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Simple Tips for Enhancing Your Garage Space

Simple Tips for Enhancing Your Garage Space

Simple Tips for Enhancing Your Garage Space


A garage is an essential aspect of a home, but it can be overlooked or neglected. This space provides multi-functionality to your residence and affords more flexibility for the rooms throughout your house. Plus, a well-designed and maintained garage can significantly increase the return on investment of your property. Read on to learn three simple tips for enhancing your garage space to significantly boost your home’s value and functionality.

Prioritize Vertical Storage

As many Arizona homeowners know, a garage is one of the most commonly desired amenities in a home. If your garage’s floor space is almost entirely dedicated to parked vehicles, you must turn to the ceiling and walls for suitable storage solutions. Consider installing a series of inexpensive pegboards to safely store and organize gardening equipment, work tools, and other essential items along the walls. Organize smaller objects into hanging baskets for further space optimization. Pegboards, however, aren’t suitable for larger items, such as storage boxes full of seasonal decorations or bags of old sports gear. Fortunately, there is typically enough room between the garage door and ceiling to support shelving. This is the ideal spot for long-term storage, and it frees up valuable floor space for vehicles and other large items.

Create a Flexible Workstation

Many people enjoy using their garages for personal hobbies, home improvement, and other activities that involve heavy equipment, tools, and, most importantly, a suitable workstation. Creating a solid surface for your personal interests isn’t simple when the garage is full of cars most of the time. With that, it’s worth considering installing a fold-down table that mounts to an open wall. This option provides a superior workstation when the vehicles are gone from the garage, and convenient cleanup when the cars come home. Ensure you connect this table to the wall with hinges and find a station with foldable legs for better storage.

Ditch the DIY Hardtop Hoist

While a DIY foldable workstation is a great addition to any garage, a homemade hardtop removal hoist is quite the opposite. Many Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco owners create contraptions such as these to expedite the roof removal and storage process. However, these DIY projects, while affordable, are not ideal for the market value of your home. The installation process alone can significantly damage your garage and leave behind markings. Instead, carefully consider the reasons to invest in a hardtop hoist and find one that won’t negatively impact your garage or property. These systems are more expensive, but they offer superior convenience.

Use these simple tips for enhancing your garage space to boost the functionality and market value of your Arizona home. When house hunting, look for properties with garages that can support your vehicles, storage, and items related to your personal interests.