Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck

Tips for Driving a Moving Truck


Driving a moving truck is a whole new world compared to a small sedan or SUV. Moving is already stressful enough, but the anxiety of maneuvering a big moving truck certainly adds to the occasion. Follow these tips for driving a moving truck to conquer all your driving anxiety and to make it to your new home safely.

Slow Down

One of the most obvious tips for driving a moving truck in the Phoenix area  is to slow down. In any vehicle you are unfamiliar with driving, it’s best to take it slow as you adjust to the car. Stick to the speed limit and reduce your speeds in inclement weather for better control of the truck.

Leave More Space Than Usual

In your car, you’re accustomed to how light or hard you need to apply the brakes and how soon you should do so. Your moving truck will not have the same abilities so it’s best to leave extra space to be able to stop and reduce your speeds in-line with traffic patterns. It’s also best to remind yourself that you’ll have to apply the brakes sooner than usual as the truck weights significantly more than a standard vehicle.

Avoid Passing

Passing other cars in a large truck is dangerous. When possible, avoid passing other cars, especially on hills or curved roads where it can be hard to increase speeds and create a safe passing lane.

Pay Attention to The Signs

If you’ve never driven a truck, you probably haven’t paid much attention to road signs directed at trucks. Look out for lane restrictions, weight stations, and overhead clearance signs for safekeeping.

Parking Practices

Parking a large truck isn’t always the easiest task in crowded areas. Some best practices for parking your moving truck include always using the emergency brake, parking far away from other vehicles, and finding easy pull-through spots to avoid having to back up.