Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Patio Awning

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Patio Awning

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Patio Awning

Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Your Patio Awning


With summer around the corner, you’ll want to know the tips and tricks for cleaning your patio awning so it looks clean and new all season round.


Owning an awning is a must to keep your patio in the shade, especially in Arizona, where the beating sun can make you want to spend the entire day inside. An awning does not require much work to keep in good condition, but there are tips and tricks for cleaning your patio awning you should know about. Especially with summer right around the corner and as the weather warms up, keeping your awning clean is essential not only for the appeal of your backyard but also for the longevity of the sun protector.

Trim Vines and Branches

If you live in an area with many shrubs and trees, you may want to consider trimming some of the vines and branches away from the covering. Doing this minimizes the amount of debris that will fall on your awning, keeping it cleaner longer.

Use a Broom To Sweep Away Debris

A tall broom is a perfect utensil for sweeping away the debris from the covering. Cleaning the litter is even easier if you own a retractable patio awning. You can simply retract the sun protector back towards the house to shimmy any remaining hard-to-see debris off the top.

Clean With Mild Detergent

Clean canvas and outdoor awnings with a mild laundry detergent and lukewarm water. If your awning is made of other material, make sure the product you buy from the store is safe to use on that material. You can use the same broom from before to scrub the material clean; a ladder might be of use to get to the hard-to-reach areas.

Rinse With a Hose Monthly

Once you scrub the awning, you can now make your garden hose and wash the soap away. Ensure that you clean every spot on the material, or you will find dirty areas once the covering dries. Hosing off the material once a month cleans away pesky debris and allows you to scrub it with a solution far less than if you were not to attend to the awning regularly.

Retract the Awning When Not in Use

For extra protection against harmful UV rays and other debris, always retract the awning when it is not in use. This extends the life of the gadget. You’ll find less dirt and grime on the sunshade by doing this frequently.

Use these tips and tricks to clean your patio awning this summer so you can enjoy more time outside. A clean awning adds to the luxurious aspect of your backyard and helps in the appeal of your home. Neglecting your awning can lead to more money leaving your wallet to pay for repairs or replacements.