Overview of The Holm Group

Overview of The Holm Group

Overview of The Holm Group


The Holm Group is a prominent real estate team specializing in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, known for its exceptional service and expertise in the local market. With a strong reputation built on 23 years of experience, The Holm Group offers comprehensive real estate services to buyers, sellers, and investors.

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, The Holm Group focuses on assisting clients in navigating the diverse and dynamic real estate market in the area. Whether clients are looking to buy their dream home, sell their property, or make profitable investments, the agency provides personalized guidance and support throughout the entire process.

One of the key strengths of The Holm Group is its in-depth knowledge of the Scottsdale/Phoenix real estate market. The team of dedicated professionals that stay up to date with the latest trends, developments, and neighborhood insights, enabling them to provide valuable advice to their clients. They are well-versed in the various communities, subdivisions, and luxury neighborhoods in Scottsdale, ensuring that clients have access to a wide range of options that suit their preferences and requirements.

The Holm Group is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and fostering long-term relationships with their clients. They understand that buying or selling a property can be a significant life event, and they strive to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. The agency’s team is known for their responsiveness, integrity, and attention to detail, ensuring that clients receive the highest level of professional service.

For buyers, The Holm Group offers a comprehensive search platform that provides access to the latest listings in Scottsdale. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, helping them find properties that align with their desired criteria. Whether clients are looking for a luxury home, a condominium, or an investment property, the Holm Group leverages their expertise to identify the best options available.

For sellers, the Holm Group employs a strategic approach to marketing and selling properties. They utilize a combination of traditional and innovative marketing techniques to maximize exposure and attract qualified buyers. From professional photography and virtual tours to targeted online advertising and extensive networking, the agency employs a range of strategies to ensure that their clients’ properties receive optimal visibility in the market.

Below is a summary of some of the homes that we have sold in the past couple of years:

  • 05/24/2023 – 4534 E COYOTE WASH DR, FE: 43FRP2G2S, Price: $630,000
  • 05/19/2023 – 2517 N 61ST WAY, FE: 32FRXP2G2S, Price: $575,000
  • 04/28/2023 – 15105 E SAGUARO VISTA CT, FE: 42.5RDXPSO3G, Price: $1,400,000
  • 02/15/2023 – 14228 N YERBA BUENA WAY, FE: 32FRO2G2S, Price: $430,000
  • 12/16/2022 – 8740 E MULBERRY ST, FE: 43.5RPO2G1S, Price: $705,000
  • 12/15/2022 – 3923 E ARCHER DR, FE: 32FR2G2S, Price: $375,000
  • 12/08/2022 – 20802 N GRAYHAWK DR 1152, FE: 32.5FRXO2G, Price: $650,000
  • 10/14/2022 – 202 W BUTLER DR, FE: 32FRDPO2G, Price: $635,000
  • 10/07/2022 – 3308 E CHARTER OAK RD, FE: 41.75RP1G2S, Price: $480,500
  • 09/23/2022 – 2936 E TINA DR, FE: 32XPO2G2S, Price: $925,000
  • 09/19/2022 – 6886 S EMERALD PL, FE: 53.5FRDO3G, Price: $603,000
  • 08/31/2022 – 31913 N 15TH DR, FE: 42.5FRDTO3G2C, Price: $900,000
  • 07/13/2022 – 4734 E ROLLING RIDGE RD, FE: 32FRD2G2C4S, Price: $350,000
  • 07/07/2022 – 1630 S OAK ST, FE: 32FRDPO2G2S, Price: $585,000
  • 07/07/2022 – 15612 N CABRILLO DR, FE: 33RDXO3G3S, Price: $910,000
  • 06/28/2022 – 2248 E CALYPSO AVE, FE: 42FR2G3S, Price: $480,000
  • 06/28/2022 – 10444 E TESLA AVE, FE: 22R2G2C, Price: $510,000
  • 06/24/2022 – 4008 La Ultima Piedra –, FE: 44.5RXPSNO4G4S, Price: $2,725,000
  • 05/04/2022 – 6843 E BELLEVIEW ST, FE: 32.5RDXO2C1S, Price: $680,000
  • 04/15/2022 – 6602 E HILLVIEW ST, FE: 32FRD2G2S, Price: $505,000
  • 03/30/2022 – 18428 N 94TH ST, FE: 42.5FRD2G, Price: $595,000
  • 02/24/2022 – 9842 E TARA DR, FE: 32RDO2G2S, Price: $540,000
  • 02/10/2022 – 7452 E CHARTER OAK RD, FE: 42RDO2G2S, Price: $605,000
  • 02/03/2022 – 2822 E MOUNTAIN VIEW RD, FE: 32RDP2G2S, Price: $550,000
  • 12/14/2021 – 5815 N 81ST ST, FE: 32RDO2G2S, Price: $485,000
  • 12/10/2021 – 7338 E WOODSHIRE COVE, FE: 32RDO2G2S, Price: $485,000
  • 11/29/2021 – 3911 E CHARTER OAK RD, FE: 43.5RDP2G, Price: $560,000
  • 11/15/2021 – 5525 N 83RD PL, FE: 32RDP2G2S, Price: $545,000
  • 11/04/2021 – 3120 E CAPTAIN DREYFUS AVE, FE: 42RDXO2G2S, Price: $675,000
  • 10/27/2021 – 16008 N 65TH ST, FE: 32RDP2G2S, Price: $507,000
  • 10/22/2021 – 8023 E VISTA DEL LAGO –, FE: 32RDP2G2S, Price: $499,900
  • 10/15/2021 – 8226 E KEATS AVE, FE: 32.5RDP2G2S, Price: $537,000
  • 09/30/2021 – 22250 N 70TH LN, FE: 32.5RDO2G2S, Price: $559,000
  • 09/29/2021 – 13541 N 93RD WAY, FE: 32RDP2G2S, Price: $532,000
  • 09/15/2021 – 5144 E LARKSPUR DR, FE: 32RDO2G2S, Price: $550,000
  • 08/31/2021 – 20221 N 31ST ST, FE: 42RDO2G2S, Price: $559,000
  • 08/26/2021 – 15627 N 51ST ST, FE: 32RDO2G2S, Price: $475,000
    Overall, the Holm Group is a highly regarded real estate specializing in the Scottsdale/Phoenix areas. With their deep knowledge of the local market, personalized approach, and commitment to exceptional service, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for buyers, sellers, and investors in the Scottsdale/Phoenix market.
    Don’t hesitate call Andrew & The Holm Group today at 480-206-4265

Why work with The Holm Group

The Holm Group Overview

The Holm Group is a reputable real estate team located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Led by Andrew, a team of experienced agents have closed over 200 real estate transactions worth over $180M throughout Arizona.

Over the past 24 years, The Holm Group has garnered positive reviews on both Google and Yelp as well as several on our website, reflecting their commitment to excellent customer service and successful real estate transactions. Here are some examples of the reviews:

Google Reviews:

“Working with The Holm Group was a fantastic experience. Their knowledge of the Scottsdale real estate market was impressive, and they helped us find our dream home. The communication throughout the process was excellent, and they went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly.” – John Smith

“I highly recommend The Holm Group for anyone looking to sell their property in Scottsdale. They were professional, proactive, and efficient. Our house sold quickly, and the whole process was stress-free thanks to their expertise and guidance.” – Sarah Johnson

Yelp Reviews:

“The Holm Group Scottsdale is the go-to real estate agency in the area. They have a deep understanding of the local market and helped us find the perfect home within our budget. The team was responsive, patient, and made the whole buying process enjoyable.” – Mark Thompson

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from The Holm Group. From start to finish, they were dedicated to finding the right buyer for my property. They were proactive in marketing my home and provided regular updates. Thanks to their efforts, my house sold quickly and at a great price.” – Lisa Adams

These reviews highlight The Holm Group Scottsdale’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication to their clients. Their strong presence on both Google and Yelp demonstrates their reputation as a trusted and reliable real estate brokerage in Scottsdale, Arizona.

7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home 

7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home

7 Reasons Why Fountain Hills Is the Perfect Place to Call Home


If you are looking for a new place to call home, consider moving to Fountain Hills. This peaceful and charming town in Arizona has everything you will ever need. A wonderful community and fantastic scenery are enough to make anyone consider moving here. With all these advantages in mind, it’s clear why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to move to.

Fountain Hills has magnificent nature

Arizona, on its own, is a fantastic place to live because of its nature. Waking up to fabulous scenery every day is enough to make anyone consider moving here. And Fountain Hills is a small town that’s surrounded by magnificent nature. Air and noise pollution are noticeably lower than in a big city. With this in mind, it’s the perfect place for anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors. You’ll find a lot of parks where you can go for a walk. And, because Fountain Hills is walkable, you’ll have no problem going on a daily walk.

Charming restaurants

The disadvantage of living in a small town is the limited number of places you can go out to eat. However, this isn’t the case in Fountain Hills. Even though Fountain Hills is a small town, there are a couple of restaurants that you will keep returning to. At the end of a long day at work, you can simply go to one of these charming locally-owned restaurants and socialize with the locals. You can support the local businesses and get a fantastic meal at the same time. For a small place like Fountain Hills, it has a lot of different cuisines you can try. So, going out to eat won’t become boring after a while, as you’ll always have something new to try.

inside a restaurant before lunch


It’s peaceful and quiet

Another pro to living in Fountain Hills is the calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you love living away from the noise of a big city, Fountain Hills is the right place for you. As the people living here are mostly older, there aren’t any nightclubs around. Living in a town like this means not having to deal with a lot of traffic. So, your daily commute will be more enjoyable as well. And you can move here stress-free and quickly. If you are moving from Florida to Arizona, look for interstate moving experts and find experts familiar with the area so you can move quickly. Overall, it is the perfect location for people looking to escape the noise of the big city.

Fountain Hills is close to Scottsdale

Even though Fountain Hills is a small town, you are only one short drive away from a city. Whenever you need to go shopping, you can always drive to Scottsdale. This town has everything you may be missing in Fountain Hills. And it doesn’t take a lot of time to get to it. If you ever get tired of the quiet atmosphere in Fountain Hills, you can go to Scottsdale for a night out. Because Scottsdale is so nearby, Fountain Hills is the best place for people who want the best of both worlds. You’ll have a peaceful atmosphere in your neighborhood and always have a place to go whenever you want to go shopping, see a movie, or go out.

You’ll find lots of outdoor activities

One of the many reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to live is that you have access to almost any outdoor activity you are interested in. With a great climate and fantastic nature, outdoor activities are the main source of fun for the locals. You can take your dog with you on a hike or go camping nearby on the weekends. Another way you can spend time outdoors is to start mountain biking. This hobby will help you stay active and explore the area at the same time. Because of the beautiful scenery, you’ll always have somewhere new to go whenever you want to spend time outdoors.

one of the reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to live is the wide range of outdoor activities you can do, such as biking and golfing

Fountain Hills has a great community

Living in a big city can become stressful after a while. Moving to a smaller place where you can feel like you are part of a community can be a great change in your lifestyle. And one of the reasons why people are moving to Fountain Hills is the great and welcoming community. You’ll always feel safe and welcome, even if you just moved here. You’ll soon see that Fountain Hills truly is a place where people know their neighbors. You’ll always feel like you are part of the community in Fountain Hills. And despite the low number of places you can go out to, people are very sociable. Without a doubt, this is one of the main reasons why we recommend Fountain Hills as your new home. You’ll have no problem going on an evening walk, as Fountain Hills is a very safe place to live.

It’s the perfect place for golfers

Golfing is a great and competitive sport perfect for this location. Because of the great weather and lots of available space, golfing has become an increasingly popular sport. In Fountain Hills, you’ll find many golf courses, both for amateur golfers and for professionals. This sport is the perfect hobby if you want to spend time outdoors without breaking a sweat. You can give it a chance, and maybe it’ll become your favorite weekend activity once you move. Golf can improve both your physical and mental health. In addition, golfing is a great way to meet new people once you move here. With so many great golf courses nearby, you’ll surely be inspired to give it a go.

one of the reasons why Fountain Hills is the perfect place is the great golfing community

Why Fountain Hills is the perfect place to call home: summary

With all of this in mind, we can see why Fountain Hills is the perfect place worth considering moving to. With great scenery and lots to do outside, it’s a great option for people who love spending time in nature. And the friendly and welcoming community will inspire you to make Fountain Hills your new home. Overall, the lifestyle you can get in Fountain Hills makes this worth considering moving to. Once you arrive, you will soon see for yourself what makes this small place charming and popular.

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership

Just Announced..

Keller Williams, 72SOLD form strategic partnership


Keller Williams, the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, has entered a strategic partnership with 72SOLD, the leading home selling program in America.

Founded by Greg Hague, an Arizona-based attorney and real estate broker, 72SOLD has an advanced home sale process that is more convenient for sellers, increases their sale price and provides more control over closing and move dates.

Through the partnership, Keller Williams agents across the U.S. and its international regions will gain access to the 72SOLD program.

“We’re excited to partner with Greg and the 72SOLD team, which has systematized a home sale model that delivers, driving a powerful experience and strong results for home sellers,” said Gary Keller, executive chairman, kwx, an integrated home experience company. “With this partnership, our agents have the opportunity to further scale and fuel their success.”

Since 2020, more than 8,900 homes have been sold using the 72SOLD program. On average, sellers who used this program had a median sale price 10.9% above the MLS median, according to 72SOLD.

“Partnering with Gary and Keller Williams is the opportunity you dream for,” said Greg Hague, founder, 72SOLD. “We currently dominate the Phoenix, Arizona market and the demand for 72SOLD services has expanded rapidly across Arizona and a multitude of U.S. states.”

“And, to fully embrace opportunity, we’re partnered with KW to rapidly scale our offering across the globe,” said Hague.

72SOLD is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, and its services are available to consumers to date through more than 500 local cross-industry real estate agents in 38 U.S. states.

Austin, Texas-based Keller Williams has more than 1,100 offices and 200,000 associates. The franchise is also No. 1 in units and sales volume in the United States.

Since 1983, the company has cultivated an agent-centric, technology-driven and education-based culture that rewards agents as stakeholders.

Visit kwx.kw.com.

72SOLD developed a new, more advanced way to sell a home that maximizes competition among buyers and creates an atmosphere of scarcity, fear of loss and opportunity to enhance a home’s sale price over the traditional method. The program also eliminates the inconvenience of daily showings, and gives sellers more control over their closing and move dates. 72SOLD’s home selling program has been featured on ABC, CBS, and NBC News, showcased in Forbes and received several U.S. trademarks.

Visit 72SOLD.com.

For the full article go to: https://yourvalley.net/stories/keller-williams-72sold-form-strategic-partnership,307884

72SOLD & The Holm Group

72SOLD & The Holm Group

If you are looking to buy or sell your home in Arizona contact Andrew at 480-206-4265

72 SOLD & The Holm Group


Are you looking to purchase a home or second home in the Phoenix – Scottsdale area?

  • We have exclusive access to over 600 listings a month before they are released to the general public.  Ask us how?
  • Let our experienced buyers agents guide you through the process starting with pre-qualification, offer, inspections and successful closing.
  • Not sure where to move when you get to Arizona?  We will give you tours of communities to give you an idea of what each has to offer.
  • The Holm Group has been representing buyers successfully in the valley for the past 22 years.
  • Our team approach assigns each buyer to a buyer specialist in your specific area within 24 hours that will assist you all the way through the buying experience


Are You Interested In Selling Your Home?

  • Our home selling program is Federally Trademarked and is featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and Forbes Magazine
  • Our brokerage is spending over 2.5 Million Dollars a month for marketing in the Phoenix Metropolitan area.
  • Our marketing authorization time commitment is only 30 days as compared to the traditional listing timeframe of six months or more
  • Want to avoid the hassle daily showings?  We can show you how.
  • Want to pick your close date? Want to stay in your home after closing for up to three months? We can show you how.
  • Do you want to have confidence in knowing that you are selling at the top of the market?


Take a look at our brand new video that covers are home selling program by clicking on the link below.


Common Mistakes That Can Cause a Fire In Your Home

Common Mistakes That Can Cause a Fire In Your Home

Common Mistakes That Can Cause a Fire In Your Home


A fire is easily one of the worst things that can happen inside your home, and unfortunately, they’re more common than we think. Even a small fire can get out of control quickly, especially if your home doesn’t have fire extinguishers or a sprinkler system. With a little forethought, you can keep these terrible accidents from ravaging your home. Be wary of these common mistakes that can cause a fire in your home, and you should be just fine.

Poor Electrical Cord Management

Cords and electrical sockets are not without their own risks. We don’t tend to consider them a risk until it’s too late, and this is a problem for a lot of people. You need to be careful when plugging in and placing cords. If you overuse an outlet, it can spark and set something aflame. Electrical cords can also get very hot, so you shouldn’t cover them with fabric or put anything flammable near them. Short circuits are no joke, and they can start serious fires if you’re not careful.

Cooking With Oil Incorrectly

Many common mistakes that can cause a fire in your home happen in the kitchen. Getting oil too hot when you’re cooking with it is one of the most common ways kitchen fires start. Heating up oil past a certain point can actually make it spontaneously combust and start a fire. Oil fires like this are very difficult to put out because water only makes them spread. For this reason, you always want to make sure you know where your fire extinguisher is in your kitchen.

Unattended Heating Appliances

Heating appliances, such as space heaters and baseboard heaters, understandably generate a lot of heat in a small area. Leaving these unattended is extremely unwise, as you never know when something might go wrong and lead to a fire. Electrical heaters run the risk of faulty wiring, and fuel-based heaters can ignite if you’re not careful with them. Also, never leave anything flammable close to a heating appliance.

Unsafe Use of Candles

Just as with heating appliances, candles are a common culprit of house fires. You can even expand this to any sort of open flame, but candles are the most widely predominant source. You should always be aware of anything surrounding a candle to make sure nothing can get close enough to ignite. There are plenty of safer alternatives to open-flame candles now, but if you do want to use standard candles, keep yourself and your home safe by preparing the area beforehand.

The Holm Group Joins Hauge Partners – 72 Sold

April 4th 2021


We are excited to announce that The Holm Group is now a part of Hague Partners & 72 Sold. You have seen the commercials and they have proved to be a market leader and innovator in the Arizona real estate market.

We will have more infomation for you shortly and are here for all of your real estate needs.

Give us a call and ask us about 72 Sold and all of the benefits that we can now offer through this great program and brokerage. :)


How To Take Advantage of Vertical Space in the Home

How To Take Advantage of Vertical Space in the Home

How To Take Advantage of Vertical Space in the Home


Whether you realize it or not, you have vertical space all over your home. Maybe it’s the corner of your bedroom, that awkward wall in the kitchen, or your entire bathroom. Regardless of where you might have  empty space, you’re probably wondering how to take advantage of vertical space in the home. Find something to do with some of those empty corners and blank walls.

Use Vertical Space for Storage

Often, the best thing you can do with a small, empty space is use it for storage. You can choose from all sorts of storage solutions, depending on your needs and the size of your space. Choose modular storage if you have an entire wall to fill (and the budget.) Otherwise, you can install a set of shelves. Furniture that works well in vertical spaces include:

  • bookshelves
  • wardrobes
  • armoires
  • coat racks

Use Stackables

If your whole house or apartment is small, you may have to think vertical the entire time you’re decorating. Stackable options are an excellent solution when you’re trying to figure out how to take advantage of vertical space in your home. You can use everything from bunk beds to stackable washer and dryer sets to take up less space. If you can’t fit an entire sectional or even a couch into your home, you can still find ways to coordinate your furniture with chairs and other individual pieces.

Hang Art in Vertical Spaces

Sometimes there isn’t anything else to do with your vertical space other than to make it look pleasing to the eye. You can hang artwork in an empty vertical space to make the area more striking. Typically, artwork is hung at eye-level, but if you want to bring even more attention to a space, you can hang art in unique ways. Try hanging pieces all the way up to the ceiling or leaning them against walls or door frames. You could also enhance a vertical space by suspending a piece of art from the ceiling.

Light up Vertical Spaces

You can bring the illusion of more space to any room using a trick of the lights. For vertical spaces, use fewer table lamps and more dome or track lights. Track lights let you customize the amount of light in a chosen room. The light can create an illusion, making the room feel taller and larger.

Whether you have the advantage of natural light or must use artificial light, illuminating your space may draw attention to areas that look empty. Remember to embrace negative space when taking advantage of vertical areas in the home. While you don’t have to fill every space, these tips will help you organize and decorate the areas that need attention.


14116 N. 109th Street Scottsdale

New Listing Coming Soon In McDowell Mountain Ranch

Best Views In Sienna Canyon!!!!  – Former Developers Model – Lot

Call Andrew & The Holm Group At 480-206-4265 for a private showing.

Listing Details For 14116 N. 109th Street Scottsdale


Features Include:

7 bedroons (5 plus nanny, office)

4 full baths

Best views in McDowell Mountain Ranch – Sienna Canyon

Developers Model Home

Surround Sound Throughout

New carpet in all bedrooms

New exterior paint

Decorator stone finish

Quiet neighborhood in premium  cul de sac lot

High end bamboo hardwood floors

Upgraded light fixtures throughout

Subzero/Decor kitchen

Granite kitchen counters

Windows tinted and sunscreens for increased energy

Large Pebbletec heated diving pool with removable fence

Jacuzzi with high pressure motor that seats seven

Newly installed in pool cleaning and crawler with new motor

Pool lights dimmers and timer

Storage cabinets in garage for added storage space

Custom developer’s landscaping with 40′ trees

Security system which is owned

Fiber optics Cable

TV/Elelectric on patio

Gas and electric to built in bbq

Best views in subdivision with Camelback, city lights and amazing sunsets

6 bdrms, 4 bath, office, play area loft, family room, living/dining room

Sky Bar 50 ft entertainment deck with unblocked valley views


Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Photo is an example of the home built by Camelot Homes

Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

Development in North Scottsdale

Coming In 2021

Call Andrew @ 480-206-4265 For Additional Details


If you want a luxury home within minutes of some of Arizona’s best golf courses, you’ll soon have a new opportunity with the Happy Valley 18 development in North Scottsdale.  Camelot Homes will build 21 homes in a 29-acre community southwest of the intersection of Happy Valley Road and Alma School Road.


Preliminary plans call for Camelot to offer five floor plans with three distinct elevations on lots averaging about.75 acres. The builder is known for constructing homes with four to six bedrooms and for its attention to detail and timeless design elements. No prices or additional information is available at this time.


Currently, two homes are located within the neighborhood. One will be demolished while the other will be incorporated into the development. Camelot Homes plans to build an eight-foot sound barrier wall along Happy Valley Road. Access to the development will be through gated entry on Happy Valley Road. Plans also call for multi-use paths for residents along Happy Valley and Alma School Roads within a a 50-foot wide Desert Scenic Corridor area.


Inside the development, the development will conform to Natural Area Open Space (NAOS) requirements, with 38%  of the 29 acres devoted to undisturbed terrain. Most of the NAOS area will be around the perimeter and the wash that bisects the property from northeast to southwest.


While Happy Valley 18’s residents will enjoy spectacular views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert countryside, the neighborhood’s location puts residents at the doorstep of several famous golf clubs, most notably Troon North with its award-winning Monument and Pinnacle courses. This club also has a full-service clubhouse with several dining areas, banquet facilities and health and fitness areas. Other nearby golf courses include Desert Highlands and the Scottsdale Golf Club. Enjoy hiking and rock climbing at Pinnacle Peak Park or pamper yourself at the Four Seasons Scottsdale Resort.


Prospective buyers interested in Happy Valley 18 by Camelot Homes should contact The Holm Group as we will provide you with additional information as it becomes available. The Holm Group is your trusted source for stress-free buying and selling of all kinds of properties in Scottsdale and surrounding communities.


Happy Valley 18 By Camelot Homes

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Amazing Millennial Real Estate Trends in 2020

Amazing Millennial Real Estate Trends in 2020

Millennials. They are the tech-driven, wellness-focused generation that sprung to life between the 80s and 2000s. They’re also the driving force behind some of the most significant changes that industries have ever seen. From food production to automotive, not one’s been left untouched.

Real estate is another one of those affected. Millennials might have changed its face forever.

Amazing Millennial Real Estate Trends in 2020

A Generation of Change

Millennials focus on less. For example, the statistics show that they spend less, opt for minimalist lifestyles, and adopt fewer bad habits. At the same time, there’s an increase in healthy living and fitness, social browsing, and online buying trends.

Unfortunately, it’s also the generation that makes a lot less money than the ones that precede it. As a result, millennials aren’t as likely to move out early, get married young, have children, and buy homes or cars. They’ve broken away from most of the essentials that defined the “proper lifestyles” of boomers.

Interestingly, many do want to travel, own homes, and have children. However, financial stability has become a critical factor in determining when and how millennials tackle these goals.

What These Trends Mean for Real Estate Markets

Unsurprisingly, these trends and statistics have impacted the way the real estate industry has to approach millennials. Offering a family home to a young couple in their mid-twenties might not go over as well as it did fifty years ago. The focus has changed.

Renting Vs. Buying

Amazing Millennial Real Estate Trends in 2020


Statistically, millennials are earning about 20% less than boomers did at the same age. As a result, these generation Y adults are much more likely to save their money than create significant debt for themselves.

The cost of living is another issue. Millennials are far more likely to rent in affordable, social areas, like this one in uptown Dallas, rather than buying a family home in the ‘burbs that’ll lock them in 40 years of debt.

Renting is so common amongst these adults that they’re sometimes referred to as “Generation Rent.”

Freedom to Travel

For millennials, freedom and the ability to travel is extremely important. In fact, statistically, Gen-Y members are more likely to start saving for their next trip rather than pay off their debt.

Being tied to a home that needs maintenance and regular payments isn’t very appealing to this generation. As a result, they’ll prefer to rent rather than buy, or choose to live abroad permanently.

Some choose to live in mobile manufactured homes. These aren’t your average parking metal monsters, though. Instead, the millennial’s “trailer park” is picturesque, social, and well-kept. There are even beautiful modern mobile homes that’ll put suburban houses to shame.

It has all the benefits of your average neighborhood, but also the added ones of affordability and freedom to travel whenever the desire strikes.

Environmental Factors and Minimalism

Another common moniker for millennials is “Generation Green,” and it’s an apt nickname. Gen-Y adults care significantly more about environmental stability and sustainable living.

They spent most of their youth hearing about these threats and issues, living and dealing with extreme weather, rising sea-levels, and GMO agriculture. Unsurprisingly, these factors have shaped how millennials look at their lifestyles.

Tiny, solar-powered homes are becoming a lot more prevalent as the focus shifts from big family houses to smaller, minimalist living. Some of the more creative millennials have taken to building lodgings out of almost everything, from containers to renovated trucks.

Gen Z is just as eco-conscious as Y, if not more so. As a result, tiny and environmentally friendly homes are likely here to stay.

Culture and Social Factors

Millennials care about social issues, activism, and taking actions that encourage change. As a result, you’re more likely to see young adults seeking out diverse, tolerant, and socially active neighborhoods and cities.

Cultural diversity is another important factor that determines whether a millennial will relocate to a specific district or neighborhood.

While several Gen-Y adults will travel abroad, many are just as willing to visit ethnic local spots. Popular choices include Little Sri Lanka in New York, Little Havana in Miami, and the Mahatma Gandhi District in Houston.

Final Word

Real estate used to be seen as a valuable investment that anyone, from property magnates to the everyday homeowner, should make. However, the times have changed, and millennials aren’t so eager to jump on the mortgage train.

Current trends show that these young adults are more interested in saving their money and the environment than a large family home. Millennials are stuck with student debt and high living costs, more so than any generation before them. Cheaper, sustainable options are a more logical choice.

Freedom to travel and culturally diverse neighborhoods are also factors that a millennial will consider before buying or renting a home.

The message from these young adults are clear:

If it can’t adapt to their needs, they’ll find alternative lifestyles. If need be, they’ll completely exclude traditional real estate.


New Listing In McCormick Ranch

New Listing In McCormick Ranch

New Listing In McCormick Ranch

Avaiable Now – Call Andrew at 480-206-4265 For Additional Details


Fabulous opportunity & value in this McCormick Ranch Beauty! This property was professionally renovated and was re-done from top to bottom. Three bedroom with the potential to convert an open den into a fourth bedroom . Striking hand scraped birch wood floors, neutral tile & new carpet throughout. Kitchen features Kashmir Granite Countertops and Breakfast Bar, stainless steel appliances. Luxurious master suite features furniture style vanities w/ granite counter tops, large closet, and private patio. Private backyard, block fence, small green grass feature, with rare rv gate parking area. AC unit has been updated within the past two years. Steps from the Greenbelt. Great Neighbors. Larger than tax records indicates via appraisal at 1650 square feet..


New Listing In McCormick Ranch


Windgate Ranch Market Update October 2020

Windgate Ranch Market Update July 2020

Windgate Ranch Market Update October 2020


The average market time on market in Windgate Ranch a single family home is roughly 65 days according to MLS data.  In addition, we are also seeing an average price per square foot for properties that are currently on the market of $320, as well as an average of roughly $355 per sqft for homes that have recently sold. With only 8 listings available in all of Windgate Ranch on the MLS and the market is as hot (no pun intended) as it is right now is why you need more than ever a Realtor that knows the Windgate Ranch – Scottsdale market place so that your property will sell in a record time and for the fantastic price.

With our buying season in NOW in full swing and record low interest rates our Scottsdale market still going strong and now is the time to sell and/or consider an upgrade!  Below are a few examples of homes that have recently sold and/or that are currently on the market in Windgate Ranch for your review:

  • 18062 N. 100th St 4457 sqft (Listed for $1,450.000 and is currently Pending after 375 days)
  • 18094 N. 98th Way 5511 sqft (Listed for $1,995,000 and sold for $1,950,000 in 58 days)
  • 18094 N. 100th St 4539 sqft (Listed for $1,750,000 and sold for $1,751,000 in 57 days)
  • 18285 N. 96th Way 3224 sqft (Listed for $1,300,000 and sold for $1,300,000 in 2 days)
  • 17471 N. 100ht Pl 4924 sqft (Listed for $1,550,000 and sold for $1,420,000 in 209 days)
  • 9992 E. South Bend 3871 sqft (Listed for $1,199,000 and sold for $1,200,000 in 36 days)


For those of you who I have met while working in Windgate Ranch for the past 14 years, I look forward to speaking with you again soon.  For those of you who I have not met and/or were unable to stop by one of our latest listings on 98th Way, Ridge Runner, 100th Way, and 96th Way here are a few good reasons to work with our real estate group:

  • The Holm Group has closed over $120 million in transactions and counting
  • We have updated our business model to address Corona Virus concerns, with virtual showings as well as virtual staging of properties
  • The Holm Group has the web covered with multiple top-rated websites and social media presence as well as enhanced relationships with: Google, Homelight, Redfin, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia, HomeFinder.com, Pinterest and Reddit.
  • We offer flexible commission plans which can end up saving our sellers thousands of dollars
    • Several of our sellers have taken advantage of this great advertising strategy
  • We aggressively premarket your property up to two weeks prior to going on the mls with our database (we have hundreds of buyers looking for homes throughout the valley) as well as on sites like Zillow – Redfin – Homefinder – Realtor.com that could save you $15k or more.
  • We have full time licensed professionals to assist you with all of your real estate needs and 5 offices spread throughout the valley with over 300 agents.
  • The Holm Group has represented buyers and sellers in Windgate Ranch since the community has opened. How many remember the lottery frenzy when the community first opened?
  • Check out some of our great reviews on Google – Yelp and our website


I look forward to earning your business not only for today, but in the years to come.

Andrew Holm, ABR, CDPE, EPro

The Holm Group – Scottsdale

Platinum Living Realty

Web: https://www.theholmgroupaz.com/windgate-ranch-homes-for-sale-2

Office: 480-767-2738  Cell: 480-206-4265

Email: andrew@theholmgroupaz.com

Kierland Market Update – October 2020

 Kierland Market Update – October 2020

Kierland Market Update – October 2020

Prices are still at an all time high, so call Andrew Holm today at 480-206-4265.

Click This Link To See The Price Of Your Kierland Home.


  • Currently there are only 916 single family homes and 473 condos/lofts available in Scottsdale through the MLS.  Inventory levels are still at record lows.
  • Active listings in the Phoenix Metro area are 8059 which is a jump of about 2000 in the past 30 days with almost 1500 of them being in Scottsdale
  • Kierland is still holding on record high prices for both single family homes and town homes
  • Only 2 UDC  homes in Kierland are on the market and there are 26 condos for sale in Kierland Greens, Kierland Heritage and Optima Kierland
  • Average days on market in Kierland is about 25 days on market with one home on the market for 88 days which was a condo in Kierland Greens
  • The average price per square foot for a UDC Home that is on the MLS is $317 per sqft
  • The highest recorded price for a UDC Home is $865k, the highest currently listed is $899k


With interest rates at an all time low and only a two UDC homes on the market, simply put NOW is the time to sell if you live in Kierland.  With limited inventory throughout the valley, now is the time make to sell not only in Scottsdale but throughout the valley!  Below are a few examples of homes that have recently sold and/or that in pending status. So far in September Kierland has: 3 MLS Listings that have gone under contract in the last 30 days;

  • 6409 E. Montreal Pl 3432 sqft (Listed for $775k and Sold for $747k on 449 days – Wow
  • 6419 E. Carolina Dr 2630 sqft (Listed for $774k and went under contract in 21 days)
  • 14427 N. 68ht PL 2666 sqft (Listed for $849k and went under contract in 40 days)
  • 6418 E. Winchomb Dr. 2881(Listed for $899k and went under contract in 41 days)
  • 6424 E. Beck Ln 2397 sqft (Listed for $640k and sold for $619k in 48 days)


For those of you who I have met while working in Kierland for the past twenty years, I look forward to speaking with you again.  For those of you who I haven’t met and/or we’re unable to stop by my latest listings over on: Gelding, Waltann, LeMarche, and Helm here are some of the reasons to work with our team:

  • The Holm Group has closed over $120 million in transactions and counting
  • No other single agent represented more buyers/sellers in Kierland than I have!! Over 22 transactions in Kierland alone.
  • We have updated our business model to address Corona Virus concerns, with virtual showings as well as virtual staging of properties
  • The Holm Group has the web covered with multiple top-rated websites and social media presence as well as enhanced relationships with: Google, Redfin, Movoto, Yahoo, Zillow, Trulia,  HomeFinder.com and Homelight
  • We offer flexible commission plans which can end up saving our sellers thousands of dollars
  • We aggressively premarket your property two weeks prior to going on the mls with our database (we have buyers looking for homes in the Kierland area) as well as on sites like Zillow – Redfin that could save you $15k or more.
  • We have full time licensed professionals to assist you with all of your real estate needs and 5 offices spread throughout the valley with over 300 agents.
  • Check out some of our great reviews on Google – Yelp and our website

I look forward to earning your business not only for today, but in the years to come.  No gimmicks here, just trying to make it as easy and cost effective as possible for you to sell your home and for someone to purchase their next home in Kierland.


Please feel free to take a look at our Kierland Page which ranks on page one of Google and Yahoo.


Andrew Holm, ABR – CDPE – EPro

Platinum Living Realty

The Holm Group

Office: 480-767-2738  Cell: 480-206-4265

Email: andrew@theholmgroupaz.com

Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

Do you have clients that are moving to Arizona?

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