The Most Common House Staging Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common House Staging Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common House Staging Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common House Staging Mistakes To Avoid


Getting a home ready for potential buyers can be a complicated and stressful process. Here are some common staging mistakes to avoid when selling your home.

 The goal of home staging is to allow a potential buyer to imagine what living in that home could be like. Showing off the house while decorating it for as broad an audience as possible is a fun but tricky challenge. We’re sharing some of the most common staging mistakes to avoid when taking on such a task.

Not Creating a Spacious Enough Look

A home doesn’t necessarily have to be large to seem like it has space. By considering the area you have to work with, you can visualize the type of furniture to use when staging the home. The variety of furniture you can use is wide and flexible. You don’t have to make major changes to your current setup; just try not to overcrowd your rooms with too many pieces. The way you paint a room also aids in creating the illusion of a larger space. Lighter colors can make a room feel bigger.

Thinking One Design Fits All

Home staging is just as the term suggests; it sets the stage for a potential homeowner to envision how they’d live in the space. It’s important to understand that home staging doesn’t specifically target the client who walks in to look. In fact, it’s almost impossible to cater to everyone’s specific tastes in one home perfectly. Understanding that you don’t need to strive to please everyone lessens the burden on your shoulders when you’re aiming for a design that lands perfectly in the middle of people’s preferences. Go with what you believe will be appealing to most. For example, you can decorate with more neutral colors than harsh, bright hues that may be off-putting to buyers.

Forgetting To Decorate Outside

Decorating the front yard, backyard, and patio helps build the home’s appeal and is an excellent place to start before changing things indoors. You can make a few additions to the outdoor areas. You should also maintain outdoor rugs, furniture, and accessories well to keep things looking new and fresh.

Paying attention to the outside appearance of your property allows people to visualize the day-to-day life they could experience there. Invoking their sense of imagination will help cement your home in their minds when they leave. However, a home that’s barren on the outside lacks the warm and inviting atmosphere that would entice people to come inside and relax. The Arizona heat may already keep people from staying outside for too long, but the outdoor appearance of your home can still make or break their first impression of it.

Home staging is a challenging mix of methodical design and a personable approach. By keeping these common staging mistakes to avoid in mind, your clients won’t want to leave the moment they walk through that front door.