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Your Expert Solution for Selling Your Million Dollar Luxury Home in Scottsdale!

Your Expert Solution for Selling Your $2 Million Luxury Home in Scottsdale!

Your Expert Solution for Selling Your Million Dollar Luxury Home in Scottsdale!


Are you a distinguished homeowner looking to sell your luxury property in Scottsdale but facing unique challenges in the market? Look no further! Andrew w/ 72SOLD and his team of experienced real estate experts specializes in selling high-end homes and can guide you through a seamless and rewarding selling experience. Here’s how we address and fix the potential problems you may encounter:


1. Targeted Marketing Expertise: With our in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate market in Scottsdale, we craft a targeted marketing strategy that reaches affluent buyers actively seeking properties like yours. Our marketing efforts focus on reaching the right audience through exclusive channels and networks.

2. Navigate Market Volatility: We stay ahead of market fluctuations and provide you with real-time insights to make informed decisions. Our team employs strategic pricing strategies to adapt to changing market conditions, ensuring your property remains competitive.

3. Streamlined Selling Process: Our experienced agents are skilled at minimizing listing periods and expediting the selling process. We handle every aspect of the transaction, from staging your home to managing negotiations, so you can focus on planning your next adventure.

4. Extensive Buyer Network: Our vast network of high-net-worth buyers and investors gives your property maximum exposure to potential buyers, both locally and internationally.

5. Comprehensive Market Analysis: We conduct a thorough market analysis to set the right asking price for your luxury home, avoiding overpricing concerns while maximizing your potential return.

6. Discreet and Secure: We prioritize your privacy and security during the selling process, ensuring that property viewings and open houses are conducted discreetly and professionally.

7. Professional Home Staging: Our team of experts excels in presenting your luxury property at its absolute best. We highlight its unique features and amenities to leave a lasting impression on discerning buyers.

8. Expert Negotiation Skills: We are seasoned negotiators with experience handling luxury transactions. Our goal is to secure the best deal for you while maintaining a positive and productive negotiation process.

9. Tailored Marketing Approach: Your property’s artistic design, luxury amenities, and unique features will be showcased effectively to attract buyers who share your passion for refined living.

10. Proven Success in High-End Sales: Our track record speaks for itself. We have successfully facilitated the sale of numerous high-end properties in Scottsdale, and our satisfied clients can attest to our dedication and expertise.

Don’t let the challenges of selling a $2 million luxury home hold you back. Partner with our team of luxury real estate specialists, and we’ll handle every detail, providing you with a smooth, rewarding, and timely selling experience. Contact us today to take the first step toward your next extraordinary venture!

Call Andrew w/ 72SOLD today at 480-206-4265

The Complete Guide To Selling Your Home Quickly

The Complete Guide To Selling Your Home Quickly

The Complete Guide To Selling Your Home Quickly


The dream way to sell a home is for it to fly off the market as quickly as you put it on and for the price you asked—or above! Commonly, people are too eager to sell their homes to get what they want out of a sale. Patience is key when it comes to success in real estate. If you want to make the process go as fast as possible, follow the complete guide to selling your home quickly by The Holm Group.

Decide on a Home Selling Strategy

Before you put your house on the market, come up with a plan for how you’ll sell your home. Most people hire an agency to help them develop a marketing strategy that includes a timeline for when you’d like the house to be sold. Agents understand the market and have the skills to attract potential buyers.

Pro Tip: Be prepared to let potential buyers tour your home anytime unless you choose a company like 72 Sold to sell your home. :)

Boost Curb Appeal

Most people don’t want to move into a home that needs work. Your house will sell faster if it is well-maintained inside and out. Pay close attention to any signs of damage or age. Glance around your neighborhood to see how your home compares and try to at least bring it up to standard. Ways to boost curb appeal and increase the chances that your house will sell quickly include:

  • Replacing missing shingles
  • Mending broken fencing
  • Repairing damaged gutters
  • Upgrading your mailbox

Stage Your Home

While it can be frustrating to move your things into storage if you don’t have a new place yet, you should stage your home with the bare minimum furniture. When selling your house, make the rooms that you plan to show look like a furniture showroom. Think about flow and making the room look spacious when you arrange your furniture. You want to highlight the best features in your home, such as fireplaces, brick walls, or large windows.

Take Photos of Your Staged Home

A well-staged home will photograph well. Part of your marketing strategy will include taking photos for your listing. You’ll want those photos to be of your staged home to ensure the first impression of your space begins before potential home buyers get to the door.

Pick the Right Time To Sell Your Home

Selling your home at the right time is the best way to ensure that it sells quickly. Wait for a seller’s market to come around and set your price at an attractive rate. You will be in a seller’s market when the demand for houses outweighs the supply. Keeping up with maintenance and upgrades on your home is the best way to increase your home’s appraisal value and validate your asking price.

Careful decision-making translates into a quick sale in the real estate business. Your property was a huge investment that you shouldn’t take lightly when attempting to sell. Get the most out of your home sale and enjoy the experience by following the complete guide to selling your home quickly.


Selling A House In Poor Condition? Key Things You Must Fix!

Selling A House In Poor Condition? Key Things You Must Fix!

Selling A House In Poor Condition? Key Things You Must Fix!


Not All Repair Is Major

When you’re selling an “as is” property, there are probably a few things wrong with it. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for staging a few rooms and fixing the house up.

Even if your property is a little more than an “as is” home, you may want to fix up some things. At a minimum, for a house in poor condition, you want to consider repairing the following items.

Whatever Works Well, Be Sure It’s Visible

Even with the most questionable properties, there’s always something that “works”. It may not be an appliance; maybe it’s a layout that perfectly emphasizes a rare view. Find out whatever that special something is in your property. Once you’ve identified it, imagine a way of emphasizing it. You want that feature visible to potential buyers.


Be Sure To Do All The “Easy” Fixes

There are a lot of little things you can do that are pretty easy. All the floors need to be swept, surfaces need to be wiped down. If you have a few hundred dollars and the time, you might want to paint a few rooms. You may even redo the whole interior or exterior—or both.

How is the basement? Is it unfinished? That happens a lot, and finishing it may not be as involved as you thought. A little drywall, insulation, and paint, or some tongue-and-groove boards; whatever works.

You might do a roof repair, be sure you change all the lightbulbs, patch any leaks you can—find the honey-do’s that aren’t exceptionally intensive. Sometimes a little landscaping is in order, sometimes you may want to apply wallpaper in a room. Find what the low-value home needs, and what you can apply affordably.

If you can spend a weekend getting these little jobs done, excellent. If you can afford to commit a few weeks or weekends, that’s even better. There are additionally mild things you can do as regards staging which may sell the property. Chocolate chip cookie spray has much to recommend it—almost any realtor can help you find the best options.

Electricity And Water Should Work

A low-value property is a lot easier to sell if all the basics work. Think of it as an automobile. Sure, the A/C, heater, and power windows may be malfunctioning. But if the engine, transmission, and work, you can still sell that car. If spending $2k on repairs can allow you to sell a vehicle for $5k, where before you could only scrap it, the $2k repair may be worth it.

Well, you want to bring that same thinking to your property. Do all the lights work? Does the disposal work? Does the faucet have hot and cold water? How about spigots on the outside, toilets, and showers—do they all work? If they don’t, you may want to have some contractors do a basic job fixing things up.

Granted, sometimes a given property would require $10k in work, and you’re only selling it for $50k; so the little fixes aren’t working. However, the more your property can command, the more it’s in your interests to make such fixes.

If you can spend $10k to $30k and add $15k to $60k in property value, then whatever you spend on repairs is offset by the increased property value. That said, each kind of property will have its unique thresholds in this area. Getting appraisal through professionals may be worthwhile to help you avoid wasted effort.

Moving “Rough” Property

Selling a house in poor condition isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but if you emphasize what works, fix the little things that don’t, and assure basic utilities are functional, there’s a much higher likelihood you’ll move your property.

Whenever you can get something done through DIY, that’s advisable. Sometimes it’s surprising what you can do with a free weekend and a few home maintenance supplies; like a sander, polyurethane, and wood stain.

Figure out where you can tweak the property a bit through such repair to best effect, then “polish it up” before potential buyers view it. You may be able to sell the property quicker and at a higher value.

Tips for Selling a Home During Covid-19

    Tips for Selling a Home During Covid-19

Tips for Selling a Home During Covid-19


Even with the current global pandemic happening, the housing market is still booming. It’s truly a seller’s market right now and people are flocking to warmer states, such as Arizona, as winter nears in the northern states. Showings and open houses are traditional parts of the home buying process, but with the threat of COVID-19 looming and social distancing restrictions, these may look a little different. Check out these tips for selling a home during COVID-19.

Consider moving out after listing the property

If you’re uncomfortable with living in a home that strangers may be walking around in during a pandemic, then consider the possibility of moving out during the listed time. Even if you haven’t found your next home yet, there are some possibilities of staying with friends or family members or even finding a short-term rental or extended stay hotel for the time being. This is especially doable in markets where homes are selling very quickly, as you won’t be out of a home for long. This way, you won’t be exposed to unnecessary chances of falling ill.

Take open house precautions

If the city the property resides in is currently allowing open houses, take advantage of this by hosting one. Open houses are great for people casually looking at homes to come in and fall in love with your property. Take some precautions to keep those visiting your open house and your family safe. Ask that attendees wear a face mask to help prevent the spread of any disease or germs. Provide hand sanitizing stations at the entrance to the home, so people can disinfect as they enter and leave the property. You can also invest in an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect all of the surfaces in the home quickly and easily.

Clean often

When a house is on the market, it’s normal for the owners to keep it spotless and clean for the random showing that may pop up on very short notice. During a pandemic, it’s even more important to ensure the home is cleaner than ever before. Clean surfaces regularly and inform real estate professionals if someone in the household is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or received a positive test result so that they can be sure not to schedule any showings until the affected person is recovered and the house is adequately disinfected.Se