Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal This Spring

Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal This Spring

Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal This Spring

Tips for Boosting Curb Appeal This Spring


Most people know that their home’s curb appeal is crucial when they get ready to sell. But whether you’re planning to sell in a few months or a few years, improving your curb appeal will help you love your home more and sell it more quickly when you do reach that date. When’s the best time to start? Now! Here are some tips for boosting curb appeal this spring in Arizona.

Color Choices

Choose a color palette of two or three coordinating colors to make your home look more refined. Matching or coordinating colors from the shutters to the trim to the garage door will have your home looking clean and uncluttered. If you use two coordinating colors for the main part of your house, consider a bright pop of color for the front door. A red door on a gray house or a blue door on a white house adds a great wow factor.

Landscaping Updates

Landscaping doesn’t just mean mowing your lawn and trimming your bushes. Planting trees increases curb appeal and has additional benefits, including lower utility costs and higher air quality. Pops of color can come through with your landscaping, as well, if you plant a garden or add flower boxes. If you don’t have a green thumb or want to landscape according to our dry Scottsdale weather, add rocks to open spaces in planting beds. And mix lighting into your yard features, such as lanterns hanging from trees.

Yard Definition

Whether you live on acres of land or have just a small plot to call your own, defining your yard will add curb appeal. A fence, either wooden or plastic lumber, will define your space and add privacy while attracting buyers with pets and children. If you live in a city, separating your walkway from the sidewalk with a gate or lush planters will have a similar effect.

Sitting Area

Outdoor seating will add a comfortable spot for you as the homeowner and create a welcoming space for guests and potential buyers. A perfectly placed bench or nicely arranged lawn chairs add personality and give you another opportunity to add a pop of color.

House Details

The rest of the curb appeal devils are in the details. Use a pressure washer for a sparkling clean façade and driveway, replace old light fixtures, and update garage door hardware—these small finishing touches will perfect the home’s exterior. Don’t forget to make sure your house number is visible on a cute new mailbox, a lush planter, or hanging by your colorful front door.

While these are just a few tips for boosting curb appeal this spring in Arizona, they will help give your home a whole new look that will attract potential buyers in the future. Enjoy your home as long as you want to, and then when it’s time to sell, contact The Holm Group for help.