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What Property Qualities Are Important In California?

What Property Qualities Are Important In California?

What Property Qualities Are Important In California?

For property owners in California who are hoping to sell or rent, understanding what property qualities are most desirable to potential buyers and renters is essential for maximizing the value of your property. But understanding what to look for in a California home is not only important for those on the selling end of the real estate market, but for hopeful buyers as well.

Year after year, California has shown itself to be an extremely competitive state regarding the real estate market. One way to stay ahead of the competition as a seller is to make sure that your property is desirable. As a potential buyer, understanding the above can help one determine what property purchase would be the best long-term investment. 

Utopia Management, rental property experts throughout California for 30 years, have a keen understanding of the CA real estate market. They have outlined 5 key property qualities that both buyers and sellers in the Golden State should keep in mind as they consider their next real estate move. 

  1. Energy Efficiency 

California is one of America’s sunniest states, ranking at number 5, just behind Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Texas. As the world takes steps towards increasing energy efficiency in order to combat the effects of climate change, harnessing solar power is a given in sunny places like California. Homes powered at least partially by solar panels will therefore be sure to attract buyers not only for their energy saving capabilities, but for their cost-efficacy as well. Of course, there are other ways to make a home energy efficient. At the most basic level, however, one needs to ensure that the home in question does not have any glaring energy issues– such as unsealed windows, uninsulated walls, or outdated air conditioning units– in order to maximize attention from buyers. 

  1. Yards and Gardens 

Currently, buyers are looking for homes that offer the ability to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their own properties. Further, for most buyers, the size of the yard is less important than its perceived potential. For example, a large, neglected yard overrun with impossible-to-remove weeds is less desirable than a small yard that is clean, quaint, and charming, where the buyer can imagine themselves relaxing on a nice day.

  1. Updated Appliances and Interiors

This item comes as no surprise– updated appliances and interiors are important for buyers across the country and even the world, and for obvious reasons. While “fixer-uppers” may be attractive to those in the flipping business, most buyers do not want to purchase a home just to have to shell out thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars to make necessary improvements. 

  1. The Neighborhood

Of course, different kinds of buyers are interested in different locations. Families, on the one hand, are more often interested in safe, quiet neighborhoods with good schools. On the other hand, young, single buyers may be more interested in a home that is situated in more bustling areas. Obviously, homeowners cannot change or control the location of the home they are trying to sell, but they can be sure to market their home effectively based on the type buyer or renter they are hoping to attract. Oftentimes, the way a product (or home) is marketed is equally as important as the quality of the product itself when it comes to selling. Further, for those looking to buy, taking the time to investigate the area where a home is located is crucial to ensuring you make the right buying decision. 

  1. Space 

Most buyers are not looking at homes they believe they will outgrow in a matter of a few short years. Rather, they are interested in homes and properties where they can imagine growing. Regardless of what “growing “ means, buyers want that extra space. If you can swing it, adding an extra room, or expanding a garage, for example, will go a long way to increase the value and attractiveness of your home.

3 ways to make moving less stressful

3 ways to make moving less stressful

3 ways to make moving less stressful


You’ve found your dream home and you feel a sense of excitement, as you start to gather and pack your supplies. You’ll start to wonder how you will decorate your new home. But as the initial excitement subsides, stress starts to creep in. The things you thought would take only a couple of minutes take an hour. The harsh reality of moving is that you’ll have to balance your day-to-day responsibilities on top of everything else. The first thing you need to accept is that with moving comes stress.

There are ways to tackle this process and not let it bring you down. If you set the right processes in place from day one, it will make your life a lot easier in the long run. These three tips on how to make moving less stressful are a good place to start.

  1. Organization is Key

Stay organized if you want to make your move less stressful. There are many things you’ll have to juggle all at once and doing the simple things at the beginning like labelling your boxes will make your life easier. People make the mistake of overestimating their abilities. One moment you think you will remember where you stored your cutlery but more than likely that won’t be the case. If you make organization your priority from day one, you’ll be thankful to your future self.

  1. Hire Professional Movers

Finding good long-distance movers can be difficult especially if you’re moving during the peak season. The peak moving season occurs during the summer which can affect availability. A lot of families book their annual vacation during this time which can increase demand. If you book your movers two or three months in advance, you’ll have time to work out the details which make the process go a lot smoother. It’s important to have a checklist set in place so you know exactly when to start planning what. Try not to leave things until the last minute.

  1. Declutter

You might think you’ll need everything from your old home. But that’s not always the case. Look over all your items and divide them into three categories: keep, donate, or sell. You’ll be surprised but you might find items that you don’t need any more and are just taking up space. If you decide to sell any items, that extra money can go towards decorating your new home. A new home is a fresh start. So, try to reduce any unnecessary clutter as this will reduce your time spent packing/unpacking.

It can be an overwhelming process but don’t forget to take care of yourself. If you feel stressed, take a break, and fuel your body with nutrient-dense foods. Manage your expectations it’s unlikely you will unpack everything in one day. Your house, your rules don’t think it needs to be perfect immediately. Take it one day at a time and don’t forget to enjoy the process a little. At the end of the day, your new home is like a fresh canvas that you can decorate however you like.


3 Tips for Successful Downsizing

3 Tips for Successful Downsizing

3 Tips for Successful Downsizing


Moving into a smaller space can have a host of financial perks, such as cheaper rent and lower utility bills. Moving into a smaller abode doesn’t come without considerations, however. If not done carefully, this transition can get quite messy for the average homeowner. Explore our three tips for successful downsizing to diminish your stress throughout the moving experience.

Try To Redeem Value for Your Items

When sifting through all your home’s items, you’re bound to find materials that have value. The saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” still rings true—any garage sale can prove it!

If you’re not up for organizing a garage sale on your lawn—or you’re still very COVID-cautious—don’t fret. There are additional ways to redeem value for your valued items, such as consignment shops. Take your gently used or worn goods into your local consignment shop to score some cash for the things that won’t make it into your new home.

Use Downsizing as an Opportunity To Give Back

A lot of household items, clothing, and furniture get tossed throughout the downsizing process, resulting in unfortunate waste. You can utilize your moving experience as an opportunity to give back and donate your gently used goods.

One reason many moving homeowners trash items that still have value is a lack of time. Plan your donation process ahead to assure you can give those quality products a second life.

Review the websites of your local thrift stores or shelters to see if they’ll accept your items. If you need advice for sorting through all your stuff, check out this advice for organizing your donations.

Double Check the New Dimensions Before Making a Purchase

Topping off the three tips for successful downsizing is verifying your new home’s dimensions. Nothing’s worse than the excitement of a new couch arrival getting trumped by the fact it doesn’t fit in your new front room.

Double (why not triple?) check the measurements for every room in the house before moving in or purchasing new furnishing. This precaution will save you from a whole lot of interior design heartache.


Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck


Driving a moving truck is a whole new world compared to a small sedan or SUV. Moving is already stressful enough, but the anxiety of maneuvering a big moving truck certainly adds to the occasion. Follow these tips for driving a moving truck to conquer all your driving anxiety and to make it to your new home safely.

Slow Down

One of the most obvious tips for driving a moving truck in the Phoenix area  is to slow down. In any vehicle you are unfamiliar with driving, it’s best to take it slow as you adjust to the car. Stick to the speed limit and reduce your speeds in inclement weather for better control of the truck.

Leave More Space Than Usual

In your car, you’re accustomed to how light or hard you need to apply the brakes and how soon you should do so. Your moving truck will not have the same abilities so it’s best to leave extra space to be able to stop and reduce your speeds in-line with traffic patterns. It’s also best to remind yourself that you’ll have to apply the brakes sooner than usual as the truck weights significantly more than a standard vehicle.

Avoid Passing

Passing other cars in a large truck is dangerous. When possible, avoid passing other cars, especially on hills or curved roads where it can be hard to increase speeds and create a safe passing lane.

Pay Attention to The Signs

If you’ve never driven a truck, you probably haven’t paid much attention to road signs directed at trucks. Look out for lane restrictions, weight stations, and overhead clearance signs for safekeeping.

Parking Practices

Parking a large truck isn’t always the easiest task in crowded areas. Some best practices for parking your moving truck include always using the emergency brake, parking far away from other vehicles, and finding easy pull-through spots to avoid having to back up.


Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

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Why are So Many People Moving from California to Arizona?

Why are So Many People Moving from California to Arizona?

Why are So Many People Moving from California to Arizona?


Americans are a transient people, with many of them moving from one state to another. One of the most popular migration routes in recent years has seen Californians resettling in Arizona. In 2018, moving from California to Arizona was the second most popular move in the United States. What’s behind this migration of two neighboring states? Here is why Californians are flocking to the Grand Canyon State.


Employment Growth

Arizona ranks third in the United States for job growth with a rate that is double the national average. Sectors such as financial services, technology and healthcare have boomed for years, drawing out-of-state talent. Job growth is also driven by specific policy decisions made by Arizona lawmakers, which also make the state attractive to entrepreneurs who are tired of over-regulation.


Diverse Housing Choices

Not only does the state have more affordable housing, it also gives buyers a range of styles that fits their personality and lifestyles. The Phoenix area, in particular, has a wide array of home styles and price ranges.  Here you’ll find single-family architectural styles ranging from the charm of ranch style, bungalows, pueblo revival and mid-century modern to Spanish mission, Mediterranean revival and 21st century modern. What’s more is you can choose gated communities for extra security, carefree townhomes or ultra-modern condos in urban city centers.


Exceptional Education

The Phoenix area has some of the top-rated school districts in the state, including K-12 unified school districts in Scottsdale, Deer Valley, Paradise Valley, Cave Creek and many more. In addition, you’ll also find a selection of individual schools in these areas named Blue Ribbon Schools by the United States Department of Education. You’ll also find a number of exceptional charter schools and private academies. When it comes to higher education, it doesn’t get any better than Arizona State University in Tempe.


A Variety of Outdoor Activities

Although nearly 40% of the state is desert, Arizona is also home to majestic mountains, gorgeous canyons and rich plant and animal life. It’s no wonder that hiking is the most popular outdoor activity, but you can also enjoy mountain biking, horseback riding, rafting and hot air ballooning, all within minutes of your front door. If you golf, the Phoenix Valley is a dream with several world-class PGA golf courses and country clubs.


Rich Cultural Life

Californians never want for things to do after moving to Arizona. The Valley has a thriving cultural scene that includes indoor and outdoor museums, festivals and cultural centers. A variety of organizations sponsor events such as the Scottsdale Art Walk.  The culinary scene is also amazing, offering everything from street food to fine dining over a wide range of cuisines.