Where Should You Live When You Relocate?

Where Should You Live When You Relocate?

If you are trying to decide on Scottsdale homes for sale, then first consider what area you want to live in. The neighborhood you choose will greatly influence the price of the house and your overall happiness in Scottsdale. Let’s start by considering how the territories of Scottsdale are arranged. The city is organized according to four main areas.

First, there is South Scottsdale, which starts on McKellips Road north and goes all the way to Thomas Road. This section is known as the working class Scottsdale, and is a populated and largely urban area. It also contains most of the nightlife of the city. The median resale home price is $291,500, which falls short of North Scottsdale’s median resale home price of $667,450. This used to be the area famous for its car dealerships, but many of these businesses have left the industry. This is also the area that holds SkySong of the Arizona State University.

Next, there is Old Town or Downtown Scottsdale. This area has many of the well-known fashion stores, clubs, restaurants and art galleries. The cultural district is within this area as well as many condos and hotels.

Third, there is Central Scottsdale, which is also called the Shea Corridor. Included within this location is the territory of Chaparral Road north and all the way to Shea Boulevard. Most of the Scottsdale real estate here was developed in the 1970s decade. Only recently has the real estate really sprung up here. Within this area are many affluent and attractive residential neighborhoods such as Gainey Ranch and McCormick Ranch. There is great shopping and family as well as fine dining available throughout this area. Scottsdale Road in Central Scottsdale has several resorts all within a short distance, earning it the nickname the Resort Corridor.

Finally, there’s North Scottsdale. North Scottsdale homes for sale is the most affluent territory of all Scottsdale homes. This is where a tourist can find the most expensive homes in the country and the country, many of which cost millions of dollars. The Scottsdale Airpark is located in this section and holds 2,600 businesses within its 23 million square feet.

Overall, Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the 10 most lucrative markets in the entire country, and particularly for luxury homes. Scottsdale is estimated to be worth almost $600 million in luxury home sales alone. If you are looking for Scottsdale homes for sale you can also find a quality home in the Kierland area or the McDowell Mountain Ranch, which are nearer to the Phoenix, Arizona area.