The Best Upgrades for an Eco-Friendly Home

The Best Upgrades for an Eco-Friendly Home

The Best Upgrades for an Eco-Friendly Home

The Best Upgrades for an Eco-Friendly Home


Whether you’re planning to sell or simply want to save more energy, here are some of the best upgrades you can make for an eco-friendly home.


The term eco-friendly home may not seem attractive to realtors. However, the rejuvenated focus on sustainable living has made these homes more attractive in the eyes of homebuyers. Eco-friendly homes are seeing an increase in demand on the market today. Here are some of the best upgrades to consider for an eco-friendly home that also have significant ROIs—that way you know your investment pays off.

Switch to Solar Power

Solar power is the ultimate energy-saving upgrade for any property. It drastically reduces energy usage and can lead to significant long-term savings on energy bills. Not to mention, many homebuyers seek out more energy-sufficient upgrades like solar power for many reasons. Some wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle while others simply want to reduce their use of other energy sources. Solar power can increase ROI, too, especially in desert states such as Arizona.

Replace the Windows

This one may come as a surprise to some, but we suggest you replace the windows. New windows can greatly reduce energy consumption in any home. That’s because windowpanes can sag, bow, or leak over time. Not only is this an eyesore, but you risk water and weather-damage to your counters, walls, and floors. Both realtors and homeowners can avoid these issues and improve insulation in the home by replacing the windows.

Install a Smart Thermostat

The widespread use of smart devices has created a plethora of new industries. In real estate, smart devices are a great tool to save money through cloud-based internet activity. For example, a smart thermostat offers more capabilities than previous thermostats —such as access to your AC unit, temperature control, and timed heating and cooling. When you invest in a smart thermostat, it can further reduce energy consumption given its simple interface. You can even control the thermostat from your smartphone, allowing for greater control whether you’re inside or outside the house.

Use a Water-Friendly Toilet

Finally, another one of the best upgrades for an eco-friendly home is to replace your traditional toilet with a water-saving unit. Typical toilet units use gallons of water per flush. That’s a lot of wasted water and can lead to higher water bills. Rather than succumb to the common unit, consider replacing it with a water-saving one instead. These use significantly less water than a standard toilet, and often offer flushing options depending on your “business.” Before you know it, you’ll have saved hundreds of dollars from your water bill without contributing to extra wastewater in the environment.