What To Know Before Starting a Backyard Landscaping Project

What To Know Before Starting a Backyard Landscaping Project

What To Know Before Starting a Backyard Landscaping Project

What To Know Before Starting a Backyard Landscaping Project


Embarking on a backyard landscaping project is often a great way to increase the appearance and value of your home. However, a well-planned project can quickly go downhill if you don’t take the time to prepare properly. In order to ensure that your project is a success, here’s what to know before starting a backyard landscaping project.

Your Budget

Before starting any home improvement project, it is crucial to nail down your budget. Many ambitious homeowners end up abandoning their projects mid-way through because they cost far more than expected. To avoid any unpleasant surprises throughout the project that may cause you to put it on hold, make sure to write out a detailed budget. Generally, you should also plan to leave a bit of cushion to account for any potential issues that may arise throughout the process.

What Equipment You Will Need

Depending on the size of your landscaping project, you will likely need to either rent or purchase some additional equipment. Prior to starting your project, it’s important to determine what that equipment is and how much it will cost. In doing so, you can budget accordingly and avoid having to halt your project every few hours to acquire a tool that you need.

If you plan on using heavy equipment such as a skid steer, make sure to choose the right tracks. Choosing the wrong set of tracks could cause your lawn to get completely torn up and destroyed throughout the process. As such, it’s important to choose wisely and consider getting advice from a professional before renting out heavy equipment.

Zoning Laws and Necessary Permits

Another extremely important thing to know before starting a backyard landscaping project are the zoning laws in your area and the types of permits you’ll need. Failing to research the municipal zoning regulations and home association rules in your location could land you some significant fines if you end up violating them. Plus, you’ll likely have to undo all of that hard work you just put invested so much time and money into.  One company that can help you with zoning issues is Gilbert landscaping and tree experts.

Know the Locations of Pipes and Electrical Wiring

If you’re planning on digging up the ground or planting large trees, it’s imperative that you know where any pipes and electrical wiring around your home are located. Failing to identify the location of pipes could result in flooding if one gets hit or if there is a clogged pipe years down the line if a tree is planted directly on top of it. The risks of not locating any electrical wiring, however, are even more severe. Aside from power outages, accidentally hitting an electrical line poses the risk of electrocution, which may result in serious injury or even death.