Arcadia – A Great Neighborhood

Arcadia – A Great Neighborhood

No, it is not the cousin town to Narnia, or a forgotten Greek God.  Arcadia is in fact a pleasant neighborhood found in Phoenix, Arizona.  If you are considering moving to Arizona you will probably want to get to know this lovely area a little bit better.  Some good news to start out with is that there are many gorgeous Arcadia homes for sale.

This area of Arizona was once occupied by farmers and citrus groves as late as the 1950’s.  Many locations still have lemon and grapefruit trees growing in their yards as a throwback to the land’s earlier days.  The area is now occupied with lovely homes and family oriented communities.  The area is located nearby popular Scottsdale suburbs.  Its boundaries are generally believed to cover the area of 32nd street to 64th street, as well as Camelback Mountain to the Thomas Street area.  The population of this district is believed to be nearly 10,000 happy citizens.  The median age range is 40. If you have little ones in your household, you will be happy to know that the local schools are some of the very best in the state of Arizona.

As far as Arcadia real estate AZ goes, you will not be disappointed by the wide variety of beautiful homes.  You will find many different styles as well as various sizes of houses available on the market today.  Many homes have swimming pools to help you cool down in the summer.  Since this is the Valley of the Sun, you will need them!  Other properties have guesthouses and other fun features.  Most of the homes in the area have at least a half acre of land, and that land is often covered in oleander bushes and citrus bearing trees.

The local area is also abuzz with activity!  You can look forward to hiking Camelback Mountain or going shopping in the nearby cities.  Some of the best dining experiences you will ever have will come from the restaurants in the area.  You will never be bored in Arcadia, Arizona.

Another reason to consider the luxury homes for sale in Arcadia is the fantastic location.  It is truly the best of both worlds, as it keeps a small community feel while being just five minutes from the freeway and from major cities in the valley.

Why not contact The Holm Group to help you find the home of your dreams?  In the beautiful little spot known as Arcadia, you will always feel right at home.

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Excited This Season About Arcadia Homes for Sale?

Excited This Season About Arcadia Homes for Sale?

Are you interested in Arcadia homes for sale? Arcadia is not an actual city, but is a happening neighborhood within Phoenix, Arizona. It is often considered to be stretching from 44th street to 68th Street and from Camelback road all the way to the Crosscut Canal. Why all of the buzz about this one area of Phoenix?

The neighborhood is very close to the upscale area of Scottsdale, and thus tends to be of higher value. It usually has very well-kept homes with large beautiful yards and modern amenities. Many yards in the area even have citrus trees growing in them as a throwback to the history of the area (and the fact that the land used to be all orange and lemon groves). No wonder Arcadia Phoenix real estate is really booming; who doesn’t want to live in a high-class area that still maintains some real character? This area is so beautiful and green, the homes so well maintained, you will actually be proud to live in suburbia!

Homes for sale in Arcadia AZ are found on the east side of Phoenix and the name actually means a peaceful place. In fact, the area was voted as one of the best places to live in the United States by Money Magazine. Nearby, you will find everything your heart could want for a happy life. The area has everything from hiking and camping in the Camelback Mountains, to shopping and top-notch dining, not to mention all the art galleries and nightlife fun. You get all the charm of country living with all the perks of city life!

For those with children, you can rest your minds knowing that the area has truly topnotch public and private schools. There are also plenty of things to keep kids busy in the area, from the nearby zoo to discoveries at the botanical gardens and fun at Arcadia Park and Papago Park.

Arcadia homes for sale really vary in price range, some starting at $300,000 while others are well over one million. Architecture has a wide range, from sprawling six bedroom ranch homes to full Spanish style villas. Many homes in the area have swimming pools and some even feature guesthouses.

No matter what it is you’re looking for in the North East Valley of the Sun, an Arcadia real estate agent at The Holm Group is sure to be able to help you find it. Call us today at 480-206-4265

Arcadia of Phoenix Real Estate

Arcadia of Phoenix Real Estate

Arcadia, Phoenix AZ real estate is quite beautiful, and not just because Arcadia has numerous well-irrigated landscapes. This neighborhood within the city of Phoenix, Arizona, also has many large and luxurious homes. The property value of Arcadia homes is unusually high. It is right next to Scottsdale (an affluent community in its own right) and between 32nd Street to the Phoenix/Scottsdale border. The area also covers the southern foothills of Camelback Mountain.

The land itself is quite breathtaking, as this community was built upon former citrus groves. This is why there are plentiful orange, lemon and grapefruit trees throughout the area. The neighborhood is actually large, as Phoenix is enormous, and the population is about 10,000. The median age of the average Arcadian is 40, while the income is $92,401.

Historically, the neighborhood used to be occupied by citrus farmers from 1919 to the mid 1950s. However, the farming community eventually became urbanized. The end result is a cross between a grassy paradise and a resort town.

When it comes to style, Arcadia, Phoenix real estate is diverse. There are large four bedroom ranches, as well as pueblo style houses and townhouses. Even newer homes tend to resemble 1920s and 1930s architecture, making the ambiance very unique. There are numerous homes, swimming pools and large green yards to be found. In addition to orange and lemon trees, you can also find oleander hedges and palm trees.

Are you interested in looking up some Arcadia homes for sale? There are several reasons to consider a move down here. The spirit, the abundance of flora life, as well as the moderately cool temperatures are pluses. The school systems are highly ranked and there are numerous shopping and dining establishments within the neighborhood and outside of the borders. The neighborhood has a great location, right in between Phoenix and Scottsdale.

There are literally no “tract” Arcadia homes for sale, as this is a rich community with lots of character. The Camelback Mountain is also a nice attraction for families. If you are excited about Arcadia homes for sale call a real estate agent right now! These pros can give you deals that are unadvertised. Arcadia real estate agents not only have access to MLS listings, but also have access to homes that haven’t even been listed publicly. This is truly the best way to buy real estate. Come see why Arcadia is unique even among other luxurious Arizona cities. Contact The Holm Group today at 480-206-4265 to start your search for an Arcadia home.

Arcadia Real Estate

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AZ Central – Residential lot coverage debated in Arcadia

Phoenix’s Arcadia community south of Camelback Mountain is known for its ranch-style homes and large front yards, set back from the streets.

But some residents in the area fear a trend of building bigger homes on existing lots could detract from the neighborhood’s charm.

Each year since 2010, Phoenix has approved a handful of requests for variances to allow increased lot coverage in Arcadia.

In 2010, five such requests were approved in the area. In 2011, that increased to seven. So far this year, seven have been approved, according to city records.

But, some residents worry that even a handful of annual home-expansion requests will start to change the character of Arcadia.

Builders and developers say most people probably don’t notice the increase in lot coverage.


Larger lots

Richard Rea is president of the Arcadia Camelback Mountain Neighborhood Association, which includes almost 2,000 homes in the area from 44th to 64th streets and from Indian School Road north to Camelback Mountain.

Rea said large lots are one of Arcadia’s attractions, and expanding homes in a way that covers more of the lot is a concern for some residents in the area, he said.

“It’s not that there is a tremendous number of these large homes, but people like the large lots, the large yards, and houses that aren’t cheek to jowl,” he said.

Phoenix zoning administrator Alan Stephenson said in order for the variance to be approved, there must be a public hearing and four tests need to be met and approved by a zoning-adjustment hearing officer. In addition, nearby property owners and neighbors must be notified.

Stephenson said much of Arcadia is typically zoned for homes on 35,000-square-foot lots allowing 25 percent coverage, requiring large setbacks and more restrictive lot coverage than other large-lot residential zoning districts in the city.

The approved variances allowed exceeding that percentage, sometimes by only a few percentage points, records showed.



Some newer development districts allow for up to 45 percent lot coverage.

“(Arcadia’s) lot coverage allows for less buildable area per lot and the setbacks create additional space between other buildings in the neighborhoods,” Stephenson said.

From a developer’s standpoint, Arcadia is very desirable, with good schools, central location and a non-city feel, with homes on bigger lots than most parts of Phoenix, Rea said.

Applying for a variance to increase the lot coverage in Arcadia is an easy sell for developers, he said.

“The developers’ only job is to make as much money as he or she can, and the way to do that is to have the most square-footage,” Rea said.

Mike Krogh, a developer who specializes in the area, said a small group of area residents seem to fight every Arcadia variance request submitted to the city, even if they don’t live near where the home is located.

He said this isn’t in everyone’s best interest.

“Arcadia is a well-educated and active neighborhood, and they will fight a variance that adversely impacts their neighborhood,” he said. “So, the variances are being granted because the neighbors recognize it does not impact their neighborhood. If the surrounding neighbors support the variance, why do others, outside of the immediate surrounding area, feel the need to get involved?”


Newer trends

Architect Erik Peterson said his Arcadia clients are not requesting bigger homes so much as requesting added outdoor areas — garages, patios and storage space.

A newer trend includes adding guest homes, he said.

“Some of our younger clients are having their parents move in with them vs. putting them in a home,” Peterson said.

Stephenson corroborates Peterson’s findings.

He said many residents have come to the planning department in recent years to add onto their homes.

“In years past, they might have sold their house and bought a new one, but because maybe their finances are such that they can’t do that, they might add a room or guest house,” Stephenson said.

Arcadia resident Kara Burke said she increased the coverage on her lot from 25 to 29 percent last year for a number of reasons, including additional closet and bedroom space for her 9-year-old son.

In the end, she said, they added very little square-footage to their ranch-style home.

“Our son is getting older and he needed a bigger room, desk space for studying and larger bed. When we decided to expand our son’s room, it didn’t make much sense not to do the other front bedroom, from both an economic and aesthetic sense,” she said.

“Closets in a 1960 house are too small for typical family needs today, I think most would agree.”


Other side of the mountain

In Paradise Valley, on the north side of Camelback Mountain where residents similarly cherish their homes on larger lots, there have been no requests for floor-area ratio increases — Paradise Valley’s version of lot coverage — since at least 2010, officials said.

The town largely is zoned residential for homes on one-acre lots.

Senior planner Molly Hood said most plans top off at 25 percent, allowing 10,890 square feet on a one-acre lot.

She said applicants must demonstrate a “true hardship” to receive a variance approval.

“When we conducted the visioning process in preparation for the General Plan update, the townspeople concluded they pretty much like their one-acre lots,” she said.


AZ Central – No buyer has been found for Arcadia Wright House

The owner of an iconic Arcadia home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright still will consider offers from interested buyers, even though a 60-day period to find a new owner and stave off redevelopment has passed, its managing partner said.

8081 Meridian, owner of the Gladys and David Wright House, created the deadline to find a buyer willing to preserve the much-lauded home.

The period ended Aug. 21.

Managing partner John Hoffman said a specific plan to move forward has not been set yet.

“Where we go from here is making sure we have exhausted all other viable possibilities and have not missed anything,” he said.

He said there have not been any legitimate written offers on the house, nor is he expecting any from those who have been shown the house.

“There’s always an outside chance someone will step up at the very last minute, but at this point we aren’t aware of any sincerely interested buyers,” he said.

“We were very hopeful this would have worked out, but no one has been willing or able to put together the time, money and effort required to save the house.”

Wright designed the home, near 56th Street and Camelback Road in east Phoenix, for his son in the early 1950s.

The home is known for its spiral plan and elevated living quarters.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy has created an online petition asking Phoenix to approve historic preservation designation for the house, which would temporarily protect it from demolition.

More than 2,500 people had signed the petition as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Phoenix Historic Preservation Commission is reviewing the home. The conservancy says the designation is critical in preventing demolition.

Conservancy Executive Director Janet Halstead said the organization has been in talks with potential buyers, some with serious interest in the property.

“I think time will help us connect with someone who will purchase this house on its current 2-acre site and remove it from demolition threat,” she said.

In the past instead of demolition, owners have considered building around the house, as well as transporting the home to another site — both requiring approval by the city.

Restoration architect John Thorpe said the home uses engineered masonry and reinforced concrete, which prevent it from being dismantled or moved.

He said the masonry makes it impossible to dismantle the walls by removing individual blocks without destroying each of them, and the rebar in the concrete prevents the big slab that makes up the home from being separated from its base.

As a result, he said, the home could be moved only in its entirety, but would be extremely expensive.

“The city probably would not allow the move,” he said. “The massive rolling load could crush the roadbed and would destroy trees all along the route.”

Michelle Dodds, historic preservation officer, said if the property owner decided to file for a demolition permit while historic preservation was under consideration, a public meeting would be required.

“The decision of the hearing officer can be appealed to the historic preservation commission and their decision can be appealed to the City Council,” she said.

Arcadia Homes for Sale—A Good Buy?

Arcadia is one of the largest neighborhoods in Phoenix, AZ. Real estate in this area involves the area of 44th street to 68th street. It also involves the area from Camelback Road to the Arizona Crosscut Canal. The ambience around this neighborhood is fairly affluent.

Houses are built on large land lots and are generally well taken care of. These Phoenix, Arizona homes go for high prices, as they are close in distance to the upscale section of Scottsdale. Homes for sale here are often built upon former citrus groves. The area is popular with many landowners for its matured landscaping as well as its excellent land irrigation. Many of the homes also have citrus fruit trees such as orange, lemon and grapefruits.

Like most other cities in Arizona, Arcadia homes for sale have suffered because of the tax credit expiration. The federal government provided a temporary tax credit for first time home buyers which helped to revitalize the housing market for the first quarter of 2010. Now that the federal program has come to an end, many prospective buyers are left without that incentive.

Rather than leaving all of these Phoenix and Scottsdale real estate buyers out in the cold, individual real estate companies are now stepping up and offering their own savings program. Such programs allow banks to “extend” credit for new buyers at the close of escrow. This type of program would allow home sellers to improve their chances of selling the home even if the market should worsen.

These incentives are helping buyers in Arizona finance their dream homes. Buyers today still want those savings and that is understandable. They want the benefits associated with that tax credit, just as other homeowners before them received. The fact that many companies are creating their own incentives for first time buyers shows a commitment to progress and is good news for the industry.

The Holm Group Launches New Arcadia Webpage


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Arcadia has been around since the 1920’s and is considered to be one of the premier neighborhoods in all of Phoenix.  Arcadia is known for its magnificent ranch style custom homes with a variety of architectural styles,  large lots, lush manicured lawns, mature trees and Oleanders, and last but not least wonderful views of Camelback Mountain.  Arcadia covers a large area and has a number of unique subdivisions to choose from, some of my favorites are: Arcadia Manors, Arcadia Estate, Vineyards at Arcadia, Green Gate and Del Ray Estates. 

As of 2008-2009, as a buyer you can pick up some pretty good deals in Arcadia as compared to the prices a couple of years ago.  Today a buyer, can now purchase roughly 2000 square feet in the Arcadia area starting for approximately $500,000 (these homes will generally need remodeling and/or will probably be a tear down which has been the trend over the past 10 years or so).  You can also buy a luxurious estate in Arcadia that can range anywhere for $1,500,000 to over $4,000,000 (some of which are currently priced well below market as a short sale and/or a lender owned property).

Whether you are buying or selling a home in the Arcadia area, The Holm Group is here to assist you. The Holm Group represents both buyers and sellers throughout Arcadia. Whether it’s a truly unique custom ranch style home, or a single family home you can rely on The Holm Group to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

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