The Importance of Tidiness when Selling your Home

The Importance of Tidiness when Selling your Home

The Importance of Tidiness when Selling your Home

It’s got beautiful views and the perfect location. It is large, spacious, and has a beautiful garden. Why isn’t your home selling? The answer could be far more ‘insignificant’ than you ever imagined: it could be failing to make a good first impression because of untidiness. The average buyer is heavily influenced by first impressions, and they make a decision in a matter of seconds. How can you reduce clutter and help buyers feel like your home is a bargain they cannot pass up?


Getting into the Viewer’s Shoes notes that home sellers should try to place themselves in the purchaser’s shoes, imagining what the latter may feel upon entering their home. In order for buyers to ‘see themselves living’ in a home, it should be tidy, uncluttered, and, to a certain extent, depersonalized. Homes that are filled with memorabilia and photographs are meaningless to a person who could potentially call these spaces their own. Therefore, during sale time, try to reduce the amount of personal items you have and decorate spaces with simple items that are appealing to contemporary tastes.


Regular Cleaning is Key

Experts recommend that homes be vacuumed weekly (more often if dogs or cats live in the home) and that floors be steam cleaned every two weeks. During cleaning, de-clutter your home by eliminating old magazines, furniture, and other items that wrest from the clean, crips look that buyers crave. Storage areas like the garage should be light-filled and clean as well, with shelves and storage furniture being completely dust- and clutter-free. Outdoor parking lots should be clear of stains, oil spills, algae, and cleaning products. To deep clean outdoor spaces like car parks, terraces, and the like, use pressure washing until surfaces are completely clear.


Investing in Small Repairs

If your doors are broken, there are cracks on the paint, the home has mold or other severe dirt issues, or the carpet is old, home staging may be the best investment you can make in the sale of your home. According to Professional Staging, around 81% of buyers stay home staging makes it easier to see a property as their potential home, while 49% of real estate agents feel that home staging positively impacts the sale of a home. Staging may cost around $10,000 or more, but sellers note that it can raise a home’s sale price by considerably more (by around three times the price of staging). Refusing to mend basic aspects of your home (including outdated décor, broken doors and door knobs, dark or over-the-top furniture and the like) will make it very difficult for your home to look desirable.

If your home is on the market and you feel like it should have been sold by now, look into ways to make it look cleaner and less cluttered. If heavy dirt and mold are a problem, invest in professional cleaning or give pressure washing a go. Go a step beyond and look into home staging as a way to give your home a neater, more modern, light-filled look that will make it seem very inviting indeed for potential buyers.