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What Should You Know About Troon?

What Should You Know About Troon?

What Should You Know About Troon?

Troon, Arizona Real Estate concerns a small village in North Scottsdale, Arizona. Troon has over 1,400 acres of land as well as an elevation of 730 meters. This is ample ground for some rather large residential buildings in the community. Climate-wise, this is a very comfortable area, as it is cool here and has many country clubs and golf courses. Most of the clubs in the area offer environmentally sensitive development, as conservation of natural land, including the Sonoran Desert, is of the utmost importance to residents.

When you find Troon homes for sale you will see that your prospective home is literally in the middle of a golf community. Everywhere you look there are country clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts and full-scale gyms. There are also numerous residential areas to choose from within the community. There are townhouses, custom-made homes and huge mansions. The area itself is beautiful; just take a look out at night and feast your eyes on the city lights, or the mountains in the background. Home prices range from $500,000 to over three million dollars. Lots for land are similarly priced.

One of the best advantages of Troon real estate in Scottsdale AZ is the easy accessibility to golfing. Membership is exclusive here, however. New residents must fill out an application and submit the document to a special committee. Just the golf initiation fee is $95,000. This is indeed a wealthy community!

Many Troon homes for sale come with luxurious amenities like pools, garages, scenic views and detached units. If you are interested in moving here then talk to a real estate agent. Let him or her know your budget and an approximate location of where you would like to move. The advantage of working with a real estate agent is that you get access to non-listed properties. In some cases, you may be the very first person to hear of a new sale. It really pays to contact a professional when the stakes are so high. Unlisted properties on the other hand are old news.

Troon only has a population of 4,017 but it is a friendly community. One important part of the community is the Troon Country Club, with its recreational activities (a fitness center, massage center and spa), golf course and clubhouse. Why not sample the beauty and affluence of Troon? After one visit, you may decide this is where you want to spend the rest of your life!

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