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Importance of Real Estate Video Marketing

Importance of Real Estate Video Marketing

Importance of Real Estate Video Marketing


We’re living in a period where technology continues to develop, with the ability to use technology for our benefit. Video marketing is great for any career, especially in real estate. Using video marketing is a somewhat new and effective way to market a property with the potential to reach new sellers and buyers. It’s simple and cost-efficient to use video marketing in real estate; most video platforms like YouTube are free to use, and any individual can record a video using their cell phone.

Importance of Real Estate Video Marketing
Using video marketing for real estate is an effective marketing strategy that can benefit overall SEO (search engine optimization) and produce more real estate transactions. In a recent study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, it states that roughly 80% of online consumers watch videos online each week. Also, half of those online users watching the video will be influenced by the video to make a purchase.

Below are methods that a realtor can use to sell a house successfully using video marketing:

Use the Video to Describe the Property
Real estate agents can use video marketing to engage potential buyers; when using video marketing, it’s essential to highlight the unique and vital house features. In general, photographs in real estate listings are appropriate, but taking a video can intrigue a buyer. Sometimes, out-of-town buyers can submit an offer based on a proper video recording.

As a realtor, using a video recording is excellent for any potential buyer, especially buyers who are not local. In large cities, such as Philadelphia or New York, out-of-state buyers continue to move to the city of brotherly love. Most individuals are satisfied submitting an offer with a solid video recording of the property. Anyone can view the property once the video is uploaded to the property listing, allowing for a wide range of buyers.

Gain Feedback on the Videos Used
When an individual first uses new technology or a new marketing method, there may be trial and error to see the best techniques. After recording your first video, send a link to multiple individuals, such as a fellow real estate agent in your office or a realtor representing a buyer. These videos will allow buyers to take their time and examine every inch of the property and ask for feedback on what different buyers like and dislike. This information may enable the agent to market the house better or provide input on how to improve.
Disadvantages of Realtors Using Videos for Marketing
There are some disadvantages to using video marketing if you need more money and resources to produce high-quality content. To receive the best return on investment, it’s vital to have a solid plan and content that forces engagement.
● Video marketing can sometimes be costly to produce high-quality videos because of the cost of equipment, software, and editing services involved.
● It can be time-consuming and, at times, difficult to create and edit videos because it requires careful planning, filming, and editing.
● Videos can be challenging to share on social media if they are too long or too large because they may not be compatible with all platforms or take too long to load.
● It can be challenging to keep track of the effectiveness of some video marketing because it can be hard to determine how many people are watching them and how they interact with them if they generate leads.
● Real Estate videos can be brutal to make engaging for all viewers because different people have different interests and attention spans. It’s suggested to make these videos brief and right to the point.

The way to overcome these challenges is to plan your videos carefully, use high-quality equipment and software, and edit them professionally. Low-quality videos may deter potential clients. You should also make sure that your videos are relevant to your target audience and that they are amusing and informative. Realtors should use video marketing to their benefit rather than as a way to waste money and scare away sellers and buyers.

Using Resources Properly to Save Time and Money
It’s an excellent investment for agents to purchase video cameras and editing material to use video marketing to their advantage. Real estate companies such as Sell My Home Fast Philadelphia understand the value of using videos to sell properties and attract future buyers. If you’re an agent or real estate professional considering using video marketing, the quality of your video is everything. Ensure you’re using all angles and highlight the positive features of the property to intrigue buyers.

While using video marketing may seem like a lot of work that requires many resources, there is a massive benefit to using it properly. It’s a great way to advertise a house and generate potential leads. At times, a fantastic drone video may help your property’s video to go viral and draw more attention to the agent’s name and work. As with any decision, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to see if the investment into a video camera will be worth it. The majority of the time, it’s recommended if approached correctly. As an agent, it’s crucial to use resources to gain the upper hand in the real estate industry.