Toll Brothers Windgate Ranch – Windgate Club

Windgate Ranch Club is a family oriented facility that is designed to accommodate adult and family related community activities.  The facility is provided with amenities that include a community meeting building, members club, pools, a teen recreation center, an outdoor event pavilion, a snack kitchen, a bandstand, outdoor childrens’ play areas, covered ramadas and numerous event lawns.  The concept of the Club plan and the design style were inspired by the architecture of urban Mexican haciendas.  This architectural style is expressed at Windgate Ranch as a complex of individual buildings that create formal garden and event areas while maintaining a warm residential scale.

The Club is comprised of 5 separate buildings.  They are the “Great Room” building, the “Pavilion”, “The Men’s and Women’s Club”, the “Teen Center” and the “Snack Bar”.   

The “Great Room” building is appx. 2,700 sf and includes a large sitting area, indoor/outdoor fireplaces, offices, a kitchen, restrooms, storage and outdoor verandas.  The initial use of this building will be for sales information with models and informational kiosks.  When it transfers to the HOA it will be used as a meeting facility, cooking demonstrations, classrooms and other multi purpose uses. 

The “Pavilion” is an open air covered roof structure that is appx, 3,400 sf. It is designed to function as an outdoor living room but it is also intended to be used for a variety of events such as family reunions, weddings and community parties.  It will be furnished with outdoor living room furniture. 

The “Men’s and Women’s Club” building is appx. 2,700 sf and includes a covered entry patio with an outdoor fireplace and seating, entry foyer and veranda, two distinct club rooms and restrooms.  It is intended for the private use of adult community members for relaxing recreation use or for events such as card games, wine tastings and sports events.  It will be furnished with typical residential living room and bar type furniture.

The “Teen Center” building is appx. 1,700 sf and includes an open teen area, storage area and an equipment room.  It is intended to be used for teen activities such as movies, video games and general teen social activities.  It will be furnished with resilient furniture and will be flexible for a variety of potential uses. 

The “Snack Bar” building is appx. 1,250 sf and includes a snack bar and restrooms.  The snack bar is designed to facilitate a contracted vendor to provide food snacks for patrons of the Club. 

The Club is also designed with 3 separate pools.  A main pool, a teen/children’s pool and a lap pool.  The main pool is intended for general community use. The teen/children’s’ pool is primarily for children’s use and is designed with a beach entry.  The lap pool is intended for fitness use. 

The Architecture of the Club is based on a historical context theme utilizing building characteristics that evoke an impression that the complex is an evolution of individual buildings that ultimately joined to create a comfortable inviting compound.  Massing features such as bell towers and sloped roofs combine with low covered walkways to join the individual buildings together in seamless transition.  Interior courtyard gardens, fountains and pools make up the interior of the Club’s complex and create a variety of community use areas while courtyard areas outside of the complex offer private intimate areas for reflection and quiet conversation.  

The details used to express the building architecture include elements such as hand troweled stucco, stone fireplaces, sculpted deep inset windows, wrought iron guard plates and fencing, hand made clay tile roofing and aged wooden eave overhangs.  These details are expressed using a palette of natural materials that are traditional to Mexican Hacienda architecture.  These material includes natural stone, hand finished stucco, weathered wood, hand made tile, stained concrete, glass and wrought iron.   


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