Water features for both big and small gardens

Water features for both big and small gardens

Water features for both big and small gardens

Water features for both big and small gardens


Water features that will create your own relaxation sanctuary or a micro wildlife resort in your backyard

Name one person that doesn’t find tranquility when listening to the sound of a water stream. Isn’t this the most calming sound in the world? Add a bit of greenery or some exotic flowers, and birds chirp as well to the mix and you have a perfect oasis of peace.

What if we tell you that you can enjoy this every morning and that you don’t have to travel to an exotic destination?

It is enough to choose the right water features for the backyard, add a few simple details and voila, you can start every day by drinking your coffee and listening to the calming sound of water. Or just to watch a clear water surface and to feel that water scent.

Yet what if you have a small backyard? Or you have a beautiful large backyard yet zero inspiration? Size doesn’t matter when it comes to perfect backyard design. And water is a flexible and fluid element – to fit a water feature all you need is some creative thinking.

According to Feng Shui – water is a symbol of abundance and it helps good energy flow better. So use it to your advantage and create something beautiful, it will compliment all sized backyards and bring you peace and tranquility.

Options for small backyards

Let’s start with waterfalls – believe it or not, you can set a miniature waterfall to any sized backyard. You probably have these strange and unused corners just waiting for divine intervention.

Stone waterfalls will tie the loose ends and create one unique design for your garden. They are very low maintenance, they are easy to install and they are an eye-candy – people won’t take their eyes off them.

Dare to experiment more and add an exotic twist to the mix – you can add vine plants or exotic flowers such as orchids or calla lilies to compliment your little rain forest waterfall in your small yard.

A fountain will complement any type of landscape you go for. No matter if you stick the classic with little seraphim or go for a more contemporary style – it will look amazing. A perfect secluded little garden with a fountain as a focal point, it’s just luring you to grab a book and enjoy the long sunny days reading poetry in your micro garden. Pure poetry for a calm mind, indeed.

Birdbaths are very practical and decorative also. You can play with different styles and original details and help our little friends take some rest and get nice refreshment on the hot summer days. It is a fair exchange, you will get an amazing bird song to wake you up in the morning. Million times better than standard alarms in the morning.

Don’t forget to use outdoor led lights to put a spotlight on your backyard water features. Lights will give another dimension to outdoor spaces and accentuate water details better.

If you own a bigger backyard

If you own a bigger backyard it automatically means a bigger space to work with. Yet, don’t make it overcrowded. Choose a distinctive water feature to be a focal point of your backyard design and add subtle details around it.

Think about what effect you want to achieve. If you want a contemporary elegance to think about installing the fiberglass pool. They are really decorative, you can relax alone or host a memorable dinner party by the pool. If you are not sure if you have the right terrain for owning a fiberglass pool, be sure to consult a professional fiberglass pool installation specialists.

If the terrain is too rough or uneven, you can install a hot tub if you want to enjoy long nights in your personal spa underneath the starry skies.

If you are a nature lover that simply wants to have their own little wildlife sanctuary – we suggest having your own little pond. Fill it with colorful koi or goldfishes, make a new home to exotic water flowers such as water lilies and lotus flowers and you will attract wildlife creatures. Talk about sharing your backyard with friends.

If you want something extravagant and luxurious – install an outside bath. Make cover or use water walls to compliment the entire design  (and for extra privacy) and enjoy a bubbly bath with a glass of champagne. Luxury on a budget.

In conclusion

Water features are an awesome way to get closer to nature and enjoy the amazing aesthetics. Try experimenting with the smaller details or be bold, change your entire backyard to your own spa resort. It works amazing now when we are all in self-isolation, but if you do things right – you will not want to leave your yard even when the quarantine is over.