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Home Renovation Tips: What’s the Purpose of Attics?

Home Renovation Tips: What’s the Purpose of Attics?

Home Renovation Tips: What’s the Purpose of Attics

Attics are an unseen feature—they often go unnoticed. But what is the true purpose of an attic in your home? Continue reading to find out!

An Attic With Rafters or Roof Trusses

Attics are composed of either rafters or roof trusses. Rafters run horizontally and provide more structural support if you want to use the space for storage or additional living space.

Roof trusses have less convenient features. The roof comes to an angle, so the space contains angled boards. The top chords connect to the bottom chords or the base of the attic.

Attics composed of roof trusses aren’t usable spaces. They don’t possess the strength to uphold storage containers or the weight of a person.

The Importance of Proper Ventilation

Attics require proper ventilation. The Arizona heat in the summer reaches 100 degrees Fahrenheit regularly! This weather puts houses under immense pressure, including the attic.

Excessive heat and moisture can build up, and the temperature in the attic will increase. This means the likelihood of mold and mildew escalates. These undesirable aspects can sneak their way into the remainder of the house.

Attics require intake vents at the roof’s base and exhaust vents at the peak. To prevent these issues, expand the HVAC ductwork into the attic to ensure air circulates through the space.

The Need for Insulation

Insulation is essential for maintaining a quality roof while lowering cooling and heating costs. The entire house has insulation installed between the studs behind the drywall. It protects the home’s interior from unwanted temperatures.

Always keep in mind that there are good reasons to avoid DIY-ing insulation. There could be insect infestations or asbestos lurking about, so contact a professional to keep yourself and your home safe.

Can You Alter the Attic’s Original Purpose?

It’s possible in some scenarios to renovate the attic and add a new purpose with a fresh design. Attics with framed rafters can become a small living space, and the additional headroom and open area make it a quaint location for your home.

Fixing up the attic isn’t the only renovation to consider. There are plenty of other home renovation ideas to conduct before a sale. You’re sure to increase your home’s value in no time!