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What’s the Story on Fountain Hills AZ Real Estate?

What’s the Story on Fountain Hills AZ Real Estate?

Are you interested in Fountain Hills real estate? Fountain Hills is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona. This town is nearby notable AZ territories like Scottsdale and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. The total population is 24,669 people. This is one of the fastest growing towns in the state.

Perhaps the most famous landmark in town is the fountain, hence its name. This is actually the fourth tallest fountain anywhere in the world. Other local attractions include the Charles W. Juels‘ Fountain Hills Observatory and the Fountain Hills Great Fair. The town is certainly festive and is sure to dye the fountain water green every St. Patrick’s Day.

The total land area is 18.2 miles, while less than 0.1 square miles is left for water. (Though a lot of that water is probably in the fountain.) The fountain was created in the year 1970. Every hour for about 15 minutes, visitors and residents look on as the fountain sprays. The fountain only operates between nine a.m. and nine p.m. This fountain, reaching 560 feet, was actually the largest fountain in the world for a time.

When looking for Fountain Hills AZ real estate for sale, you will notice that the community is a small but thriving mix of Arizonans. The majority of the population is white, and 66.7% of the population is married. The median age of the town is 46. This is one of the few locations where women slightly outnumber men; 100 females to 93.4 males. The median income is $70,096, which is closer to the average for Arizona. So this is not as wealthy a community as some of the surrounding areas.

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The Best Resource for Homes for Sale in Fountain Hills Arizona

The Best Resource for Homes for Sale in Fountain Hills Arizona

Are you looking to relocate to Arizona? Why not consider Fountain Hills homes for sale? Fountain Hills AZ is named after the town’s famous fountain. This fountain was first built in the early 1970s and was constructed by Robert P. McCulloch. To this day the fountain runs and shoots 560 feet in the air. At one time it was the largest fountain in the world. It has since then settled as one of the talent fountains in the world, delivering 7,000 gallons a minute. Still an amazing feat!

Homes for sale in Fountain Hills Arizona are diverse. There are custom-made homes here as well as three-unit structures, town houses and apartments. The total land area is 18.2 square miles. The population is over 20,000 and almost half are family households. There is estimated to be about 10,491 housing units in the town. Over 96% of the population is white. The media age is 46, meaning this is a fairly wealthy and settled community. The median income is $70,096 and is about average for the state. It’s not as wealthy a community as Scottsdale or Arcadia Phoenix real estate, but still very affluent overall.

This is an excellent location for business travelers, as it is placed in Maricopa County, near major cities and locations like Scottsdale and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. It is also considered one of the fastest growing towns in the entire state. There is certainly no lack of culture here; in addition to numerous attractions and establishments, the town also brings its residents two annual fairs, and a few art fairs. The town also celebrates a Thanksgiving Day parade, the only one of its kind west of Mississippi.

If you have children then you will be relieved to know that Fountain Hills is located near four schools: McDowell Mountain Elementary, Four Peaks Elementary, Fountain Hills Middle School and Fountain Hills High School. There is also a charter school within the area.

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Become a part of this welcoming community! Fountain Hills real estate is worth every penny, as it is one of the most lively and picturesque towns in the U.S.!

Arizona State Land sells for $110M, $15M over appraised value

A 1,276-acre site in Fountain Hills sold for $110 million earlier this week.  The land had appraised value of $95 million.

The Ellman Cos. was the winning bidder and now owns two big pieces of land far northeast Valley.

Thirty plus bids pushed up the price at the auction. Toll Brothers and The Pivotal Group, we’re a couple of other developers that we’re bidding on the land as well.


We-Ko-Pa Golf Club

We-Ko-Pa Golf Club

Pure golf” is the best way to describe this facility, with two highly regarded courses that are devoid of roads, homes and other development except for a delightful clubhouse with desert-vernacular styling and a rugged halfway house. These courses are set on unspoiled desert with natural flora and fauna and mountainous backdrops. Cholla opened in 2001 and Saguaro, designed by the award-winning team of Ben Crenshaw and Bill Coore, debuted in 2006. Both quickly gained excellent reputations, and some publications now rank them as Arizona’s best public courses. The two layouts complement each other well, with routing that blends beautifully with the natural landscape and presents plenty of shot-making options, not to mention Kodak moments.

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AZ Central – Fountain Hills golf courses fear water shortage

Three of Fountain Hills’ four golf courses are bracing for financial hard times this summer because of a possible shortage of reclaimed or effluent water used for irrigation.

The Fountain Hills Sanitary District, a separate entity from the town of Fountain Hills, collects, treats and disposes of wastewater and its byproducts. Once treated, it is designated as reclaimed or effluent water.

The district provides reclaimed water free of charge to the town for three parks, and has contracts to sell the water to SunRidge Canyon Golf Club, Eagle Mountain Golf Club and FireRock Country Club for irrigation. Desert Canyon Golf Club has its own well.

In years past, the district had an overabundance of reclaimed water, but that has changed, because of increased demand by Eagle Mountain, drought conditions and poor economic conditions since the end of 2008, said Ron Huber, the sanitary district’s manager.

Foreclosures and a lack of construction have reduced the amount of wastewater available for treatment. Although the district is not required to find an alternate source for the golf courses and town, Huber said he is focused on finding a solution before July 1, when the district could run out of stored reclaimed water.

“With the alternative of having a golf course go out of business and the impact to the community, we’re going to do whatever we can to make this problem go away,” he said.

Jeff Lessig,SunRidge Canyon’s general manager, said the golf industry is a “huge driver” of tourism and the town relies heavily on sales-tax revenue provided by the golf courses.

“I don’t know what industry in Fountain Hills generates more tax dollars than golf courses,” he said.

The town collected more than $6.56 million in sales-tax revenue from July 1, 2011, through April of this year, and anticipates collecting nearly $7.8 million during the next fiscal year, said Julie Ghetti, deputy town manager/finance director. The town is prohibited by state law from disclosing the amount in sales taxes collected from individual taxpayers, such as golf courses.

Millions of gallons

The sanitation district’s average daily flow of wastewater into its treatment plant is about 1.91 million gallons, Huber said. In the summer, the average golf course uses slightly less than 1 million gallons of reclaimed water each day, he said.

Eagle Mountain had been mixing drinking water with reclaimed water for irrigation, but in 2008 began using reclaimed water only as the cost of drinking water from Chaparral City Water Co. increased 110 percent since 2005, said Joe Miller, Eagle Mountain’s golf course superintendent.

The district stores reclaimed water underground when demand is lower, and then recovers it when demand is higher, Huber said. The district has been tapping into its storage of reclaimed water since Eagle Mountain increased its use, he said.

“Ron’s been pulling out more water than he’s been able to put in with the drought and heat, so since then it’s been a gradual decline in the amount of water he’s been able to bank,” Miller said. “The golf courses use 90 percent of the water he produces at the plant.”

Geary Goss,FireRock’s general manager, couldn’t be reached for comment.

The town uses reclaimed water to irrigate turf and plants at Fountain Park and Fountain Lake, Desert Vista Park and Golden Eagle Park.

“It is possible, should there be a shortage of (reclaimed water), some parks will be required to go onto (drinking) water through the Chaparral City Water Co. for certain park facilities that have access to Chaparral,” Town Manager Ken Buchanan said. “If ultimately (drinking) water is part of the solution, then there would likely be a cost and a budgetary impact.”

 Overcoming shortages

The most viable option to avert a shortage is the sanitary district pursuing a short-term, non-agricultural groundwater right lease, Huber said. He is confident he can secure a lease before July 1.

“With development down right now, there are probably developers who have purchased water rights and who are not using them,” he said. “I am aware of at least several entities that have groundwater rights that they are willing to lease in the short term.”

The right doesn’t have to be on a piece of property in Fountain Hills, Huber said.

“If somebody has a groundwater right on a piece of property that is over on the west side of Phoenix, I can still pump the water out here as long as it’s within the active management area for the Arizona Department of Water Resources.”

The golf courses are anxiously awaiting news that Huber has found an alternate water source.

“Before, SunRidge, Eagle Mountain and FireRock, Fountain Hills had a problem with (reclaimed) water,” Lessig said. “They were producing more than was needed, so the issue was what do we do with all this water? Now, the pendulum has swung back and there isn’t enough. How are the golf courses going to survive if they have to pay a higher rate for (drinking) water?”

AZ Central – Fountain Hills movie, retail complex delayed

A financing glitch has delayed construction of an entertainment-retail complex with 12-screen movie theater in downtown Fountain Hills.

The Town Council last week approved an amendment to its development agreement between the town and Avenue of the Fountain LLC extending the timeline for the development process. The project, named The Avenue, should be under construction in late summer or early fall, instead of this spring.

The Avenue will be built on a 6.5-acre site at the southwestern corner of the Avenue of the Fountains and Verde River Drive, near the Fountain Hills Community Center and Centennial Circle.

The project totals more than 155,200 square feet and includes the theater, as well as new retail, restaurant and office space.

“What we approved is in essence a four-month extension to our development agreement, which would mean things could be pushed back as far as four months, but it was indicated by the developer that they wish to close (this week) and potentially break ground in July,” said Mayor Jay Schlum. “I’m optimistic that in July we should see some dirt being moved. It would be a tremendous thing for our community to have a movie theater open up in the summertime (2013).”

Dave Fackler of Nielsen-Fackler Planning and Development and George Kasnoff of GMK Building and Development are heading the project.

They were unable to meet Monday’s deadline for acquiring the property for the complex.

A last-minute switch in initial investors created the glitch, Fackler said. Financing now is expected to be in place within 30 to 45 days to both purchase the property and fund construction of the first phase of the project, Fackler said.

The Kennedy Trust approved the project for bond financing, he said. The loan is about $18 million for completion of the first phase, he said.

The first phase, including the theater and two adjacent buildings, should be completed in late summer or early fall 2013,Fackler said.

The second phase, including two buildings along the Avenue of the Fountains, would require an additional $10 million in financing.

“Hopefully, we’re under construction with the second phase before the first phase is even complete,” Fackler said. “By the end of 2013 would be a good target date for the completion of everything.”

On Feb. 2, the council approved a concept plan and development agreement for the Avenue.

The approvals came with several stipulations, such as the completion of a traffic impact study, a landscaping plan and a reduction in parking on the south side to increase the setback from the Village at Towne Center, a nearby condominium community.

AZ Central – Fountain Hilss could be strolling The Avenue.

by Edward Gately – Mar. 2, 2012 10:30 AM
The Republic |

Many Fountain Hills residents have been waiting a long time to see commercial development on the south side of downtown’s Avenue of the Fountains off Saguaro Boulevard.

Will residents finally see something materialize this year?

In 2007, the land was rezoned to encourage mixed-use development. The next year, the Town Council entered a development agreement for the Fountain Hills Town Square, which called for 490,000 square feet of theater, retail, restaurant, office and residential on 15 acres. But financing fell through with the onset of the recession.

Now, a new plan has surfaced to build a smaller, $28 million entertainment complex. The Avenue would include a 2,226-seat, 12-screen movie theater — the town’s first theater — and new retail, restaurant and office space. The 6.5-acre site is at the southwestern corner of the Avenue of the Fountains and Verde River Drive, near the Fountain Hills Community Center and Centennial Circle.

The project totals more than 155,200 square feet.

The partners in the latest development are GMK Building and Development, the Fackler Trust,Haffar Entertainment Group and Sivers Cos. California-basedHaffar Entertainment would operate the theater.

George Kasnoff of GMK Building and Development and Dave Fackler of Nielsen-Fackler Planning & Development are heading up the project.

On Feb. 2, the council approved a concept plan and development agreement. The approvals came with several stipulations, such as the completion of a traffic impact study, a landscaping plan and a reduction in parking on the south side to increase the setback from the Village at Towne Center, a nearby condominium community.

Wendy Kelleher, a member of the Village’s HOA board, said she and other residents had concerns about the complex and parking being too close to their complex.

“What Mr. Kasnoff did was modify the plan per the council’s decision, taking 44 parking spaces out of that, and we’re happy with that,” she said. “So as far as the developer, we’re good.”

But skepticism runs high among some residents who doubt the complex will become a reality.

“They’ll see this spring,” Fackler said. He and his partners have been trying to get the commercial project off the ground since 2003.

Lori Gary, the town’s economic development administrator, feels confident. “It’s going to be a great project for downtown,” she said. “I think it’s going to enhance the vitality and … says there’s a market in Fountain Hills.”

Impact on jobs, revenues

Construction would take place in “one continuous phase” starting this spring, Fackler said. The first phase would be the theater and associated buildings, which would include a restaurant and other entertainment venues.

The project would be built on a 4.76-acre lot owned by Illinois-based Park Place Properties and two town-owned parcels. Asked whether the privately owned property has been purchased for the complex, Fackler said, “Sorry, this needs to be kept confidential at this point.”

Gary expects the first phase to bring 60 to 70 construction jobs to Fountain Hills.

“And it’s not just people coming in, doing the construction and leaving,” she said. “They’ll also leave a fiscal impact to the town as they go out to eat or as they purchase items in the town, or even if some of them have to come from a long way and stay in our hotels.”

When completed, the theater would employ about 30 people, and sales-tax revenue to the town would total $150,000 to $160,000 per year, Gary said. Once the complex is completed, the town should receive about $500,000 in sales-tax revenue annually, she said.

The second phase would include the two buildings along Avenue of the Fountains and construction should be completed within 18 months,Fackler said.

There has been criticism among some residents that the town won’t be able to support a 12-screen theater, so it will be a financial failure. This won’t be the case, Gary said.

“To have Haffar Entertainment as part of the project, and having the depth and breadth of knowledge that they do, we think that (Haffar President Frank Haffar) knows and understands the market, and has been able to plan for it.”

Haffar Entertainment didn’t return calls for comment.


In terms of eating and drinking, there are only a handful of venues on one side of Avenue of the Fountains. The other side is “nothing but dirt,” said Frank Ferrara, president and CEO of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.

“The project is necessary for the downtown area,” he said. “It would certainly bring more adventure to it, more nightlife based on what the plan is.”

Outside the Fountain Hills Library and Museum,Elle Kourysaid the town needs something for its young people. She has lived in the town since 2003.

“There’s so many older people like us here, we’re all aging, but we need to bring the youth in,” she said. “I think it’s going to help keep the youth here in the area. We have a son who is trying to relocate here and he’s excited about it for sure.”

Donald Hall, a five-year resident, looks forward to having a local venue to go see a movie or go out to eat, and “spending our money where we live,” he said. “You have to go all the way over into Scottsdale, 15-20 miles, but now we’ll be able to come right where we live.”

On the patio at Sofrita, Rosy Drahos, a winter resident, said it will be great for the town to get its own multiplex.

“Now, you go all the way down to Shea 14 and it’s a long ways,” she said.

Just Listed.. Fountain Hills AZ

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Move right in & begin enjoying the amazing mountain views which make this remodeled home so appealing! Extra wide windows situated in all the right places make you feel like you are living within the views! Kitchen is completely updated with granite counters, knotty alder cabinets & stainless appliances, and gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the entire home. Extra large Great Room (approx. 800 sq ft) is built around the kitchen & includes vaulted ceilings, a stunning fireplace, and panoramic views. 2 sets of sliders lead to the resort-like back yard with spacious covered and open patio areas, beautiful landscaping, play pool, separate spa & uncomparable desert & mountain views.

Property Amenities
• 4 Bedrooms
• 3 Baths
• 3,006 sq. ft.
• 2 Car Garage w/Cabinets
• RV Parking: RV Gate
• City Lights & Mountain Views
• Private Fenced Pool
• Above Ground Spa
• Desert Landscaping
• Fireplace in Living Room
• Vaulted Ceilings
• Dining in Great Room
• Kitchen Features: Disposal, Dishwasher, Built-in Microwave, Refrigerator, Granite Countertops, Kitchen Island
• 2 Master Bedrooms: Walk-in Closet, 3/4 Bath
• Covered Patio

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Desert Ridge Update – January 2008

  Desert Ridge – Market Update January 2008 

  • Currently there are over 55,000+ homes available through the AZ MLS
  • Desert Ridge has a total of 124 single family homes on the market through the MLS.   Average days on market are 133 and average price per square foot of $228 (not including for sale by owner)
  • Cheapest house available in Desert Ridge is priced at $269k
  • Most expensive house on the market is priced at $1,300,000
  • Average price for a home currently on the market is $591k
  • Average price for a home in pending status is $537k
  • Average price for a home being sold is $646k
  • Pending sales are currently priced at $212 a sqft (these have yet to record)
  • Desert Ridge had a total of 3 sales close in the month of Dec and 7 homes go pending

  Recent Sales in Desert Ridge  

·         22415 N 55th St 3434 sqft (Listed for $849k and Sold for $835k)

·         5223 E Herrara Dr 2055 sqft (Listed for $479k and Sold for $455k)

·         5242 E Poston Dr 2236 sqft (Listed for $499k and Sold for $475k)

·         3818 E Cielo Grande Ave 4433 sqft (Listed for $1,059k and Sold for $1,010k)

·         4415 E Hamblin Dr 3012 sqft (Listed for $685k and Sold for $675k)  

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Andrew Holm, ABR Sterling Fine Homes & Land

The Holm Group LLC Office: 480-767-2738  Cell: 480-206-4265

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