for less time and manpower.

As for utilities, tiny homes require far fewer resources to operate. With fewer lights and a smaller space in which to control the climate, a tiny home cuts back tremendously on the amount of electricity one uses on a daily basis, especially during those scorching hot Arizona summers.

Environmental Benefits

One of the best reasons why you should consider moving into a tiny home is because it will have a far less profound effect on the environment. It not only takes up less space but also tremendously reduces your carbon footprint. Just as the use of fewer resources cuts back on costs, so, too, does it benefit the environment.

With minimal space, you’ll also find yourself with far less stuff in general that would otherwise end up becoming waste and contributing to landfills. With a tiny home, you only have space for your essentials and the things you truly care about.

Maintenance Benefits

Traditional homes can be overwhelming in regard to the care they need, especially for new homeowners. The small size of tiny homes makes maintenance a lot more manageable; inspecting the home is a much quicker process, making it easier for you to catch any budding problems before they turn into something more costly. If something does go wrong, repairs won’t be as costly, and they’ll typically be much easier to fix than in traditional homes.


Quick Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Quick Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Quick Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Your home’s exterior is like a book cover—it sets the tone for what to expect inside. Whether you’re a homeowner or in the real estate industry, you know that first impressions matter. Your home exterior is what attracts buyers. If you’re interested in renovating to sell or just want to make improvements to enhance the feel of your abode, these quick tips for improving your home’s curb appeal can help you make a big difference!

Show Your Lawn a Bit of TLC

Regular landscaping and lawn care are some of the most significant factors contributing to curb appeal. Pulling weeds, raking leaves, and watering your grass will keep your property alive and healthy for others to see.

In sunny, warm states like Arizona, you’ll also want to take some additional steps when caring for your lawn. Consider applying an organic fertilizer that can help provide long-term nutrition and improve soil quality.

Add Greenery

Flowers, trees, and shrubberies offer an excellent contrast to a well-maintained lawn. They add significant pops of colors and, with strategic placement, can elevate your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Give Your Mailbox a Makeover

Despite popular belief to the contrary, your mailbox needs love too. Swapping out an old mailbox for a modernized option can make a small yet noticeable difference that, in turn, can tie your home’s exterior look together.

Make Your Front Door Pop

Painting your front door is inexpensive and relatively easy to do yourself. You can opt for a bold color to accentuate your home; however, if you have multiple options, consider performing a swatch test beforehand to ensure it won’t clash with the siding or other exterior features. Add front door decor to finish off the paint job for a revamped look.

Stain or Paint Your Garage Door

Why invest in a new garage door when you can update the one you already have? You can add life to a worn garage door with a bit of wood stain or paint. Remember, there are right and wrong ways to do this, so read up on tutorials to guide you in the right direction.

Power-Wash Your Driveway

Get the power-washer ready, and bid farewell to tough grime. Make sure you’re able to reach those tricky areas where dirt accumulation is high. After the driveway, consider cleaning other exterior features, such as your home’s siding, walkway, and porch. Just make sure the washer won’t cause damage.

With these quick tips, improving your home’s curb appeal will fill a weekend with projects that can spruce up your space. Most of these enhancements build upon an existing foundation, so the chances are good that the striking elements in your home only need a few finishing touches to reach their full aesthetic potential.



5 Home Remodeling Projects That Increases a Home’s Value

5 Home Remodeling Projects That Increases a Home’s Value

When remodeling your home, you should be doing projects that increase your home value, especially if you want to sell in the future. Get the most out of your investment by choosing home remodeling projects that will add value to your home. Need some ideas? We have you covered. Take a look at these simple, but effective home remodeling projects that increase a home’s value. 

1. Minor Kitchen Remodeling

5 Home Remodeling Projects That Increases a Home's Value

To maximize your investment in a kitchen remodeling project, it is important to update the right things. If you go too over the top with the kitchen, you’ll end up spending more than the value you will get when you sell. Here are a few minor changes that will get you a good return on your investment. 

Replacing the Countertops

Replacing the countertops can go a long way in a kitchen remodeling project. As a home remodeler, you will want to consider which countertop would be the best for your kitchen. Some options include concrete, granite, solid surface, and quartz. 

Though they each provide their own look and benefits, our favorite is a quartz countertop or a solid surface countertop like Corian. Each of these is easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Ensure that no matter what you choose, that the countertops look seamless in the space. After all, it is one of the first aspects in the kitchen buyers will see when you sell your home. 

Addressing the Cabinets

If your cabinets are quite old and damaged, it might be worth it to replace them. However, if you didn’t include that in your budget, there are some other things you can do to increase value without spending as much. For instance, refinishing and repainting or restaining the cabinets when done correctly will look like you completely replaced them. Go one step further and replace the hardware. The hardware you choose can transform your kitchen from traditional to modern to eclectic, etc. 

Updating Appliances

One of the most valuable things you can do when undergoing kitchen remodeling is updating the appliances. You’ll get almost all of the money back that you put into it. Go with matching appliances, and if you don’t have a dishwasher, installing one can be a big pro when you go to sell. Stainless steel is a popular choice but can be hard to keep clean, so another good option is solid black. 

2. Small Bathroom Renovations

5 Home Remodeling Projects That Increases a Home's Value

Like the kitchen, to keep the most return on investment in a bathroom renovation, you’ll want to pick and choose what you update. Small bathroom renovations can increase your home’s value without investing a lot of money. 


One place to start is by redoing the caulking in the bathtub or shower and around the sinks. Additionally, refinishing the bathtub or shower will make it look brand new. 


Also, if you currently have a bathtub, installing a walk-in shower is a good renovation project because it is a positive for future buyers. Changing other things like putting in a double vanity if you have the room is another thing that can add value when you are ready to sell. 

3. Upgrade the Flooring

Flooring is one of the first things that buyers will notice about your home. As a home remodeler, if you still have carpet or your floors are damaged, consider upgrading your flooring. 

Install New Flooring

Not only will buyers pay more for a home with new flooring because it looks great, but they will also pay more just to not have to do it before they move in. The most popular choices are vinyl, tile, and hardwood, but you could also choose an alternative material like bamboo or cork. 

Radiant Floor Heating 

If you want to add even more value when upgrading the flooring, install radiant floor heating. Not only will you love it until you move, but buyers will love it because they won’t have to ever walk on cold floors, especially during the winter months. 

4. Make a Statement with the Front Door

Sell your house from the moment that buyers walk to the front door. Replace your front door with one that makes a statement. It will draw attention and increase your curb appeal. Buyers sometimes write off homes just from the outside so invite them to see what your home has to offer with a statement-making front door. Go with steel or fiberglass for durability and choose a brighter, elegant color like a unique blue or wine color. 

5. Walls and Lighting

The walls and lighting throughout the entire home should be a top priority for home remodelers. Besides your furniture, the walls and lighting fixtures are what give your home its style. 


To be attractive for buyers, you’ll want to ensure that you remove any ugly wallpaper. Some wallpaper can make a great statement wall as long as it is in good condition. The wallpaper you’ll want to change out is patterns that look like your great-grandma hung them. Modern designs are great but outdated wallpaper can be a big turn-off for buyers. Additionally, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Go with more neutral colors like shades of gray, beige, or white to be attractive to more buyers in the future.


Updating lighting fixtures throughout your home can change the space completely. You can go modern, traditional, unique, or luxury, though the trend right now is modern minimalist fixtures. You’ll also want to ensure that you have bright lighting in every room whether you add additional sources of light or allow the natural light to come through. 

An easy way to change out all of the lighting when it seems overwhelming is to take it room by room. When you are doing a kitchen remodeling project, replace the lighting while you are there, and then when you move onto your bathroom renovations, then replace the lighting fixtures there and so on. 

The Big Things

Of course, the things that increase a home value the most, are also the things that make the most investment. However, these big things pay off in the future when you sell. What are the big things? The big home renovations that home remodelers should consider include replacing the roof, windows, home siding, and HVAC system. When these have been updated in home remodel, your home value increases dramatically and buyers will flock to your house when you’re ready to sell. 

Get to Remodeling, Then Sell 

What are you waiting for? Get started with your home remodeling projects, increase your home’s value, and then list it! When you are ready to list, contact The Holm Group, which has been helping people buy and sell for more than 20 years.

What To Know Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

What To Know Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior

What To Know Before Painting Your Home’s Exterior


Thinking about sprucing up your home’s exterior with a coat of paint? Painting your exterior can improve curb appeal and property value dramatically. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a time-consuming and costly project that you should carefully consider in advance. Here’s what to know before painting your home’s exterior.

How Big Is Your Home?

The bigger your home, the more expensive and time-consuming it will be to paint. The number of stories you have can also impact time estimates and price.

What Kind of Siding Do You Have?

What kind of exterior siding do you have? Aluminum? Vinyl? Wood shakes? The material of your siding  dictates how the entire painting process goes. You can paint some materials easily, but this doesn’t apply to everything. Brick and stucco require more coats, for example, because they’re extremely porous materials.

Do You Have the Necessary Supplies?

Painting the exterior of a home is more complex than painting the interior. Some necessary items include:

  • Pressure washer
  • Paint sprayer
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths
  • Extendable ladder
  • Paint scraper
  • Primer
  • Filler
  • Sanding block
  • Spackle knife
  • Exterior caulk
  • Caulk gun
  • Plastic sheeting

The cost of these supplies can really add up!

What Color?

Another thing to know before painting your home’s exterior is the color you want to use. For the exterior, most homeowners opt for neutral or dark colors.

You can choose whatever color your heart desires, but keep in mind that bolder colors can reduce property value. And if you live in an HOA, make sure the color you choose adheres to your community’s rules. Some HOAs even require you to choose from a limited number of preapproved colors.

How Much Will It Cost?

The average exterior painting project costs anywhere from $1,700 to $4,300. Prices vary depending on the size of your home, your location, the condition of your exterior, and accessibility. Using premium materials and paints can also bump up the price.

DIY or Professional?

Can you DIY an exterior paint project? Yes. Should you? Probably not. It can take weeks to paint your home if you’re a one-person team. And you likely don’t have the tools or expertise to complete the job safely or correctly.

What if you make a mistake? It can cost a small fortune to fix even minor mistakes. This can push you hundreds or thousands of dollars over budget.

For the sake of simplicity, it’s much better to hire a professional painter for the job. It’ll save you money, time, and headaches in the long run.

Other Considerations

There are a few inconveniences that come with painting the exterior of your home. Are you prepared to deal with them? You can’t park in your driveway until the paint is dry, for example, so you’ll either need to park in the garage, on the street, or somewhere else. And if you work from home and are using a contractor, you’ll have to deal with noises for several days, which can potentially disrupt your meetings.


A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them

A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them

A Guide to Different Rugs and Where To Put Them


Rugs can elevate a room from boring to stylish in one easy step. Although rugs are great to have, it can be hard deciding on the right rug. Often, you find rugs in different areas of the home based on room size, usage, and how heavy foot traffic is in that part of the house. Even if you have carpeted floors, you can still use area rugs to help protect particular parts of your floors or carpet. Here’s a guide to different rugs and where to put them in your home.

Living Room Rugs

The living room is one of the most popular places to put a rug in a home. When shopping for the right rug, don’t settle for a small one, as it can make the room feel smaller. Instead, opt for a large rug for your living space, as it then feels expansive. By placing your rug in the center of the room, either under an ottoman or coffee table, you’ll create a clean appearance for your living room.

Dining Room Rugs

Some aren’t sure about having a rug in the dining room—especially directly under the dining room table. If you’re adventurous and willing to try anything once, try out a rug in your dining room, and you’ll become amazed at the difference. Consider getting a rug that’s 60 centimeters longer than each end of your dining room table, so every chair fits onto the carpet. Avoid shaggy and sheepskin rugs, as one can shed and the other won’t last well underneath the table, as it can drag.

Bedroom Rugs

Rugs are more common in bedrooms than you’d think, especially if a bedroom has hardwood or tiled floors. The most popular carpet size for a double bed is an eight-by-ten rug, which gives an impression of a more spacious room. Usually, it won’t matter if your rug is directly under your bed or on the side, but if you want a bedroom that feels balanced, consider placing the bed in the center of the carpet.

Kitchen Rugs

Rugs in the kitchen are also common. They’re good for foot health and help you relax as you walk to each part of the counter, preparing and cooking food. Rugs in kitchens tend to make a kitchen feel more inviting and even balanced. If you’re looking for more cushion, consider purchasing a rug that has memory foam.

When considering a rug for your home, make sure that you’re purchasing the right one that fits your personality and helps keep each room balanced. Without balance, our home would seem disorganized and feel pretty small. Take our advice on the different rugs and where to place them and apply it to your future rug purchases.


Top Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Top Decorating Tips for Small Apartments

Top Decorating Tips for Small Apartments


Small apartments are some of the most challenging spaces to have efficient décor that looks good. In a smaller apartment, anything that you put in there makes the space feel smaller. Therefore, it is important to have the décor that’s in place reflect the area. This will allow the space to feel more natural and less crowded while still providing functional space. To help you, we are providing our take on the top decorating tips for small apartments.

Furniture Layout

Many people find that the first mistake they make when decorating a room is laying out their furniture. Often, they will lay a couch in front of the TV with no regard for how they use the space around it. Instead, having your furniture layout flow with the room’s shape will optimize the space used. Typically, this means using the walls as an outline for how your room. While this will often result in putting the couch against the wall, don’t be afraid to set boundaries between spaces using the couch. Because of its large size, it can also serve as a boundary from one space to another.


Mirrors are another more psychological way to make you feel like you have a wide-open space without dealing with major work. They are so easy to put up and provide some mental breathing room in any small area. If you wish to stray away from them as a room feature, you can also include mirrors as more of an accent piece. Even as a simple wall decoration, mirrors do wonders in making you feel like your bedroom space is open and beautiful.

Light Sources

Light sources are exceedingly crucial in ensuring that the small space does not feel too closed off from outside. Many studies have proven that including natural light in one’s space regulates sleep patterns and boosts productivity. For that reason, try centralizing your smallest spaces around the window to emphasize the natural light rather than focusing on the smaller space.

Even though small apartments are chores to decorate due to the limited size, there are still many decorating tips for small apartments you can use to make any space pop. However, remember to center home décor around personal preference, so you always stay true to what you want out of your space.