Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home

Things You Should Check Before Buying a Home


Arizona is one of the most popular states to move to. With its sunny weather, job market, and incredible landscapes—no wonder it is! However, as dazzling as our great state is, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be dazzled to the point you move into any old house you find for sale. There are things you should check before buying a home not just in Arizona, but anywhere.

Are There Signs of Mold?

Because mold is associated with moisture, it’s easy to think you won’t have to worry about it when you move to the desert. But air isn’t the only place where moisture can creep in. Condensation from the air conditioning, burst pipes, and showers can all cause mold to build up. Since mold infestations can lead to exasperated allergy symptoms and breathing issues, that’s the last thing anyone wants in their new home. Likely spots to find mold include under sinks, around appliances, and in bathrooms.

How are the Windows?

Windows are the perfect way to let in that Arizona sunshine, but not all windows are created equally. Pay attention to single-pane windows or windows with lopsided frames, that let in a draft, or won’t open. Your air conditioner will have to work double-time to cool your house with windows like these. They could also be indicative of foundational or structural issues in the house itself. So, try to think beyond drapes when you look at the windows in a potential house.

What Type of Heating Does It Have?

We know what you’re thinking. “Heat? I’m moving to the desert! I came here specifically to avoid cold weather!” Don’t worry, the desert sun will keep you warm all year. The issue is when the sun isn’t out. Night times in the desert can get surprisingly chilly, often between forty and fifty degrees which can come as a shock after a 90-degree day. In the winter, your nights may get down to 32 degrees.

So, yes, you do need to pay attention to heating as well as air conditioning.  Check to see whether the units are well-taken care of and ask when they were last replaced. Also check what kind of heat system it is. Electric heating, more common in older homes, will cost much more than other types of heating systems.

Do the Trees Seem Stable?

It isn’t only inside the home that you should check before buying a home. There are perils that may exist in the landscaping, specifically the trees. There aren’t many trees in Arizona, so you may be excited to find your house has one. However, if the tree is damaged or has an infection it might need to be removed—and that’s no simple weekend, DIY job. You’ll have to either contact an arborist or choose a different house.