Ways To Draw Attention to Your Online Home Listing

Ways To Draw Attention to Your Online Home Listing

Ways To Draw Attention to Your Online Home Listing

Ways To Draw Attention to Your Online Home Listing


During the pandemic, we learned the true value of excellent photography skills during a home sale hosted entirely online. As you make the final preparations to sell your home within the next year, it’s important to consider how appealing your home is against the competition on homebuying websites. First impressions are everything in the online real estate industry, so keep these ways to draw attention to your online home listing in mind when finalizing the details of your listing.

Clean Your House

Have you ever seen listings online where the seller didn’t bother cleaning their home before picture day? Don’t be like them! It may seem like a simple piece of advice, but in a world where buyers don’t look below the surface in a property or in its pictures, a clean home can be the difference between a house tour and a skip. Even if your appliances or furnishings aren’t up to date, buyers are more likely to look past that if the home looks clean in pictures.

Let the Professionals Handle the Listing

Real estate professionals have to be jacks-of-all-trades in the industry to be successful. Invest in a real estate company with credentials and a portfolio of success stories and high-quality listings to match. Your real estate agent will be your friend and advisor throughout the selling process.

The agent will also make sure your pictures present the property in a flattering way and don’t look as though they were taken on a disposable camera from 1997. They’ll also ensure the listing gets traction online through a mixture of blogs, newspapers, and listing websites by using keywords and advanced blogging techniques. Consider using an online 3D tour for your home while social distancing is in place!

Know the Most Important Areas of Your Home

When potential homebuyers peruse a listing website or app, they’re usually looking for something in particular. Keep these popular areas of your home up to date with renovations:


A bad kitchen is a large turnoff for many buyers due to the amount of work a kitchen renovation takes and how often it’s used. Keep appliances looking sharp, and add a wow factor somewhere in the room, whether it’s dark cabinets or beautiful quartz countertops. Having a kitchen that stands out from the crowd is one of the most essential ways to draw attention to your online home listing.

En Suite Bathroom

If your home has an en suite bathroom, you need to flaunt it. Make it look nice with some extra upkeep, fluffy towels, and a candle. Buyers love imagining themselves unwinding in a luxurious en suite bathroom before settling into bed.

Luxury Additions

Any area of the home that adds a special feature to a listing should be beautified and ready for display. For example, if you put a lot of work into your poolside landscaping or indoor spa, show it off! Unique features into which homeowners have put extra love make a home sell quickly on the market.