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What to Look For in an Arizona Home

What to Look For in an Arizona Home

What to Look For in an Arizona Home


The Southwest region of the United States can be a fascinating place to live. There is sunshine almost the entire year, you are surrounded by unique ecosystems, and the cost of living is a little more manageable than many of the coastal states.

In particular, moving to Arizona could be the perfect next step in your life. This state has seen a big influx of out-of-state homebuyers in the past few years, with popular areas like Phoenix drawing crowds from all walks of life. Plus, who wouldn’t love being close to one of the greatest natural wonders of the world: the Grand Canyon? 

If you are looking to move to Arizona, then buying a home is a great option. However, finding the right home and getting a good deal can be difficult. Here are some things to look for in an Arizona home before you sign the closing documents. 

Proximity to Community

Humans are not meant to live in isolation, though some people do thrive this way. We crave connection and support from others, and that is much harder if you live far away from any neighbors. As you search for a home, you should consider if the house is located near a town or city so that you have access to both people and community amenities. Few people enjoy driving over an hour just to get groceries. Although homes that are further out in the country may be more affordable, your quality of life may be impacted. 

Strong HVAC System

Your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation systems are critical components of the building. Especially when those hot summers roll around in the Southwest, you may need a well-functioning air conditioning system to stay comfortable and escape the scorching sun. As you check out possible properties, see what their HVAC setup is and how old the system is. While you could count on repairing the A/C yourself or calling a contractor to do so, it would save you a lot of money to move into a home with a newer and stronger HVAC system. 


Efficient homes are very important. Cutting down on the cost of utilities can save you hundreds of dollars each year, which adds up to thousands of dollars once you have lived in the home for long enough. This level of savings cannot be overlooked. Energy-efficient homes tend to have sustainable building materials, newer windows, an updated roof, newer HVAC components, powerful appliances, and a layout that is designed to optimize heating and cooling. If the home you are interested in is lacking these things, then you could end up wasting money on high utility bills

Sellers Who Will Work With You

This is an often overlooked factor when buyers start looking for homes in Arizona. Some sellers are incredibly stubborn about price or have vastly overestimated the real value of their homes. While you can secure jumbo loans in Arizona to pay for highly-priced homes, your goal should be to save as much as possible on the purchase. A seller who is willing to negotiate is someone who can meet you halfway. If they insist on waiving the inspection but will knock down the price, steer clear because that inspection could reveal the need for significant repairs. Avoid stubborn sellers who are not serious about negotiation as you will likely end up overpaying for the property and being saddled with higher monthly payments. 

Opportunities for Improvement

Knowing what you are getting is key to getting a good deal on your home. You probably have a vision for what your dream home looks like, and unless you build the house yourself, there are going to be some items that are missing from the checklist when you buy a home. That’s alright, these are just opportunities for home improvement. Upgrading your home is one of the joys of ownership. Not only will you improve the functionality of the house and customize it to your family’s needs, but you will also raise the value of it in case you plan to sell it in the future. You can even save a lot of money on these projects by doing them yourself if you have the knowledge to do them well. 

Buying a Home is an Investment in Your Future

People always talk about homeownership as an investment. Investments can pay off, but only if you make the right decisions. Pouring money into your home to improve it without ever selling it will not benefit you investment-wise. However, if the value of your house increases and you build up enough equity, you could make significant profits when selling. Additionally, you can use equity to take out cash during a refinance that could be used to pay other expenses or improve the home itself. Either way, buying a home in Arizona is an investment in the future that is simply out of reach for renters.