What Kind of Homes are for Sale in Scottsdale?

What Kind of Homes are for Sale in Scottsdale?

Are you interested in Scottsdale real estate? This city is located in the eastern part of Maricopa County. The population is estimated to be over 245,000. For the most part, this city is associated with Arizona affluence and is a major tourist attraction. It has been called the “South Beach of the desert.” The city has a total area of 184.4 square miles.

There is believed to be 94,492 families within the city. Over 90% of the population is white, while 6.96% of the population is of Latino descent. Rounding out the demographics is 1.23% black, 1.96% Asian and .061% Native American. About 22.6% of the population had minor-aged children and 49.6% were married couples. The median age for the population was 41, and 30.4% of the total population was between the ages of 25 and 44. The median income for a household was $69,172, which is higher than the state average.

This is a moderately wealthy population, as we can see. What are these Arizonians buying? Everything from townhouses to detached houses to two-unit structures to five-unit structures. Why there are even mobile homes in Scottsdale which sell for less than $60,000. The average price of a home in Scottsdale is $605,885. Despite Scottsdale‘s real estate problems, the rent continues to be high. The median gross rent for each household was $1,141 per month.

How much can a new homeowner expect to pay for a single-family house? It really depends on a number of factors, including which neighborhoods the homes in Scottsdale are located in, as well as what the general Scottsdale real estate market is doing. Credit and down payment can also influence the price of a mortgage. Statistics for Scottsdale and all of Arizona show that home sales are gradually increasing thanks to past federal programs and current incentives by real estate companies. Now is the perfect time to purchase Scottsdale, Arizona real estate as the prices have dropped drastically in the last few years making the homes more affordable.

Foreclosure and Scottsdale bank owned properties make up a majority of Arizona purchases, and first time buyers are finding discounts of 20-30% off good quality homes. If are you interested in Scottsdale, AZ homes for sale you will need the help of an experienced Scottsdale real estate agent and The Holm Group is your answer. With The Holm Group‘s help you can access Scottsdale MLS listings and find unadvertised homes for sale, completely new to the market. Whether you want to build a new house, start a new business or buy a vacation house, now is the time to get serious about Scottsdale homes for sale. Call 480-206-4265 to get started today.

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