What Should You Know About Troon, Arizona Real Estate

What Should You Know About Troon, Arizona Real Estate

Troon, Arizona Real Estate concerns a small village in North Scottsdale, Arizona. Troon has over 1,400 acres of land as well as an elevation of 730 meters. This is ample ground for some rather large residential buildings in the community. Climate-wise, this is a very comfortable area, as it is cool here and has many country clubs and golf courses. Most of the clubs in the area offer environmentally sensitive development, as conservation of natural land, including the Sonoran Desert, is of the utmost importance to residents.

When you find Troon homes for sale you will see that your prospective home is literally in the middle of a golf community. Everywhere you look there are country clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts and full-scale gyms. There are also numerous residential areas to choose from within the community. There are townhouses, custom-made homes and huge mansions. The area itself is beautiful; just take a look out at night and feast your eyes on the city lights, or the mountains in the background. Home prices range from $500,000 to over three million dollars. Lots for land are similarly priced.

One of the best advantages of Troon real estate in Scottsdale AZ is the easy accessibility to golfing. Membership is exclusive here, however. New residents must fill out an application and submit the document to a special committee. Just the golf initiation fee is $95,000. This is indeed a wealthy community!

Many Troon homes for sale come with luxurious amenities like pools, garages, scenic views and detached units. If you are interested in moving here then talk to a real estate agent. Let him or her know your budget and an approximate location of where you would like to move. The advantage of working with a real estate agent is that you get access to non-listed properties. In some cases, you may be the very first person to hear of a new sale. It really pays to contact a professional when the stakes are so high. Unlisted properties on the other hand are old news.

Troon only has a population of 4,017 but it is a friendly community. One important part of the community is the Troon Country Club, with its recreational activities (a fitness center, massage center and spa), golf course and clubhouse. Why not sample the beauty and affluence of Troon? After one visit, you may decide this is where you want to spend the rest of your life!

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About Troon Homes for Sale

About Troon Homes for Sale

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to move to Arizona? Arizona is well renowned for its golf courses. The beautiful weather and attention to detail make it an ideal location for an avid golfer to live. The PGA Tour even comes through here, but of course you knew that already! If you are looking to move to a golf community why not look into Troon homes for sale?

Troon, or Troone Village, is a residential area outside of northern Scottsdale, Arizona. The 1,400 acre Troon golf community (ranked in the top 100 in the world) offers a fitness facility, where you can enjoy tennis, swimming, a massage, and a game of golf. Membership to the club is based on your application and availability of openings.

High Desert and natural vegetation abound in this area, as do beautiful night city light views and views of the nearby mountains. Some people may enjoy golf course views, and really, what more could a golfer wish to see every morning from their balcony seat? There are exquisite homes for sale on the Troon golf course in AZ. Some homes are placed in the historic district, while others offer extra security by way of gates and guarded entries. Available Troon Arizona real estate varies with many different choices. From townhomes to custom-built homesteads, every type of design is available.

Most homes in the area range from $500,000 dollars to well over $4 million. You can also buy land and have your own home built. Lots usually range from $400,000 to well over $1,000,000 in price depending on location and various other factors. No matter what home you choose from the Troon homes for sale, you are sure to love living in the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Watching the sunset over the mountains and the natural wildlife of the desert is sure to leave you in awe.

Shopping in the nearby Scottsdale area will have you happy you made the choice to move. The local active life as well as the art, and nightlife are also hard to beat. Dining in the village of Troon, as well as other nearby cities, offers every culinary experience you could want from down home cooking to the class of a true five-star establishment.

Contact a local Troon Realtor to find out more about the area and its available housing and land. Waking up to your own personal view of a golf course is a thrill no golfer should live without!

AZ Central – Scottsdale lays groundwork to add 2 trailheads in perserve

by Beth Duckett – Nov. 26, 2010 07:21 AM
The Arizona Republic

A winding dirt road in far northeast Scottsdale leads to one of the most stunning views in the Valley.

The secluded base at the McDowell Mountains is rife with boulder outcrops and trails popular among hikers and the occasional rock climber.

On weekends, they park along the road to hike and climb the landmark rock spire, Tom’s Thumb. Access can be difficult, since parking is temporary and the roads are unpaved.

The city intends to upgrade the trail to accommodate its popularity.

Tom’s Thumb is one of two trailheads planned in the city’s northern fringes, not far from Troon North and the Desert Highlands community.

The goal is to satisfy a demand for better parking and access into the city’s 18,000-acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

“It’s a very popular location,” said Steve Dodd, a longtime steward with the non-profit McDowell Sonoran Conservancy.

Build it and they will come

The city has “always done a great job building impressive trailheads,” said Oliver Smith, chairman of the board of the McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, a non-profit group that supports the completion and sustainability of the preserve.

Existing major trailheads include Sunrise, Lost Dog Wash and the Gateway. As the fourth major trailhead in the preserve, Tom’s Thumb will have parking for 130 cars and horse trailers, shade ramadas and restrooms at the northern foot of the McDowell Mountains.

The City Council postponed a vote last week on a project site plan after concerns arose over proposed improvements to 128th Street, city officials said.

The trailhead is planned east of 128th Street and south of the Pinnacle Peak Road alignment. The extra 30 days will allow stakeholders to discuss the improvements.

“Every time we open a new trailhead, the people come,” said Scott Hamilton, preserve trails planner in the city’s preservation division. “Clearly the demand is there that people want to get into the preserve.”

Excitement building

Less than 10 miles away, the city is planning the Brown’s Ranch trailhead north of Alma School Road and the Dixileta Drive alignment.

Tentative plans call for at least 100 parking spaces and amenities not far from the namesake ranch, which was once a working cattle ranch.

On Nov. 8, the city issued a request for design of the trailhead. Brown’s Ranch, scheduled to open in 2012, will access a network of multiple-use trails that meander through the city’s northernmost preserve.

“We’ve been doing hikes at Brown’s Ranch for several years,” Dodd said.

The trailhead will take into account the surrounding desert landscape while providing new amenities, according to the city.

Dodd, chairman of the conservancy’s community relations committee, said group volunteers will salvage plants at the trailhead areas before construction. The conservancy has more than 450 trained steward volunteers, he said.