What To Do With Your HVAC System During Spring

What To Do With Your HVAC System During Spring

What To Do With Your HVAC System During Spring

What To Do With Your HVAC System During Spring


With spring right around the corner, now is the time to prepare your home for the season. This is a guide on what to do with your HVAC system during spring.


Although cities like Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona stays warm year-round, having a functioning AC is even more essential than ever before as the spring and summer months approach. If you aren’t sure how to prepare your HVAC system for the warmer months ahead, don’t worry. Here is your guide on what to do with your HVAC system during spring.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

You should be changing your air filter every one to three months regardless of which season it is, but this is an especially crucial activity during the spring so that you can prepare for the summer. Depending on whether you have a reusable or disposable air filter, you will want to either replace your disposable air filter or clean off your reusable one.

Before purchasing a disposable air filter, be sure to note which size and type of air filter your HVAC system uses. If you spend lots of time indoors, then you will want to change your filter more frequently so that dust and dirt doesn’t build up in your home’s airways.

Clean Out Your Ducts and Vents

If you have a clogged air filter, this could lead to even worse problems for your HVAC system, such as clogged ducts and vents. As you go through the spring cleaning checklist for your home, don’t forget to add your vents and ducts to your list. If you notice your utility bill has been higher than usual lately, or you see mold growing, these could be signs it’s time for a residential duct cleaning.

To do this activity yourself, use a heavy-duty shop vacuum to remove everything that has built up in your vents and ducts over the last few months. However, you might want to schedule a professional cleaning if you don’t feel like cleaning every nook and cranny in your HVAC system.

Make Sure Your Thermostat Functions Properly

During the winter months in Arizona, it’s easy to forget to test your thermostat regularly because the weather is nearly perfect—it’s not too hot, but also not as cold as other parts of the country. Nonetheless, testing to ensure that your thermostat functions properly is an excellent home maintenance idea for the springtime. You might need to recalibrate your unit if it isn’t working correctly, and you should call a specialist or upgrade if you aren’t sure how to reprogram the machine.

Overall, spring cleaning is a much-needed activity for any homeowner. Now that you know what to do with your HVAC system during spring, it’s time to get started on some of these tasks!


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