The Best States To Invest in Real Estate in 2022

The Best States To Invest in Real Estate in 2022

The Best States To Invest in Real Estate in 2022

The Best States To Invest in Real Estate in 2022


Real estate investment is a lucrative and rewarding endeavor. Suppose you’re hoping to get the absolute most out of your investment. In that case, it’s prudent to ensure that you pay attention to the potential profitability of specific areas and pick your properties carefully. Luckily, we’ve compiled a short guide to walk you through some of the best locations for real estate investment in the coming year.


The Lone Star State is first on the list of the best states to invest in real estate in 2022. With its bustling economy, healthy population growth, and affordable housing markets, it’s not hard to see why Texas is an ideal location for real estate investment.

And if those things weren’t enticing enough, median home values continue to rise substantially each year in cities like Dallas. And because of their booming population growth and diverse job opportunities, Texan metropolises, such as Austin and Houston, have never had a higher demand for affordable housing.


Indiana is another attractive choice for those looking to invest in both residential and rental properties. The median home value statewide sits at approximately $159,690, with a year-over-year increase of 5.5 percent. So it’s no wonder Indiana is such an appealing choice for investors seeking real estate that will become increasingly valuable over time.

Not to mention, Indiana also has a healthy job growth rate, and its population continues to increase yearly. And with a rent median of around $1150 that continues to grow by nearly 5 percent annually, it’s no surprise that Indiana is a top choice for those looking to snag affordable rental properties and make sizeable profits off their investments long-term.


Rapid population growth, a thriving economy, and low unemployment rates are factors that help Arizona land a spot on our list of the best states to invest in real estate in 2022. Statewide, cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale continue to see rapid growth in tourism opportunities and job diversity. And with some metropolitan areas boasting a 25 percent increase in median home value over the next few years, Arizona continues to gain traction as a real estate investor’s wonderland.  Take a look at some homes for sale in Scottsdale/Phoenix by click on this link

New Mexico

If you’re looking for great investment opportunities with plenty of room to grow, we suggest adding New Mexico to your list of potential investment locations. With median home value falling at $210,141 with an average increase of almost 6 percent year over year, there’s a lot of opportunities to make a hefty profit from properties in New Mexico.

Plus, because property taxes in this area are pretty low, it’ll be more affordable to get your property in excellent shape. This way, you can start enjoying the rewards of your investment as soon as possible.

So, when the time comes to decide about where you’ll lay your flag as a real estate investor, remember to pay close attention to an area’s markets and its potential for future development. Doing this will ensure you get the most out of each property investment you pursue.