Tips for Increasing Counter Space in Your Kitchen

Tips for Increasing Counter Space in Your Kitchen

Tips for Increasing Counter Space in Your Kitchen

Tips for Increasing Counter Space in Your Kitchen


In the kitchen, you need a lot of space to spread out. But what if your home just isn’t built with that luxury? Don’t worry; all is not lost if you can’t afford to remodel! Inexpensively create some extra room using these tips for increasing counter space in your kitchen.

Add Some Extra Shelving

Are you looking for some extra storage space on your counters? Why not add a level or two to them? Install some extra shelving on the walls behind your counter and store items there to clear up some counter space. You can also invest in shelf risers that sit on your counter. Although they’ll take up some precious counter space, they’ll also create extra storage areas by offering a tiered set of surfaces.

Hang Your Utensils

If your utensils take up a lot of room on your counter, try hanging them up to keep them out of the way. You can easily install a small rail or some hanging hooks on your backsplash on which to store them. As a bonus, hanging utensils can add a nice decorative flair to your kitchen!

Try a Kitchen Island

Provided that you have the floor space to do so, adding a kitchen island is one of the best solutions to insufficient counter space. Even if your kitchen isn’t huge, a small island or rolling cart can make all the difference. Before purchasing anything, though, be sure to evaluate the size of your kitchen so that you can choose the right size island. The last thing you want is for the island to become just another obstacle in your kitchen.

Utilize Your Stovetop and Sink

Those who just don’t have room for an island can utilize their stovetops and sinks to create that extra space they need. This method is one of the easiest to pull off. All you need to do is find a cutting board that fits over your sink or the burners of your stove. You can also buy specially made burner covers for this purpose.

These tips for increasing counter space in your kitchen are certainly lifesavers for anyone with a small kitchen. Why not give one of these methods a try next time you cook? It will make your time in the kitchen far more comfortable.