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Overcoming Challenges to Secure Your Dream Luxury Home in Scottsdale!

Overcoming Challenges to Secure Your Dream Luxury Home in Scottsdale!

Overcoming Challenges to Secure Your Dream Luxury Home in Scottsdale!


Are you a discerning buyer seeking a $1 million luxury home in Scottsdale? Do you worry about limited inventory, fierce competition, and rising property prices? Fear not, as we’ve got the solutions to help you navigate these challenges and secure your dream home!

1. Access to Exclusive Listings: Partner with our experienced real estate agents, who have access to a vast network of off-market luxury properties. Gain an edge by being the first to view hidden gems that perfectly align with your preferences.

2. Expert Negotiation Skills: Our agents are skilled negotiators, representing your best interests. We’ll work tirelessly to secure the best deal on your behalf, mitigating bidding wars and ensuring you stay within your budget.

3. Real-Time Market Insights: Stay ahead of market fluctuations with our up-to-the-minute market data. We’ll provide valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and time your purchase strategically.

4. Thorough Property Evaluation: Our team of experts will conduct comprehensive property inspections and appraisals, ensuring you know the true value and condition of your potential luxury home.

5. Mortgage Assistance: Our financial experts specialize in securing mortgages for high-priced homes. We’ll guide you through the mortgage approval process, making it smooth and stress-free.

6. Transparent Cost Breakdown: Know exactly what to expect in terms of costs and fees. Our agents will provide a transparent breakdown of all expenses, so there are no surprises along the way.

7. Personalized Home Search: We listen to your needs and prioritize your must-have features. Our agents will tailor a personalized home search to find a property that meets your lifestyle and family’s requirements.

8. Privacy and Security Expertise: Your safety and privacy are paramount. We’ll assist you in finding a home that provides the level of security and exclusivity you desire.

9. Streamlined Buying Process: Our team will handle all the details, ensuring a smooth and efficient buying process. We’ll save you time, so you can focus on planning your exciting move into your luxury Scottsdale home.

10. Long-Term Support: Our relationship doesn’t end at closing. We’ll be here for you, providing ongoing support and guidance as you settle into your new luxury residence.

Don’t let challenges hinder your dream of owning a $1 million luxury home in Scottsdale. Partner with us, and let our expertise and dedication make the difference. Together, we’ll turn your vision into a reality. Contact us today to start your journey to a life of luxury!

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A step-by-step guide for buying properties

A step-by-step guide for buying properties

A step-by-step guide for buying properties

Looking to buy a property? For most people, it’s a major challenge to take on for the first time. Even if you have some experience, you can never get used to buying real estate. It’s an incredibly complex process that can take up a lot of your time and focus. The good news is that you’re not the first nor the last person to go through this hassle. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started in investing in real estate.

Decide if this is the choice for you

Buying a property may be the single largest investment you ever make, or it might be one of many large investments. Either way, you shouldn’t take this decision lightly. If you’re thinking of buying real estate, make sure that you’ve thought it through completely.

Whether you’re looking for a new home or investment opportunity, you should have a rough idea of what you want. Even if you’re absolutely certain that you want to make a particular purchase, you still need to orient yourself according to your goals. What are your top priorities when it comes to choosing a home? Are you willing to stick around in one place for a long while? If you’re investing in a property, what would be the best long-term option? These are all questions you need to think about before you make a decision.

Determine your budget

Once you’re absolutely certain of your decision, you need to start considering your budget. How much house can you afford? While this may seem like a pretty straightforward thing to determine, there may be some hurdles in the way.

You should always start by calculating your debt-to-income ratio, also known as a DTI. If you’re looking to invest in a property, this is a number that’s much more important than your income alone. It tells you how much money you can reasonably set aside for mortgage payments every month. If you find a property that you can afford according to your DTI ratio, it’s worth taking into consideration. Consider property taxes and homeowners insurance as well, as these expenses can pile up quickly.

People often underestimate the costs of renovations and any new additions. If you’re going to make some changes, take a look at the overall cost and add another ten percent to it. This will help in case your contractors experience delays or shortages of materials.

Consult a buyers agent

With all this in mind, the most important part of the process is finding the perfect property. This is easier said than done, as you may find hundreds of homes that suit your needs to an extent. As this is such a massive investment, getting everything right is absolutely critical. For many prospective homeowners, this can be quite the challenge.

In these types of situations, it helps to get a little outside assistance. Instead of doing all the searching on your own, you can enlist the help of a real estate buyer’s agent. They have the means and experience to find suitable homes quickly, and they can make the process much easier for a buyer. If they handle the searching part of the process, you’ll have a lot more time to focus on the paperwork and preparation.

Get a home inspection

While a real estate agent might be able to find a home that suits you perfectly, they can’t inspect it for you—And this is an important step you should take before making a purchase. If there are any problems with the house or utilities, you want to find out about them as soon as possible. Everything from the roof to everyday appliances needs checking, as you don’t want to end up calling a repairman on the first day.

As is the case with most types of specialized work, getting a professional to do the job is always recommended. An inspector can go over all the house’s essentials from top to bottom and alert you about any problems that might be present.

It would be wise to include a home inspection contingency if you make an urgent purchase. This allows you to back out of the buy or negotiate repairs if the inspection reveals major issues. Keep this idea in mind, as it could help you save your deposit.


If you’re a prospective real estate buyer, you’ll be caught up in this tangled web eventually. No matter what kind of real estate you’re looking for, it helps to be prepared. These types of purchases can have an enormous effect on your finances and life in general, which is why you shouldn’t wing it when it comes to looking for and buying a home. We’ve covered some of the most essential steps you should take when purchasing a new property, but there’s always more to consider. Always do your homework on the best options for your market and approach it carefully.


Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Photo is an example of the home built by Camelot Homes

Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Development in North Scottsdale

Coming In 2021

Call Andrew @ 480-206-4265 For Additional Details


If you want a luxury home within minutes of some of Arizona’s best golf courses, you’ll soon have a new opportunity with the Happy Valley 18 development in North Scottsdale.  Camelot Homes will build 21 homes in a 29-acre community southwest of the intersection of Happy Valley Road and Alma School Road.


Preliminary plans call for Camelot to offer five floor plans with three distinct elevations on lots averaging about.75 acres. The builder is known for constructing homes with four to six bedrooms and for its attention to detail and timeless design elements. No prices or additional information is available at this time.


Currently, two homes are located within the neighborhood. One will be demolished while the other will be incorporated into the development. Camelot Homes plans to build an eight-foot sound barrier wall along Happy Valley Road. Access to the development will be through gated entry on Happy Valley Road. Plans also call for multi-use paths for residents along Happy Valley and Alma School Roads within a a 50-foot wide Desert Scenic Corridor area.


Inside the development, the development will conform to Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) requirements, with 38%  of the 29 acres devoted to undisturbed terrain. Most of the NAOS area will be around the perimeter and the wash that bisects the property from northeast to southwest.


While Happy Valley 18’s residents will enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert countryside, the neighborhood’s location puts residents at the doorstep of several famous golf clubs, most notably Troon North with its award-winning Monument and Pinnacle courses. This club also has a full-service clubhouse with several dining areas, banquet facilities and health and fitness areas. Other nearby golf courses include Desert Highlands and the Scottsdale Golf Club. Enjoy hiking and rock climbing at Pinnacle Peak Park or pamper yourself at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort.


Prospective buyers interested in Happy Valley 18 by Camelot Homes should contact The Holm Group as we will provide you with additional information as it becomes available. The Holm Group is your trusted source for stress-free buying and selling of all kinds of properties in Scottsdale and surrounding communities.


Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

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Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home


Arizona is one of the most popular states to move to. With its sunny weather, job market, and incredible landscapes—no wonder it is! However, as dazzling as our great state is, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be dazzled to the point you move into any old house you find for sale. There are things you should check before buying a home not just in Arizona, but anywhere.

Are There Signs of Mold?

Because mold is associated with moisture, it’s easy to think you won’t have to worry about it when you move to the desert. But air isn’t the only place where moisture can creep in. Condensation from the air conditioning, burst pipes, and showers can all cause mold to build up. Since mold infestations can lead to exasperated allergy symptoms and breathing issues, that’s the last thing anyone wants in their new home. Likely spots to find mold include under sinks, around appliances, and in bathrooms.

How are the Windows?

Windows are the perfect way to let in that Arizona sunshine, but not all windows are created equally. Pay attention to single-pane windows or windows with lopsided frames, that let in a draft, or won’t open. Your air conditioner will have to work double-time to cool your house with windows like these. They could also be indicative of foundational or structural issues in the house itself. So, try to think beyond drapes when you look at the windows in a potential house.

What Type of Heating Does It Have?

We know what you’re thinking. “Heat? I’m moving to the desert! I came here specifically to avoid cold weather!” Don’t worry, the desert sun will keep you warm all year. The issue is when the sun isn’t out. Night times in the desert can get surprisingly chilly, often between forty and fifty degrees which can come as a shock after a 90-degree day. In the winter, your nights may get down to 32 degrees.

So, yes, you do need to pay attention to heating as well as air conditioning.  Check to see whether the units are well-taken care of and ask when they were last replaced. Also check what kind of heat system it is. Electric heating, more common in older homes, will cost much more than other types of heating systems.

Do the Trees Seem Stable?

It isn’t only inside the home that you should check before buying a home. There are perils that may exist in the landscaping, specifically the trees. There aren’t many trees in Arizona, so you may be excited to find your house has one. However, if the tree is damaged or has an infection it might need to be removed—and that’s no simple weekend, DIY job. You’ll have to either contact an arborist or choose a different house.


How to Prepare to Purchase Your First Home in the New Year

How to Prepare to Purchase Your First Home in the New Year

How to Prepare to Purchase Your First Home in the New Year


As 2021 gets closer, we’re all starting to think about new plans and goals to set for ourselves. A new year can bring with it new possibilities. The type of goal you set for yourself will most likely depend on where you feel you are at in this stage of life. Maybe it’s time to get back into your workout routine, or maybe you feel like 2021 is the year you find your dream career. For many people, it will mark the beginning of their plan toward home ownership. Home buying can be a long process and may include many steps. Beginning this process at the start of a new year gives you plenty of time to plan, organize, and execute on this major life milestone.

Financially Prepare


Oftentimes, it’s easy to only think about the actual home hunt part of the process, which on average is said to take about 10 weeks. But, there are a few important steps before you begin your hunt which can actually help you cut down on that two-and-a-half-month timeline. The first is to plan out your finances.

To start your financial planning, take a look at the area where you want to buy a home. What is the average home price like? Do the houses usually go for above asking price? This will help you gauge how much you will have to spend to get the house you desire. Based on this information, you can then take a closer look at your bank accounts to see where you stand and if you’re ready to buy now or if you need a little more time to save. If you aren’t comfortable with where you currently sit financially and think you need more time, create a budget that will help you put away extra money each month that will go toward your down payment. Another helpful tip is to have money automatically taken out of your paycheck each pay period that goes directly to a savings account. This way you won’t even have to think about it or have the opportunity to spend that money on something else. You may also want to add more into your savings and consider over preparing, so if you get into a bidding war on your dream home you have extra funds to fall back on.

You may realize you need more help planning for this purchase than you expected. In that case, you can always consider working with a financial planner, who can help you answer questions such as how much home should you buy, rather than how much home can you buy.


Plan Ahead

When possible, try to get ahead of the game. Essentially this means take care of anything you can in advance that may hold you back later down the line. This can help during each step of the process such as finding a realtor, talking to a bank, and when making the offer.

One thing that can help you prepare early on and stand out in an oversaturated seller’s market is to look into a mortgage and get preapproved before making an offer on a home. This step will help determine how much you can afford and may also point out any discrepancies or problems that could keep you from getting approved. If you know ahead of time, you can begin working to fix these issues before moving on in the process.

On the other hand, if you’re in a good financial place, mortgage pre approval will help move the process along quicker when you do eventually find a house. Not every home buyer gets preapproved before finding a home, which can slow the process down and may add unwanted contingencies. If you make an offer and have been pre approved beforehand, it will help you stand out amongst the rest and make your offer more attractive to the seller.

Begin the House Hunt

Once you have all your finances in order and have been preapproved and know exactly what you can afford, it’s time to find a realtor and begin the hunt!

To get yourself prepared for speaking with a realtor, you should have in mind exactly what you’re looking for. The better idea you have, the better they will be at finding exactly what you want. You may ask yourself questions like:

  •  What neighborhoods or school districts do I like?
  • How many bedrooms do I need?
  • How big of a backyard would I like?
  • Do I need a basement?
  • Am I okay with an HOA fee?


Questions like these will help your realtor narrow down a list of homes for you and ensure both parties are in sync when it comes to what you’re looking for. Take time to talk with your realtor and tell them about yourself. This is another great way for them to understand what you want, and what your lifestyle is like. With this knowledge, they’re able to bring you a list of homes that all have potential, rather than a long list of no’s.


The Final Steps

It may take some time, but eventually you will find a space that is perfectly suited for you or a home you believe you can work on and make your own. Once you’ve made an offer and it has been accepted, there are a few other hurdles you need to cross before the home is officially yours.

As the buyer you have a few responsibilities when it comes to the closing of your new home. You’ll need to plan for closing costs by opening an escrow account, hire a lawyer who can help you with the final paperwork, and schedule a home inspection. Once the home inspection has been completed, and if you haven’t agreed to buying the home “as is”, you may even need to renegotiate the price of the home. An inspector may find things that need to be addressed by the seller before you can move in.

Once you’ve agreed upon the price again, you then need to get the title of the home and secure title and homeowners insurance. Title insurance ensures you have ownership rights to the property and no one else can try to step in or take over. On the other hand, homeowners insurance will help you protect your home in case of damage as well as legal and liability responsibilities. With both of these forms of insurance, you will even further reaffirm you own the property and can protect and care for it as best as possible for years to come.

All of these “little” things may feel like a lot, but it’s important you cover all your bases before finalizing the sale. Each step ensures you are getting the home in the best shape possible, and for the best deal. Finally, when all of these steps are taken care of, it’s time to close and sign on the dotted line. After all of the planning and preparation, you are now able to call yourself a homeowner. Although it’s a stressful process, it can also be one of the most rewarding. At the end of the day, don’t forget to take time to enjoy and celebrate this big milestone you’ve been planning for all year long.