Sold home in Troon – Purcahsed home in Terravita

Recently, my wife and I had the good fortune to work with Andrew Holm and his team in selling a very unusual home.  We were referred to Andrew by a friend and it proved to be a great referral. He and his partner Kerry Keezer did a great job  in marketing our home and gave us very real expectations as to what we could expect and how long the process would probably take. In a very difficult market with the highest mortgage rates in 35 years, we closed in less than 90 days at our asking price.

After we closed on the sale, Andrew and his team turned around and helped us find our new home in Terravita.  We provided them with what we wanted in our new home and they provided us with all inventory that met our qualifications.  We sorted those out and produced a list of about 15 homes and ranked them 1 to 15.  We then spent the next 3 days looking at the various options.  We were very surprised and happy to be able to come away with our top rated home and we closed and took possession of our new home 5 weeks later.

If you are looking to either buy or sell a home, my wife and  I would highly recommend Andrew and Kerry. You will find them to be highly professional, efficient and responsive.